Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monday Cafe

Bonjour, mes amis! Comment allez-vous? I hope Nicola doesn't mind, but we're joining them on their trip today. I think they're in France, before going on to Italy, although I could have my time zones all wrong and they could already be in Sorento. In which case, make mine cappuchino.

After we have breakfast at the sidewalk cafe, what's up for your week?


Nancy P said...

It's still pretty early on Sunday night, but Boran2 has already closed up the Sunday cafe, so here we are.

See you in le matin.

AndiF said...

Bon matin, mes amis.

What's up for me is doing the Many Moods Moods Monday Picture Post. As you all may have noticed, I take a lot of pictures of the lake at the neighboring kids camp -- it's not a big lake but it always showing me another side of its huge personality.

Blissful [LINK]

Quiescent [LINK]

Otherworldly [LINK]

Companionable [LINK]

Madame Lisa said...

Tres bien, Nancy.

Croissants et Cafe au Lait--
Tres bon!!!

Andi--J'aime les peintures du lac.
Oooo La la.
Peintures avec personalilty.

Lundi joyeux à tous.

Maria Lima said...

Bonjour, tous mes amis! J'ai faim et j'adore les croissants! Merci bien, Nancy. :)

Je n'aime pas le Lundi, parce que je dois travailler, et je préfère rester chez moi.

And...that's the extent of my French this early in the a.m.

::pours a coffee and snags a croissant::

FARfetched said...

Woo, who brought the croissants? Hey, here's the espresso maker! *grind* *fwooosh* *pssssshhhhh* Yeah, now that's coffee! Who's next?!

Thanks all the thumbs-ups on "The Last Drop," everyone! I think I spent three hours sitting in gas lines this weekend — yesterday evening involved Mrs. Fetched, her mom, and me gassing up two trucks, a motorcycle, and five or six gas cans. At least I'm set for the week, and I'm going to see about working at home at least two days instead of one. BTW, If any of you are still following FAR Future, there's a wedding going on in this episode.

Andi, those pics say "changing of season" louder than any leaf color… the kids are gone for the season, and the ducks have taken over.

olivia said...


If only it was so easy to go back ...

Morning everyone.

Nancy P said...

Andi, either those are exceptionally clear photos, or my new computer is doing a better job than my old one.

"Madame Lisa," lol!

Maria, I'm thrilled I could read what you wrote. That's probably the extent of my French this morning, too.

Your story got wonderful responses, far. You can take for granted that I will love it, too.

Ooo la la! We lured Madame Olivia over here with memories of Paris. Hi, O. :)

Anonymous said...

Morning, all - my French is too rusty to embarrass myself here. So I'll vicariously partake of cafe au lait and croissants and pretend I'm back in Paris, sitting at a sidewalk cafe...or at andi's lake again...

Warm week ahead - one last gasp of summer. Hope your Monday is stellar!

Dina said...

Morning all. I am not a Monday morning person so no 'good' here!

Nice breakfast, Nancy, but where's the tea?

Slinking off to find some.

Janet said...

Where's the Mimosas and Maple Bars? :D

Been busy with kids school stuff.

Marching Ensemble Competitions against this next weekend. Have an IEP for my son next week.

And tons of Pink stuff.

Oh and work stuff... and laundry pile stuff and change the oil in my car stuff...

GAWD I wish I could buy an all electric car NOW! Spouse's work is pushing the demand for that so that's good. They're installing charging stations in their parking lots... BUT you can't BUY or INSURE an EV yet. ARGH! (pulls hair out)

Maryb said...

Hey ya'll. (I don't try French since the last time I was in France a Frenchman told me it was best for me to speak English.) How 'bout a pot of chocolat? Even thought it's late in the day.

Andi I wanted to say I liked Quiescent best so that I could use that word (hey, I just did!) but Otherworldly hooked me.

Paris is on the mind these days. The eurotrib people had a meetup in Paris and I've been reading the diaries. Izzy got over there, all the way from California. It looks like they had a great time. Lots of shoe blogging ... (and yes I saw that comment Super. sigh).

I'm off to veg a bit. It was a crazy day and tomorrow will be crazy too since tomorrow's work depends a great deal on ... gulp ... bank funding. The world we live in ...

Hi to everyone I've missed.

Maryb said...

oh, by the way, Olivia, visiting the American midwest is exactly like a trip to Paris. Really. Trust me on this. You'll find out when you finally come visit us. :)

AndiF said...

I like the word quiescent too -- maybe because even as I'm enjoying peace and quiet, I'm looking forward to not having it.

Evening all. It's smells like rain out but no wet yet. I hope it's not just a big tease.

olivia said...

LOL Maryb ... in that case, what the heck am I waiting for! ;-)