Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's coming

I thought you might need a scary picture to wake you up.


Nancy P said...

It's been pre-winter here in KC. It was finally even too cool to write out on Sally's porch. I can't remember a September like this in the past. By cracky.

I like it.

AndiF said...

At this point (we've only had two brief rains in 6 weeks), I don't care what kind of moisture it is, so long as we get some. Bring it on.

It just cooled off here yesterday but only to the upper 70s so obviously we're having a really different September than you are.

Morning sleepyheads.

Lisa M said...

Major culture shock seeing that picture. Too cool to sit on the porch doesn't compute. Of course the major snow thing doesn't often happen here either. 91 yesterday in Big D so actually not too Hot to sit on the porch here.
Understand the little rain concept though and could use some too.

Son back at school. Went to the mall with him. I didn't realize that shopping was now dangerous to your hearing. The clerks have to yell 'May I help you' over the thundering techno music. I am not much of a shopper and we went to the cutting edge young people stores that of course don't even carry my size let alone my style.
Wipes away a small tear as could be a rebel if given a chance.
Their were giant pictures of mostly nude guys and girls in several of the stores. Interesting concept amidst all the fall/winter clothes. It was kinda creepy that the people in the pictures were so young. I had a hunky picture of Sawyer on Lost on my wallpaper, but he looks like an old fart compared to these guys. I guess my heart beating a little faster at just the mention of Sean Connery or Sam Elliot disqualifies me for being hip or cool by cracky.

Sumptuous Sunday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Mmmm, sleeeepy. After a week in more temperate climes, I'm ready for fall/winter/cool weather.

I'm savoring my last vacation day by relaxing and napping at home.

Kelly McCullough said...

Monday I was writing on my porch in jeans, boots, wool socks, a tee, a hoodie with hood up, baseball cap, fingerless gloves, and shivers--actually that's pretty much where I'm at now. I'll come in when Laura makes me or they have to dust the snow off, not a moment before. OTOH, I love autumn.

Morning Nancy, Andi, Lisa, Maria, and all who come after.

Maryb said...


It's cool here but still a bit humid. We had lots of moisture this week coming up the Mississippi from the hurricane. Everything is green again.

I like cool weather. But I'm not ready for a blizzard.

have a good day everyone.

Anonymous said...

I don't like snow. It means it gets really cold. :-( That picture would have been refreshing in July, but today it really is scary. :-O

You know what I miss about Sundays? The Ed Sullivan show. He'd have on something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Sigh.

Well, gotta get crackin'. Have a good day!

Conda V. Douglas said...

eek! I need to check my tires and anti-freeze. Yup, I'm awake now!

Nicola Slade said...

Oh don't! We haven't even had a summer, let alone think about winter. Mind you, right down here on the south coast within waving distance of France we rarely get snow that settles and on current form it'll just be rain. More of the same.
I'm off to Italy for a week in October to try and catch a spot of sun while pottering round Pompeii. That'll be my summer. (Sigh...)

Maryb said...

Nancy - I'm reading Ring of Truth and I'm not too far in but I had to laugh through the chapter where Marie has finished her book, written THE END and has so much energy. It reminded me of a few days ago here at this blog. I get it now. :)

Janet said...

We NEED snow here. Mt Hood is almost naked!!!! I guess that hasn't happen in forever.

Very strange weather we're having 104 degrees followed by 60 then a day of HAIL.

Don't worry about the cold weather Nancy. You can get warm from the sparks of fire shooting out from my head lately. ;O

xoxo <-- while that's STILL legal to do.

boran2 said...

Ugh. Please don't remind me. It's coming all too soon.

I hope that everyone had a good weekend.

Lisa M said...

Nicky--One of my favorite movies is Enchanted April. English women taking a trip to the Italian riviera. I've thought that would be a fantastic treat, so beautiful. Pottering around Pompeii sounds pretty exotic to this Texan. I've told my husband I know we could eat our way across Italy.
Anon-- I'm with you not liking the cold. Like snow for a couple of days. Then ready to warm up and have sun.
Ed Sullivan--yes, I miss variety shows. I feel like one of those plate spinners when things get crazy at work. Loved Topo Gigio and of course Johnny the hand--S'all right!

Good evening to all.

Nancy P said...

Where'd the day go?

Maryb, lol, I thought of using that section as a blog post, just to show. I may yet.

I'm still at Sally's, but I haven't been writing. I've figured out why I'm working so hard since finishing my book. Well, partly, it's the energy that's still surging. But it's also that I want to get a good start on the next one and get my backlogged emails, etc., under control before my editor hands me her edited copy. I'll just feel better if I get all this other stuff done first.

Blah, blah. It would hard to be more boring.