Friday, September 5, 2008

Red sky at morning. . .

Sailors take warning.

Photo by Andif.


paul lamb said...

EEEK! No comment from NancyP to start things off? Is this unprecedented?

AndiF said...

Hi Paul. Maybe she took that red sky warning seriously.

Well we had our 37th wedding anniversary yesterday. Celebrated with some very nice Graves wine, Ben and Jerry's ice cream (chunky monkey for me, new york super fudge for Jim), and a new toaster. Who says romance is dead.

Kimberly Frost said...

An absolutely AWESOME photograph this morning, Andi, and Congratulations on the anniversary. Wine & Ben & Gerry's with your sweetheart...hard to have a better night than that, I'd say. :)


(And good morning, Paul, and everyone else who drops in today.)

Lisa Miller said...

Colors in the morning to go with my coffee. Thanks, Andif.
37 years is fabulous, you have David and I beat by five years. But your celebration is only missing husband asleep on the couch with wife dozing in recliner after ice cream to be happening at my house. Tres romantique if you ask me.
My son Stuart is in from college. Steak, ribs and grilled chicken were in order for dinner. Carnivore men in my family. The money tree sheds a few more leaves for new tires and a brake job for his SUV.
But so nice to have my baby, all 6'2" back home for a day or so.

Paul, You are the early bird. Raises coffee mug your way.
Morning back at ya Kimber.

Sensational Saturday to All.

Nancy P said...

lol, Paul! I just like ot shake things up now and then. I'm a rebel like that.

lol to you, too, Andif. Awww, you guys really kow how to spoon. Snerk.

Hey, Kimber. . .you doctoring or writing this week? Or both?

Lisa, steak, ribs, and chicken?? You live with cavemen? ;)

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary to the Fs! Happy vacation to those who are vacationing, and happy Saturday to everyone else. :)

A few minutes ago I heard this weird noise outside that sounded a little like a children's bouncey playhouse being inflated, but it turned out to be a hot air balloon flying right over our street.

Lisa Miller said...

Rebel Nancy--like it.
Actually nobody's a big eater portion wise anymore, but like the variety and Stu has leftovers to take back with him to the dorm. They have microwave and refrigerator in their kitchen area.
Things have changed since I was in college blah, blah years ago.

Hey Jen-- Aren't Hot Air Balloons so fun to watch. Plano has a balloon festival and some years I'm in the right place to see them. Amazed at the variety.

FARfetched said...

Mornin' everyone!

I'm down at the common area in the resort office, with the wifi box on the end table next to me, so needless to say I don't have a problem with the signal now. I need to get a folding chair; the office closes at 9 but there's a deck outside.

Happy anniversary to Andi & Lisa(?)… my brother got married in July. After baking to a crispy crunch in my tux, I went home and told the at-the-time-future Mrs. Fetched that we'd be getting married in January. That was fine with her; she just wanted to get the deed done so she could stop treating me nice. :-) Lisa, Daughter Dearest will be around this weekend from college. I was thinking about getting chicken breasts & marinating them in lime juice for supper, but we'll probably go to this nice (and expensive) German restaurant in Helen for supper.

Jen, hot air balloons going overhead is pretty cool. Back when the kids were 4 & 5, I took them to Michigan to visit family; we spent the night in Bowling Green and the next morning there were balloons going by the hotel. The kids were delighted, and I suddenly realized why it had been such a bear to find a room that night.

Hello to Nancy, Paul, Kimber, and everyone else coming in later! I made some bread last night before bed, so dig in… no KB, you can't have the whole loaf! SHARE!

Maria Lima said...

Top of the morning to you all! I'm home, just in time for Tropical Storm Hanna. Go figure.

Vancouver was brilliant. The trip back--not so much. At least I'm home in one piece and so is my luggage. Now I'm trying to re-acclimate to eastern time.

Happy anniversary, Andi & Mr. Andi!

Lisa - you're in Plano? Cool. I used to work in Richardson (eons ago). My sis & BIL live in Little Elm.

Today will be spent napping, methinks.

Thanks again for all the lovely birthday wishes!

AndiF said...

Wow Jen, that is soooo cool.

