Sunday, September 21, 2008

Janet's Jinormous Hockey Head

No, I don't mean that's Janet's head. I mean that our Janet had the misfortune of sitting behind this guy at the last hockey game she attended. In a mystery novel, guess who'd be the victim? But then we also know who'd be the suspect! :)

TEMPORARY CLOSING: The jinormous head seems to have shut down the blog! Kidding. I have to shut the place down for a couple of days while the wizards at the Mac store have both of my computers and are transferring the blood stream of one into the other. Sorry about this. But we'll be back up before you know it. Of course, you're welcome to talk in the comments, but there won't be a new post for those couple of days and I won't be around. Or it might be three days, while I take my time to learn all the new tricks.


Nancy P said...

Actually, I think it was Janet's husband who sat behind the unmoveable hulk.

At the movie the other day, a cute little old couple who sat behind us TALKED THROUGH THE WHOLE THING. I wanted to get up and change seats but that would have meant telling my mother very loudly, which kind of made me part of the problem, lol. Fortunately, I didn't like the movie and so I just thought of other things. And, anyway, the couple was really cute together. They were just confused and thought it was their living room.

AndiF said...

Well too bad Janet wasn't an extra at a horror movie (Invasion of the Hockey Pucks) so she could've asked the guy to take his head off.

Fall officially arrived this morning but the Monday Picture Post is still all about summer light.

Let there be light [LIGHT]

Umm, more light? [LIGHT]

No really, lots more light [LINK]

Welcome to the week everyone.

FARfetched said...

Yeesh. I don't think that head would have even understood the phrase "You're blocking my view." — there's a two-syllable word in it. The light curtain looks like it's enveloping him… perhaps he's about to get beamed up?

Light is good, Andi. It makes nice images in your camera. ;-)

Hello to everyone following me in. Coffee's ready, homemade bread & blackberry jam is over at the toaster....

Nancy P said...

Oh, Andi, pretty! Perfect contrapuntal (am I using that correctly?) to Jinormous Jim.

Far, yum, thanks.

I'm getting a new 'puter today! Going back into the Mac world after years of being mad at it. I've caved, esp. since they're throwing in a free printer/faxer/photo printer/scanner.

Today I woke up to what used to be called The Blue Screen of Death, but luckily it didn't die. Enough of living on a knife's edge though! Not going through this with my next manuscript.

Lisa M said...

I've been cranky all morning, my son slept on the pull out couch in my writing area. No early morning computer time. Bah--

But now I've seen the light and WOW Andi. That was some trio with the last a double wow.

Farf-Blackberry is one of my favorites, Yumm. And HOMEMADE bread--thank heavens it's a virtual world. I can smell the pungent yeasty fragrance as the bread toasts.
Mouth waters so I'll be heading to my Multigrain Cheerios morning snack soon. That's one of the good things I've discovered. In the Serotonin Diet they suggest snacks that get in the blood quickly and help release serotonin. FEEL GOOD. The Cheerios was one of those. I love em.

My daughter askes questions about shows when we are at home and that bugs me. So the movie or hockey thing would make me homicidal. Here is Texas, I say they'll be sending me to Rusk. That's where they have the unit for the criminally insane.

Dina said...

Hi everyone. Janet, I feel for you. I always seem to sit behind someone like that!

And Nancy, I rarely go to movies any more because people around here talk all through them. Though I find it marginally better with stadium seating.

Andif, as always, loved the pictures though a bit bright for a Monday morning!

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey All,

Not quite awake yet. Okay, nowhere near awake yet--must go make a pot of tea...oh there's a sadness. Laura's doctor has said no more caffeine for her, so now I must make my own tea every morning, alas.

Yesterday's photo read to me as positive anticipation, as in "Here come the guy with my steak, yay!" Gotta go get digging now.

Andi, purty.


Beth said...

Nancy, welcome to the Dark Side! Once you've had a Mac, you'll never go back. :-)

I went to a concert last night where a brainless bimbo insisted on standing up and dancing (I think it was dancing) to every song, appropriate or not. She was in the second row, so it wasn't like she couldn't see from her seat. Of course no one behind her could see. Then there were the drunk young men behind me who chose to scream proposals of marriage, etc. to the men on the stage during the quiet songs - good thing I didn't have a sharp object - or small round about maddening. I either need to get out more often, or just stay home. Save me a spot at Rusk, Lisa!

