Saturday, September 20, 2008

Small dog, big world

Sniff Waits for Something to Emerge

Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

Does that photo look scary to anybody else?

Anonymous said...

The way you've captioned it, yes! Otherwise it'd just be a pretty woodsy picture. Now I'm holding my breath, hoping Sniff can run vewwy vewwy fast when You Know What emerges...

If I have nightmares, Nancy, I'm calling you. :-)

Janet said...

Andi's photos always have an element of

oh I don't know...


to them. I thought I was the only who saw it. :)

We lost the hockey game but went with friends so all had a good time.

Except the really big guy with the ginormous HEAD who obstructed all our view the entire game. Moron stood up during play, too. I took a picture of his Sputnik head and I'm sending it to ESPN or to show just what a truly inconsiderate ass looks like at a game.


xoxox Nancy! library police are on my tail. Gotta jump into bed. Work tomorrow. C'Yas!

AndiF said...

It's scary because you all must have known that whatever it was would emerge at 5:10 a.m. this morning.

Hey there City Mouse Janet, we country mice don't find trees and rocks scary ... now if I took pictures of political commercials -- well, there's something to really scare ya.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

To me the woods look inviting, a place to be explored. Wait, Sniff, hide. That's it, lean behide the tree. Shhh. Crunching leaves getting closer. Stomping--must be something big, looking for trouble. Branches part and Andi stumbles out, camera swinging round her neck. She stamps one foot, then the other. "Dang bear poop," she said scraping her foot in the fallen leaves. Sniff, tail wagging, runs to check out mom's new smell.

Beth--Hope it was a nightmare free zone.

Janet--Sounds like you're leading the dangerous life these days.

Andif--take care opening Pandora's Box. True--I'd rather be in the woods. You know what creatures lurk there.

Went hiking yesterday. Took pictures for the first time in quite a while. What fun. Not as good as Andif though. I just don't use the camera often enough to have a real comfort level with it.
The problem with being outside is it's hard to see the digital images in the sunlight. So my ability to tell if it's in focus is skewed in bright light. But I'll keep practicing.

Starting week four of retooled eating. The D word is not a part of my thinking. Down 5 pounds. Hooray. Having the metabolism of a slug seems to be the bane of that "silver" time of life for women. Now that's scary.

Janet said...

Andi, I may be a city mouse but city has the most parks and is smack dab in the middle of the most beautiful country :) One of the many reasons I moved here.

Ask my kids... they go hiking and biking with their dad at least three times a week. While I work. :)

So it's not the rocks or trees or those really scary pond pictures. You just happen to hone in on something that could be construed as sinister in the back of my mind when you go "snap".

Commercials are all about selling you crap. We all know that. :)

bono said...

Nah, it looks like Sniff is just waiting for us to catch up. :-)

Hope you were nightmare free, Beth.

No, no evil. Mother Nature captured at her best. I love Andif's pix.

Janet, I hope you're kidding about library police. Someone was telling me recently about a pregnant woman who was jailed because of a library fine - like $5.00? Ridiculous.

What happened at 5:10, Andif? Pups wanting to go out?

Lisa, congrats on the new regime! And I look forward to seeing the pix.

Busy weekend here. Hope to be able to get out and enjoy some of the perfectly gorgeous weather we're having.

Have a wonderful day!

Lisa M said...

Thanks for the support.

If Andi's house is like mine the critters are up at 4:45-5AM no matter what day of the week wanting their morning romp in the yard,snacks for the dogs and breakfast for the kitties.

I think Nancy forwarded my email so you have my email address. Respond so I have yours and I will send you a link to photos. First time I did it on an online site. Finally got it right after one false start. Not the most dramatic pictures but a good view of what the wild areas of my part of Texas look like.

Maryb said...

mornin' all.

Like Beth I didn't see anything scary until I read the caption. RUN SNIFF!

Janet - I meant to say this in a previous thread. I hope you and Olivia are singing the BLUES this year ... :)

Andi - I met three people last week who had moved from NYC to Missouri and they couldn't stop talking about political ads. Apparently they don't see political ads in New York - nobody bothers to buy them since they aren't a swing state. So now we know that there is at least one good thing about living in New York. :)

Nancy P said...

lol, Beth.

Evil snicker.

Hey, Janet, I think people's heads should be measured before they're allowed into arenas. "Nope, sorry, back row for you." The expanse of the hair style counts, too. "Madam, if you would flatten that thing, we could let you have your seats back."

Nancy P said...

Andi, that photo truly spooks me. It's a Lord of the Rings, poor little hobbits kind of feeling. Nooo, Sam, step back, step back!

Hmm, Lisa, maybe STARTING TOMORROW I'll join you on that non-D thing.
I must have gained 10 pounds finishing my manuscript. Write, eat, write, eat, writeeat. . .

Nancy P said...

Hey, bono. I'm definitely getting outside today to do some overdue gardening.

Maryb, that's interesting about the increased ad-age for swing states. Lucky you. Snort.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! I see Sniff as the loyal guard dog, holding the perimeter.

Speaking of photos, I was organizing my digital albums and ran across this photo of me and Nancy at Malice Domestic 2007.

Photo by Dana Cameron, another fabulous mystery writer and buddy.

I'm spending today watching "In Plain Sight", thanks to iTunes. I'd missed this show when it was first on, then heard good things about it. All about WitSec and 2 US Marshalls who handle the folks in witness protection. Strong female protag with loads of great conflict and angst, along with humor. Just my kind of show.

Hope everyone's weekend has been great.

Nancy P said...

Maria, good times. :)

AndiF said...

