Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Maria Y Lima!

From all good blood-suckers!


Nancy P said...

Happy, happy, Maria, Maria!

For you non-Buffy watchers, that's Spike, our beloved vampire. Maria and I love Spike a little toooo much.

In her time zone, it's already her birthday!

Night, all.

Nancy P said...

Maria, I just discovered that I've had your blog listed under websites. Drat! As your bday gift, I'll fix that today. :)

Have a happy vacationing birthday!

maryb said...

I see him and I hear his name in Drusilla's accent. Spoike.

Can't wait for January when Dollhouse starts. We should have a Whedon-watching party.

AndiF said...

Happy Birthday!

Amd joining in the celebration, here's a little Torchwood touch of James in the night. [LINK]

Yeah but Mary then we'll just begin the countdown until Fox cancels before it has a chance to get going like they did Firefly. (Can you tell I'm still pissed?)

Nicola Slade said...

Mmmm, never took to Buffy et al but Torchwood is great. And Captain Jack - what can I say? Handsome AND funny, great combo.(Heard John Barrowman speaking in his native accent the other night, quite a shock to remember he's a Scot; bit like listening to Dr Gregory House speaking in American!)

Lisa Miller said...

Happy Birthday Maria. Vacation-what a nice gift to yourself.

Waves to all!

Andif-I need to get out more after watching that clip. Steamy. I was blown away by your comment about Fox and Firefly because my critique partner said the exact same thing to me last night before our writer group met. Cyber friends and in-the-same-room friends being so alike is interesting.

Nicki-We've got several Brits/Irish staring in American shows this fall. I'm going to have to check out this cancelled Torchwood. Day late and a dollar short as usual.

Terrific Thursday to All. said...

Thanks for saying hi, all. And happy birthday to the birthday girls and boys!! Nancy, you're next?

FARfetched said...

Woo hoo, happy birthday Maria!!!

runs out to get the cake started

Dina said...

Hi, all. Love the Torchwood clip and can't wait to see it (I don't get BBC America).

Maria, happy, happy. Sending you virtual Paul Gross hugs with a bit of Callum thrown in on the side. Or the other way around!

Nancy P said...

Dina, I've never seen Torchwood, either. Everybody I know who's watched it loves it. Who's Paul Gross and what's a Callum??

Andi--that cracked me up. It's so reminiscent of the Spike/Buffy kisskissbangbang scene, lol. James has a specialty in those.

Maryb, let's!! A Dollhouse watching party, fer sure.

Ghostie, we missed your bday, so happy belated, love!

Niccola, have you ever seen Battlestar Galactica? There's a handsome Brit actor in it and I was so shocked to find out he's not American. CanNOT tell from his speech.

Lisa, stick with us, kid, we'll catch yo up, lol!

P.S. Maria's on pacific time right now, but she's going to check in this morning.

Jen said...

Happy Milestone Birthday to THE LIMA! Hope Vancouver is treating you well and that the cake is as divine as a Barrowman/Marsters lip-lock.

AndiF said...

Hey GF, I think I missed saying hello last post so "HELLO" and welcome back. Collect any good ghost storeis for us while you were gone?

Lisa, next you can check with your critique friend to see if s/he is even more pissed about the Scifi channel's canceling of Farscape (why yes, I do hold grudges). Then we'll know we're really long lost twins. :)

Nicola, I'm with you on John Barrowman -- and Captain Jack is one of the greatest TV character creations since ... well since Spike (or the even better, Willow).

Morning everyone.

Anonymous said...

Since I don't watch TV unless there's a ball involved, I'll have to just say Hippo Birdie to Maria, and sit quietly on the sidelines wondering who in the heck all of these people/characters are...although now I see why you're gaga over Spike - he is a cutie!

Getting ready for another motorcycle trip tomorrow, but a shortie - through Glacier National Park in Montana. After our 2000 mile trip last week, a couple of hours on the bike will be a breeze.

Happy Thursday, all!

Kelly McCullough said...

Many Happy Returns, Maria!

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and the yummy pic of Spike...not to mention the lovely, lovely clip of the Captains.

I'm having a FABULOUS time in Vancouver, falling more and more in love with this city. Today we're headed to Stanley Park and the Aquarium.

Tomorrow, alas, we head to our respective homes.

You know, I don't think I could've picked a better 50th birthday vacation.

Au revoir, bels amis, I'll catch up a little later in the day.

Oh, side note to Mounties yet, nor sightings of Callum, Katee Sackoff or any other Vancouver based folks. Oh well.

Dina said...

Maria, I hope you get to see them before you go.

Nancy, Callum Keith Rennie and Paul Gross are Canadian actors who starred in due South about 10 years ago. I am one of Maria's enablers there, helping getting her hooked on the show.

boran2 said...

Happy birthday, Maria Y Lima!

I'm off to take some photos for tomorrow's post.

< waving >

Nancy P said...

Waving to everybody I missed!

I'm working on a synopsis for the next book. And, no, I don't know how to relax. Well, I do, but it takes a while after each book.

See you in the next post.