Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yay, Us!!

Bono, the commenter formerly known as Anonymous, discovered that we missed this blog's one-year anniversary, which was last July 4. Thank you, Bono! So I'm declaring this our Dias de la Celebration! Also (whisper) it's somebody's birthday. (Blush) I'm hoping U2 shows up, too.


Nancy P said...

You guys are the bestest blog friends a girl could have. Thank you so much for your kindness, wit, fun, seriousness, open-hearts-and-minds, photos, links, and everything else I've forgotten but which you have/are.

Hi, to lurkers, too!!

I declare today Honorary July 4, in addition to being the real Sept. 19.

Maryb said...

Happy Birthday!! To both the blog and to you!

Thanks for making such a nice place for a bunch of blog friends to hang out.

bono said...

(hanging streamers - will this be a fire hazard with all fireworks going off?)

Mi, mi, mi
(ahem) (practices song for birthday party)

So, today is your birthday
That is what I have been told
What a wonderful birthday
You are one more year old

On a cake you'll have candles
All lighted for you
And the whole blog will be singing
And many mooorrrreeeee.

And since we're celebrating the one year anniversary of your blog
and since clocks are the modern gift for a one year anniversary,
I dedicate the following snippet from the Steve Miller Band to you

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin
Into the future

Here's hoping Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life
is around for many, many years in the future.

Congrats on the warm community you've created here, Nancy.
Best wishes.

bono said...

(pssst, Farf, ya got the cake?)

Oh, and sorry, U2 couldn't make it today. lol

Nicola Slade said...

Happy birthday, Nancy. I'm so glad I stumbled on your blog - it's such a delight to be on blog-friendly terms with one of my all-time favourite mystery writers! Hope you have a great day; we're off to a War Babies party but you're too young for that as it's WW2. I've unearthed one of those awful foxy wrap things, you know - with eyes! and my husband is frantically wondering if it's too late to grow a wartime moustache - for tomorrow night!
Have fun everybody.

AndiF said...

Happy Anniversary to a great blog run by a great Birthday Girl. It's been a swell year, hanging out here (the blog) and I sure hope it's been a swell bunch of years for you, hanging out here (life).

And say, remember that the unknown very green, not a cucumber thing [LINK]? Well, it decided to celebrate your birthday and blog anniversary, too [LINK].

Lisa M said...

Celebrate--Dance to the music.

Nancy, this blog community is a tribute to your desire to experience life and share.
What I think makes it so special is the full life dimension you give it. You share your discoveries, knowledge, wit, and enthusiasm. But you also allow us a glimse of your frustration, wistfulness, and darker moments. How wonderful to share it all.
The "family" gathers round to lend support and light the fireworks, release balloons, and toss confetti.
I'm feel very lucky to have such an interesting group of cyber "cousins" all over the world. As with all families, there is such a variety of talents, interests, and views. Never fail to laugh. The food's great too.
I've got Ice Cream--homemade vanilla. Pass the plates.

Nicky--What fun--War babies party. I've always been fascinated by that WWII time period. Sometimes I think my husband and I were born a generation too late.

MaryB--Waves to you.

bono--you are quite the entertainer. Love the streamers.

Andi-- Perfect Celebration Picture.

Fabulous Friday to All.

FARfetched said...

Happy blog-day! and birthday! My favorite verse from the Birthday Dirge:

Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
All the candles on your cake
Like cities burning in your wake,
Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

It's a little early for cake, Bono… how about cinnamon rolls?

It has been a bit of a struggle to get words onto screen/paper this week. At least I finished the first draft of a short story last night… thought it would be flash at first, but it'll end up a bit longer.

Nicola, yeah it's a bit late for the mustache. Unless he wears a fake.

Andi, so what IS that thing?

Lisa, I'll take some ice cream!

Off to work shortly. Gonna be a cool one on the bike.

Maria Lima said...

Happy, happy birthday, Nancy!!! Who'd'a thunk (years ago when I was greedily reading the Jenny Cain books) that in the future, I'd get to (a) meet you in person, (b) talk about Spike (!); (c) have you read *my* book, (e) interview you at Mayhem in the Midlands and (e) get to "talk" to you every day via this blog?

Life is wonderfully fascinating sometimes and I'm so grateful for it. :)

Happy Blog-aversary to us all and a very happy Friday.

katiebird said...

Happy Birthday!