Sorry about the tea-making, Kelly. And thanks for the bread, Farf, and pics, andi! Good Monday, everyone. I'm going to find some Valium for my next foray into public!

Nicola Slade said...

I'm always the one who gets stuck behind the mammoth. Although I'm 5'8" it's only my legs that are long and sitting, I'm quite short, so I sit and fume. On the other hand, my younger daughter took her 3 year old to see a children's film the other day - not a succesful experiment. He loved it but he's mildly autistic and chatted about the film in a penetrating (though cheerful) voice, until she gave up. I sympathised with both sides then!

(The WW2 party we went to at the weekend was great and I thought of you guys as we danced to Glenn Miller. But our parents would have been horrified at the amount of food and drink we consumed - probably a couple of months' rations each!)

FARfetched said...

Nancy, congrats on the new computer! You know where to point your email if you have any questions, right?

Janet said...

Yup. That's the head. HEAD MOVE! Since the jerk was ignoring all of us around him, we started making So I Married an Axe Murderer jokes.

You're requested to take your hat off as the bill might interfere with someone's view of the ice.

It's basic common courtesy which is something we don't have very much of these days.

This guy was the typical, "it's all about me". Which is probably why he was donning the most gawd awful "hockey" jersey I'd ever seen. WAR JERSEY. Believe it or not. Guy probably never spent a day in the military but he probably gets woodies thinking about how IF he had been and it makes him feel superior to send others off... You know those types. Anywhoos...

We did all that we could do. Except one thing. We could have changed seats as there were extras... But we had a full brood with us and it would have been disruptive to all the others around us.

Another reason we don't go to the movies that much. Common Courtesy just isn't common anymore. BUT I will go see Quantam of Solace. And try not to scream if some bungholio chomps their food, talks during the movie and rattles the ice around in the cup. As if stirring the ice will make your crappy soda taste any better...

Bitter? Yeah. It's good to get out, away, spend time with the family, get away from your job the hassles the life... and then you have to still deal with morons.

Nicola, my son is autistic and he HATES it when people get up during a hockey game while the puck is in play. A major no no. Or when cell phones go off during a movie.

When we went to see the last Harry Potter, kids wanted to see it on the big screen (certian movies you just gotta see that way) and the same lady THREE times got up with her phone. My son finally shouted out, "Hey! They told you to turn your phone off" or something like that and then whispered to me, "maybe she's disabled?"

Nope, just ignorant of eveyone else.

Other pet peeve you guys?

Mine: People who seemingly BATHE in their perfume, body oil or cologne. "Heads up!" perfume is to ENTICE people to be drawn closer to you. Not make them be able to smell you long after you've left the building. Pefume is meant tobe smelled while up close. Not chewed on by half the people in the office. EW.

Nicola Slade said...

Totally agree, Janet. Perfume is fine, in moderation, but not at asphyxiation levels. Interesting thing has happened in England since the ban on smoking in public places came into force summer 2007 (I think, can't remember exactly). Pubs and restaurants are great now but apparently some less salubrious pubs are having to spend a fortune on air fresheners because the tobacco had masked the fact that some of their customers were smelly! (You couldn't make it up, could you...)

And small boy will probably end up telling everyone off too, but is currently obsessed with rockets and wanted everyone else to share the fun - Loudly!

Janet said...

So smokey dives are now just non-smokey smelly dives. LOL

Nicola, Small Boy will probably turn into Teen Boy who insists everyone wants to hear about James Bond, rootbeer and the latest Disney Musical :)

Janet said...

We had a bit of a problem with two young co-workers. Each had their own perfume problem.

1 thought body oil was to MASK the fact that she didn't bathe regulary.

2 thought perfume should be reapplied hourly.

One of the less likely co-workers wrote a note to 2. Something along the lines of...

How to know you are wearing too much perfume:

1. If you spray yourself with perfume while at the office.

2. If you spray yourself with perfume while at the office each time you get up to leave the room.

3. If you spray yourself with perfume while at the office each time you get up to leave the room and again when you return to your desk.