Portland definitely has wonderful woodland parks that are almost like rain forest in their lushness (and then there's the uber-cool Japanese Garden) so all the more reason not to find my woods threatening -- I think you're just scared of me because I'm so a big meanie. ;P

bono, at 5:10 a.m. all three dogs decided that there was something out in the woods that demanded their very loud attention. Given that they didn't chase but stayed around the house, barking incessantly, I'm guessing some raccoon had a very bad start to its day.

Ah Mary, being in Indiana we used to see very few political ads too but since we now have Directv, there's no escape.

Nice to see two such happy faces, Maria.

I saw Lisa's pictures -- she's being unnecessarily modest about her photographic skils. :)

By the way, what Sniff is really doing is waiting for the squirrel he chased up the tree to get stupid and make a run for it ...
otoh, I expect the squirrel agrees with all of you.

LisaM said...

Went hiking yesterday and today found me an opening in the editing roller derby. Slipped right past the blockers Ima Can't and NoWords NoWay to get the two chapters on my to-do list done.
Seeing woohoo makes me think. My writing group is looking for the correct spellings of all those sounds and expressions that aren't really words. The Aw shucks and attaboy comments people make. Anybody got a source for that?

Politcal ads-Bah Humbug I say. God made DVR so you can fast forward through all ads. I'm so spoiled I almost hate to watch real time TV because of the commercials.

Maria, you make me regret being so shy. I didn't ask to get my picture with Nancy at WRW. Nice mememto.

MaryB--NYC or somewhere else in the state?

Andi--I blush.

On to clean and cook for return of son and girlfriend. What we do for our children. Haven't met the girlfriend but son told me he'd warned her I was a smartass. HAH. Guess I'll have to be on my good behavior.

FARfetched said...

Hey all… taking a quick break, a little longer than I expected, waiting for Mrs. Fetched to get back. We're going to meet DD for lunch & get her (and us) some groceries.

I made her some pesto while waiting… must remember to take it with.

The photo doesn't look scary so much as inviting. Sniff's like "c'mon, guys, what's taking you?"

Maryb said...

where's katiebird - there's an awards show tonight and no one told me?

Lisa - New York City (all three of them). They say presidential candidates don't bother buying a lot of ad time there since it will go blue (and it's an expensive ad market). I assume there are some ads - but apparently not the barrage of 30 second really NASTY ads that we get for months at a time here.

Janet said...

Nancy, once the hockey site returns after some maintenance... I'll send you a lookyloo :) It wasn't that the guy was HUGE, it was he was so oblivious to everyone else around him. He even kept his hat on. Even during the anthem... not that I care... but just goes to show ya...

MaryB... the BLUES!?!?! I think not! ;) Blues, Stars and the stinkin' Ducks. They can all pound sand. :D (skates away)

As the library police... just kidding... it's just that I have a Nancy Pickard book that has to go back. I feel kinda bad about it, too, because it IS Nancy's. Normally I just pay the "fine" and throw in a few more dollars so I feel like it's SUPPORT money.

27 Ingredient Chili I forgot to take it back. Oooops.

Janet said...

They are tossing alot of ads at the swing states. It's not just commercials.. all the flyers and yard signs, too.

You can't even BUY an Obama yard sign because Oregon is basically his.

But last night after the hockey game, I got mine. :) It's good to have connections. Danni's best friend's Mom is head of the Dems Party here. It kills them that I'm not a registered Dem :) But sorry, been stabbed in the back too many times to be registered with em.

Now... I just have to have Wayne mow the lawn again so I can put it out there ;)

Oh and remember how I used to get so scared about the Chuckleheads who would wait for me to return to my car in a lot so they could make some comment about my two bumperstickers? WEll, not anymore. I've learned that all you have to do to them is speak with more than SIX words in a sentence and they get this glazed over look in their eyes and then you can hop in your car (lock the doors) and speed away. :)

Let me rephrase that... no longer afraid... just more aware.

Now I just step back inside the store and request a bagger help me out to my car. :)

FARfetched said...

Janet, good for you! I'm *really* going to invite some attempted intimidation if I go through with my plan here on Planet Georgia (where the McMILF signs are sprouting like uggggly weeds). Big banner sign: "8 years of failure - You want 4 more just like it? - NO VOTES FOR GOP"

I'm more or less an independent (actually, I'm the entire membership of the Christian Anarchist party), but do not see myself voting for any goplets any time soon or ever.

Janet said...

Hey there FarFetched, yup I'm an independent. Which really freaked me out this year because I didn't get to vote in the Prelims. My hair was on fire as I called the Ballot People... WHERES THE REST OF MY BALLOT!?!?!

Oh.. nevermind :)

Janet said...

Serious note Farfetched,

As a person whose "been around the block" when it comes to putting your cajones out there for the thugs to take a swipe at...


You'll have to document it if anything happens because a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes it's a photograph of a hate crime that will spur on some action from others.

Like the lady whose neighbors or someone were throwing their garbage at her house because she had a... gasp... gaps... a LIT PEACE SIGN on her garage door instead of a cross or something.

That woke up the rest of her neighbors. Who slowly came to her aid.

Be careful and keep your head on a swivel. I pick my fights but ... it's sad we need to fight... still. Take care! And let's see a pix of your yard sign when you get it going on! Hell, I think you've seen me bloodied, bruised and IN a pink slip. Not all at the same time though of course ROFL

Nancy P said...

Maryb, Emmys tonight, and I forgot! I just got back from my monthly movie night with some writer friends.

Nancy P said...

Ya'll be careful out there.
Strange days.