Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And now for something different. . .

The Valley of the Gods, by Andif


Nancy P said...

I'm off to the State Fair in Hutchinson to sign books from 5-9 tonight. Back tomorrow. Hutchinson does not look like the photo on the front page.

I'm not taking my computer, so this post will have to do for two days.

See ya Friday!! (Kelly, I'm so glad kitty is okay.)

AndiF said...

Have a fun trip, Nancy. Go easy on the corn dogs and elephant ears. :)

Well that picture reminds me that there are a lot drier places I could be -- despite the dark clouds, it never rained a drop. And w00t, we have rain in the forecast for the next 5 days so I'm hoping to sacrifice my satellite internet connection to the weather gods.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

The State Fair--Checking out the new cars and seeing the quilts and other crafts was always a favorite.
Nancy--Take a twirl on the Tilt-A-Whirl.
Elephant ears??? Not something we have.

Wonderful picture in the face of Ike. Looks like Dallas might be in the path this time. Feel for the coast.

Andi--Hope you get that rain.

Kelly--scratch,pamper kitty.

Maria--great pictures, love the whale statues(may not be the right word), beautiful scenery.

Terrific Thursday to All.

paul lamb said...

Hey, that photo is not in Kansas.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all. Gorgeous desert photo!

I hope to have more Vancouver photos up (the ones taken by mom and stepdad) over the next couple of days. Work continues to beat me up. ::g::

I'm ready for the weekend!

olivia said...

Have fun Nancy.

Gorgeous photo Andi ... Wow.

Anonymous said...

Interstate Fair in Spokane last Tuesday - elephant ears (similar to fry bread, Lisa, if you have that down there) and a huckleberry milkshake. I resisted the funnel cake and deep friend Twinkies...although I pouted a lot about it.

Your picture makes me wish I was there, Andi - I haven't made it to that part of the state yet.

Safe travels, Nancy. And happy thursday to everyone else. And fingers crossed for Kimber down in Houston - and Lisa, are you in Ike's path?

Be safe, everyone.

AndiF said...

Yep, elephant ears are artery clogging fried dough (though around here they are much thinner than fry bread).

Beth, southern Utah is my addiction. If you decide to go, let me know -- I'll be delighted to plan your whole trip. :)

Anonymous said...

The one I had this week was very thin, which was different than what I'm used to. And I love Bryce Canyon, but have lots of the Canyonlands to visit before I choose a favorite. I'll be in touch when we plan that trip, Andi!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the front page is a real waker-upper! I thought I was at the wrong blog at first. lol

Have a fun and safe trip, Nancy. Would you please bring your world tour to Ohio? :-)

Andif, I love your pix.

Lisa, I think it's a great tribute to the work you do that the students want to vote you off the island. lol It means your message is getting through, and they don't like it. Keep up the good work!

Hey, Beth, did I miss the housewarming party?? :-(

Hi, Paul, Maria, Olivia, and everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you didn't miss it yet, anon. :-) Probably in a few weeks - our weekends fill up so quickly when the weather is nice. And I'd like to get rid of the mural before we have one, tho I don't know that'll happen. Too much to do, not enough time - the mantra of modern day man (and woman).

Dina said...

hi, everyone. As always love the picture.

A friend (Nancy and Maria, it's Sally Fellows) is coming in today for a visit so I am hoping the weather holds for the weekend.

Everyone enjoy.

FARfetched said...

Howdy, all. I'm home and not terribly happy about it, but knowing that Kelly's kitty is OK is a bit of a cheer-up.

Andi, perhaps it's my gloomy frame of mind, but when I saw that pic and the caption, my next immediate thought was "the gods must have something against greenery." Sorry. :-P

Been sprinkling on & off here all week, we could use some serious rain but some is better than none. Guess I'd better get out & walk while it's not sprinkling, although when I was running cross-country in high school (like 30-odd years and 60-odd pounds ago), we liked soupy weather for running.

Lisa M said...

Thanks for the lesson on elephant ears. Not something we have here or if we do it's new to me. Belgian Waffles was the exotic thing when I was a kid. I'm a corny dog kinda girl. Though the huckleberry milkshake sounds interesting.

They're pridicting 2-4 inches of rain from Ike so not in the damaging path.

Anon--LOL Vote me off the island. I love it.

Kimber's the one in the path. Thinking about ya lady.

Waves to all.

boran2 said...

Now you're talking! That's a beautiful photo, Andi! I can see a painting coming. ;-)

boran2 said...

Have a good trip, Nancy!

AndiF said...

looks around ... has the strangest sense of having been here before ...

Umm, well good morning all.

Hey, Farf, you don't have to apologize to me ... I didn't name it. :)

And b2, another place to go on your next vacation in the southwest.

Lisa, hope you get through the storms okay. We got really lucky -- we got a nice steady rain but the storms went south of us.

Lisa M said...

Morning Andif and All

I'm ready for Ike-I mowed. So bring on the rain.

Andi glad you got some rain of your own.

Fabulous Friday for All.

Maria Lima said...

::yawns:: Morning, all and yay, Friday!!

Our weather outlook is rain, rain and hey, more rain. I'm okay with that, since this weekend, I'm staying in.

Wearing my RCMP t-shirt this a.m. and ready for another work day...more or less.


AndiF said...

The house is full of wet-dog smell -- yay! It was really nice to get soppy on a walk :)

The creeks aren't exactly flowing but at least there's some water. [LINK]

Morning Lisa and Maria

Anonymous said...

Glad you're getting much-needed rain, Andi. And fingers crossed that you get just enough, Lisa. Hang on, Kimber - we'll be thinking of you today and tonight.

We sure could use some of that rain, but I guess if it's the choice between too much and not enough, I guess I'll be happy with what we've got.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and fingers crossed that Ike blows himself out earlier than expected.

Kelly McCullough said...


zips in, nabs one of the leftover donuts from yesterday, waves vaguely

muttersWhy is that whenever you're offline for a day you get a zillion pieces of real email, but if you're home and on top of things you'll get nothing but spam?

sighs, zips out to go back to digging out from under the work that fell from the skies yesterday

AndiF said...

We're now having the first tremendous downpour we've had since the 500-year flood in June -- which reminds of just how destructive rain, even when desired, can be. I hope Kimber and everyone else in the path of Ike will be fine and that the damage will be minimal.

Nancy P said...

I'm home after two days of driving through rain and gorgeous scenary (in some places). We just had tornado sirens, but they stopped a moment ago. I wonder where Kimber is!

I actually like driving in. . .oops, sirens again. . .gray raining weather as long as the rain's not too bad. There was one spot where it was--very dark, weird light, low clouds, and rain so thick I could barely see other vehicles in front of me, not even their tail lights, and nowhere to safely pull over. That was invigorating!

Nancy P said...

Local tv is talking about tornadoes plural. hmm.

Katiebird and Paul, stay on the ground. :)