Signed, The Office Windows which don't open.

Now there is a policy in the employees handbook regarding scent.

boran2 said...

Hi all. Janet, madame boran has the same problem with one of her coworkers. Said individual keeps applying perfume during the day. The odor is wreaking havoc on her breathing. The offending woman does not seem to care. I hope that yours works out better.

Kelly McCullough said...

It must be getting late if Boran is here. Knocked off another 1,400 words and finished the second coat on the trim today. Off to keel over now.

Nancy P said...

Hi, guys. quick note from my mother's computer. I got my new Mac, yay, and they kidnapped my PC so they can transfer everything in it to the new one.

So rather than try to do this from a computer I don't like very well, and can't get to all the time, I'm going to run silent, run deep until I'm up and going again.

See ya'll soon, and Far, thanks for the offer of answers!

AndiF said...

Happy New Mac, Nancy. And don't miss us too much. ;)

Janet, way back when I confined to an office I had that problem with a woman who was a walking bottle of White Shoulders so I really appreciate that note, especially the signature.

Lisa M said...

Hockey Monster Again--Too much
I visited Andi's link to soothing Clouds--Ahhhhh.
Fantabulous--Nancy's got a new toy.
Using Mom's computer--I'm impressed Mom keeping up with technology!!
I can't read anymore about heavy scent, it'll kick my wheezing in.
Where is that personal fan when you need it?

Kelly--Words on page and paint on the trim. Megaman lives!!! Who needs able to leap tall buildings.
You're my hero.

Maria--What a treat. I'd preordered your mass market release of Matters of the Blood and there it was when I got home yesterday. Forget Transylvania--Keira's got to deal with supernatural Texas. How could I resist that? Now to get the time to read.

Terrific Tuesday to All.

supersoling said...

On the other hand, it's not easy being a behemoth in an average sized world :o) When I go to movies I am always (unlike hockey hulk up top) aware that because I'm tall I'm likely blocking the view of the people behind me. So I crouch and slither down in my chair making myself uncomfortable, usually made more uncomfortable by idiots with phones and lovely little old couples rediscovering their love for each other :o) I am oppressed!! lol :o)

Hi DJ, Nancy and all :o)

Jen said...

Hey everyone, I think I'm finally solidly connected to the land of the internets again after Dayton's big Windstorm 2008 adventure. Thanks to all for the concern and good wishes. ::fans hands:: Wow, what reeks in here? ;p

Congrats on the new Mac, Nancy, and hope all goes well with your conversion. I always imagine that procedure happening like the Mike Teavee scene from Willy Wonka, so I hope all of your words come through in their proper sizes.

Janet said...

SUPERSOLING! OMG! It's been too long! I'm still! e-me, please.

As to your size, you may be tall, but I KNOW you don't stand at hockey games because of icing, dude! :D You love the sport too much to do that. Gawsh, please email me or something I truly have missed you.

My friend in TX did survive but is not very happy about the No Fly Zone and surpression of the media. Must be an election year, eh?

Now she's in DC risking arrest as she occupys the National Archives Bldg so she can defend the constitution with a bunch of other Veterans.

Never a dull moment!

supersoling said...

DJ! Hi kid :o)
You're still a crazy sweetheart :o)

You know me....I'm fairly awful about staying in touch anymore...+ I have a lot going on (what else is new?! :oP) and I'm busy trying to reconnect with the system for employment reasons when all I want to do is leave the whole system as far in my rear view as possible.

I'm on my way out right now but I'll definetily email tonight when I get home.

My address is the same

Love ya :o) said...

Someone (Stephen Kirk) wrote a book about writers in North Carolina (Scribblers,) and described me as a big person. Until then I thought I was small.

As with Supersoling, I usually find a way to recline legs outwardly in a theatre seat. And then I find a way to sleep. It works okay. Most movies these days get very loud just in time to wake me up for the cool parts.

A quick question: Has anyone here messed around with eHow yet?

A friend of mine is forwarding me articles from the site and the whole thing, once you get beyond the truly helpful stuff, seems something of a joyous lark.