Enjoy the vacation and wifi, Farf. Last year, we found that sitting outside getting the wifi signal is a very sociable thing to do -- we had a lovely time each evening with the crowd gathered around the Stanley, Idaho library.

And since this is clearly a scifi tv fan group, I thought you all would enjoy Bebo (well Bebo's back half) doing a imitation of a ferengi. [LINK]

Morning everybody and thanks for the anniversary wishes.

Maryb said...

Andi - Happy Anniversary! I hope you had an f'in good time. :)

Jen ... I now understand your concern about living in the nice suburban neighborood in which you live. The idea that you even KNOW the sound of a children's bouncy playhouse being inflated ... and that is your first guess .... MOVE NOW!

Hi everyone else.

Kelly McCullough said...

Mornin' all,

Andi, Congratulations!

Jen, You have balloon and we don't. No fair.

Gotta drag a cat to the vet today--hopefully bladder stones and not something more serious. We originally thought urinary tract infection, but the antibiotics aren't doing it. This one's my baby--she sleeps curled in my arms most night--and I'm bummed and very worried.

Nancy P said...

Ooo, Jen, I'm jumping up and down and squealing, "look, look, big b'loon, b'loon!"

Nancy P said...

Oh, Kelly, best wishes on fast healing for your baby. ::pets her::

Nancy P said...

Ah, Far, we'll string up a hammock for you. You guys sooo deserve this vacation.

Maryb, lol on Jen's behalf.

Welcome back, Older Maria!

Andi, Bebo actually does look ferengi-ish. But. . .why? (It's been awhile since I've seen a ferengi.) Nevermind. I just looked them up on Google Images. Bigger lol now. And, yes, I like talking to myself, don't you? (Is that question for me?)

Off to Sally's Porch. She has an impossible deadline on Monday. I don't. Smirk.

Jen said...

Maryb, hee, another blogger I read calls her neighborhood Suburban Heck and that's always what comes to mind when I look around mine.

Aww, KMc, healthy/healing wishes to your lil darlin'.

Lisa Miller said...

Cool enough to do some yard work, but the reinforcements have come and the boys are back from getting tires. So I'm off to the shower.

Farf-- No, our anniversary is in May. But at a time long ago in a galaxy far, far away.
German is good idea too. We do spoil our children.

Maria-- I live in Duncanville, south of the Trinity but grew up in North Dallas by Flag Pole Hill and graduated from Lake Highlands. So Richardson is old stomping grounds.

Waves to MaryB.

Kelly--scratch behind ear and under chin for poor kitty. I have two cats now and know how dear they are. Agatha (Christie) is the pack leader of our house. A small toroise shell that sleeps between our pillows every night. I call her she who must be obeyed.

Andif-- Bebo looks like the Michael Phelps of the dog world with multiple jointed legs.

Nancy--I envy that porch sitting.
Nap sounds good for later afternoon. Well earned Smirk BTW.

Kelly McCullough said...

Thanks for all the good kitty wishes folks. It was indeed bladder stones which will removed on Tuesday. Feeling much calmer now.

Maryb said...

sad news at FM's blog.

boran2 said...

Hi all! We are getting deluged here, the remnants of the storms down south.

Another nice moody shot, Andi!

Good news, Kelly!

Anonymous said...

Wow, busy day here. I had a busy week so happy belated b-day wishes to all those I missed this week.

Happy anniversary, Andif! Love the thought of B&J!

Welcome home, Maria.

Happy vaca, Farf.

Jen, love the sight of hot air balloons, but I don't think I'd have the guts to go up in one.

LOL, MaryB. "The idea that you even KNOW the sound of a children's bouncy playhouse being inflated ... and that is your first guess .... MOVE NOW!" LOL

Kelly, glad you found out the kitty had something treatable.

Paul, hope you were able to take a nap today!

Lisa, enjoy your son's visit.

Nancy, I just finished "Death by Cashmere." Please tell Sally of the porch fame that I said thanks for the good read. :-) Also, please ask her if this is the start of a series. The cover says that it is a "Seaside Knitters Mystery" which makes me think it is? BTW, nice acknowledgment to you as her porch-writing buddy.

Hi, Kimberly.

Janet said...

Coming in late...

Happy Anniversary Andi and Mr. Andi! Personal Pints, eh?