(mumbling) Ah! Cinnamon Rolls. Perfect!

Nancy -- You've created the perfect blog. Thank you so much.

And I hope you have a happy, happy birthday. Do you have exciting plans?

Nancy P said...

Thank you, Maryb, Bono, Nicola,Andif (awww,it put on a hat for the party!), Lisa M, Maria, Katiebird (anniversary coffee soon?), farfetched!

I'm still laughing over "time keeps on slippin' and "the cities burning in your wake.")

Couple-a friends are taking me to lunch at McCormick & Schmidt's, lucky me, and my mom's taking me to a movie.

Beth said...

Hippo Birdie, Nancy!! And belated Hippo Anniversary (doesn't have the same ring, does it?) to the Village and Comment Cafe. Thanks for creating one of those families that you get to choose. I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

And big birthday hugs to my favorite mystery writer and friend. Enjoy your lunch and movie!

Cinnamon rolls and vanilla ice cream and cake - no wonder I weigh 1,000 pounds...

Waddling off to tweak my second mss, since I STILL can't figure out what the third one is about. I'm going to make it sit in the corner until it decides to share the big secret with me. :-)

Have a great Friday and weekend, everyone!

Kelly McCullough said...

Another stanza from the Birthday Dirge:

All the world's in dark despair
People dying everywhere
But! Happy Birthday! Uhn! Happy Birthday!

Also, congrats on one year blogging here!

Today mirrors yesterday, so I'm going to be only a ghost of a presence.

If I stay on target for the week I'll have 6-7k words, another big section of trim scraped and ready for finishing that part of the job this weekend, and be down 6 pounds from last Friday. That or I'm going to keel over from exhaustion. Oh well, I only have to hold pace on all three projects for another week and then I can drop the painting.

Dina said...

Happy birthday to the blog and happy birthday to the Nancy.

As Maria said, who would have thought all those years that I devoured the Jenny Cain mysteries that I would not only meet you but would get meat (buffalo jerky if memory serves) from you. And thank you for the wonderful blog.

Will celebrate more tonight at Great Big Sea concert!

Nancy P said...

And thank you, Beth (lol about the corner) and Kelly. . .is there actually a birthday dirge, or are you guys just making up hilarious lyrics?

Beth said...

I wondered that too, Nancy...considering the source(s)! :-)

And apparently it's Talk Like A Pirate Day, too - who knew?


Kelly McCullough said...

We used to sing it at the Renaissance Festival back when I was a circuit rider (like being a carny only for the Ren Fair circuit).

The next verse goes:

We like children, yes we do,
boiled or baked or in a stew.
But! Happy Birthday! Uhn! Happy Birthday!

Nancy P said...

You're cracking me up with the Birthday Dirge. And now I can so easily picture it sung by people in Renaissance clothing. As turkey juice drips down their chins. Or is that really a turkey leg. . .? said...

this blog community is a tribute to your desire to experience life and share...

Nancy, what Lisa M said goes for me too. Except I also think this (wonderful incredible) blog is also a tribute (hail hail hail) to the fact you just won't shut up!

... And that means we don't have to either. Kew-L.

Dang, though, Nancy, nice to have a birthday and have a book done, huh? Make a wish, dear one. And don't tell.

Nancy P said...

Ghost, I'm laughing so hard!! And yes! Book done + relaxed birthday.

Until the editor calls.

FARfetched said...

Is that a turkey leg in my pocket or am I just glad to see you?

Google for "birthday dirge" and you find all sorts of compilations. This one may or may not be the most "official."

bono said...

Arrrrr, how's it been so far, matey? Yo-ho-ho where's that bottle of rum? (my pirate vocabulary is very limited. Thanks for the heads up on this celebration, Beth)

How was lunch? What movie did you see? Did you blow out all the candles on the cake so your wish will come true?

Birthday dirge? lol I've never heard that before, but you can bet my friends and family will hear it from now on. lol

Nancy P said...

lol, farfetched! You just couldn't resist that one, could you?

Bono, the movie was TransSiberia and I regret to say that neither my mom nor I enjoyed it. But the 'burger afterward was great.

Thanks for a lovely birthday/anniversary celebration, guys!

Nancy P said...

Dina, I missed your comment! Beef jerky, lol. I'd forgotten about that until you menioned it. Hey, don't say I never gave you anything.