The site pays contributors to the site almost nothing to post how-to articles there. But they do pay you. The trick is getting anyone to click on your articles (all are very very short) -- and, therein lay the challenge. And the fun.

My favorite so far is How to Turn a Refrigerator Into a Coffin. The article recommends you take all the food first.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey all,

Still on the getting the book done death march and thus posting lightly.

Lisa, thanks for the encouragement.

Nancy, love your Mac and your Mac will love you. I'm working on my littl iBook workhorse here. Don't tell it that I've been eyeing Airs please.

Empire Kemun today, the best of all possible teas, even if I did have to make it myself.


Janet said...

(((Boran))) I think you have more dire work stuff. I still freak out at the thought of the one guy you work with. Skeeeery!

Kelly McCullough said...

Quick note, I just heard from Kimber and she's crazy busy but fine.

Maryb said...

Nancy - congrats on the new MAC. I wish I could switch but I get my home computer through my office and we're PC. Today I went over to the APPLE store at lunch to buy new earbuds for my ipod and it was packed. The mall was (sadly)almost empty but the Apple store was packed.

FarF and Lisa - I bought dark chocolate covered blackberries at the chocolate shop. Only in season in September. mmmm.

Janet - that is one jinormous hockey head. If you had squirted him with perfume he probably would have left.

Hi Dina, Kelly (living with an uncaffeinated person - oooh), Andi, Beth, boran2, re-electrified Jen and ghost. And Supersoling! Nice that you checked in.

Nicola, I have the opposite problem. I'm 5'8" and my legs aren't long, the rest of me is. So when I sit down I appear taller than I am.

supersoling said...

Hi Maryb,
always a pleasure to bump into you :o)

Janet said...

((((MaryB!!!!))))) that was a gutbuster of a laugh you just heard from the Left coast!

xoxox mwah!

AndiF said...

Ah sweet mysteries of life -- is Wednesday Hump Day when you have Friday off?

Morning everybody.

And a hearty welcome to the joint, Super.

Lisa M said...

Morning Andi and others to come.

MaryB--Dark Chocolate covered Blackberries-yummmmm

At 5'4 blocking the people that sit behind me is not a problem.
Thanks to you thoughtful slumpers.

Jen-welcome backed to the wired world

Go Kelly Go, thanks for the Kimber update. I've never had that tea. Need to broaden my horizons.

Ghost-How to turn a fridge into a coffin-LOL Hubby and I are set. We have two fridges. We'll have to flip to see who gets the side-by-sided for an eternal tight fit.

Wonderful Weds. to All.

FARfetched said...

Hey all!

MaryB, you must be north a ways… our blackberries get ripe in early July!

I got another episode of FAR Future done last night (about 1000 words). That puts me 9 (count 'em!) episodes ahead of the curve; seems like I've finally hit some kind of stride & maybe I'll have the last of it done by the end of the year (although at one a week, it'll be May or June when the last one hits the blog).

Anyone not reading Carnacki's blog, his "Howl of the Werewolf" is nearing the end and he's got another (shorter) project underway.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey all,
If you've ever wanted a peek into someone else's idea generating creative process as close as possible to the point of origin you can wander over to Wyrdsmiths where I wrote down the dream genesis of what might someday become a book this morning. This is pretty close to the raw process of what happens in my head.

Go Farf! That's fabulous.

Kelly McCullough said...

Commas, commas, commas. Hit publish when I meant to hit preview, sigh. Please insert whatever punctuation appeals to you into my previous post here.

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing, Kelly - I have my best ideas when I'm half-awake, but by the time I grab a pen and paper I'm too awake, and they vanish. If only I could stay semi-comatose like you do in the mornings!

Nancy, good luck with the Mac - there's a learning curve, but since you've used one before hopefully it won't be too steep. Anxiously waiting for you to get rewired...

Welcome back, Jen!

And andi, if you're off Friday, it's Over the Hump Day for you.

Happy Truly Hump Day to everyone else! Off to try to kick-start my brain...wish I could drink caffeine...

boran2 said...

The head is still up! < gasp >

Hi all! Late for the party. But I'm usually the one to yell last call.

Kelly, I'm really enjoying Codespell.