Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Green Grow the Whatevertheheck This Is

Photo by Andif. She'll explain.


Nancy P said...

I spent my first day apres book cleaning up the mess all around me. Oh, that feels so good to throw away all that STUFF that piled up.

Now to catch up on email and Sisters In Crime and everything else I've left hanging.

G'night to Tuesday, Hello to Wednesday. Wednesday?? Already??

AndiF said...

I take 'em, not explain 'em.

People clean up the messes they've made?!? Sounds un-American to me.

Oh speaking of not explaining ... Lisa, no classes or books on photography. So for close-ups it's still just point and shoot (okay and keep yourself very, very still).

Morning all.

Lisa Miller said...

That picture is startling. The brilliant green almost alien looking. Mother Nature is so fascinating. Andi, Maybe it's the being very still part I cant' do very well.Nancy, I envy your throwing away stuff. How fun to free yourself of the clutter. A rebirth to life, friends and things ignored as you worked so hard to meet your goal.As I see the string of storms across the Atlantic and listen to the blah, blah of political pundits and candidates I think the word of the day should be laughter. Time to let loose, enjoy life, and friends.Funny book or movie recommendations?Book--Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich crack me up. I love her crazy characters.Movie--National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation --that scene with the squirrel is my all time favorite.TV--Still Standing now on Lifetime- Sleazy parents I can't get enough of. They are Millers too. Other suggestions to read or watch. Never too many laughs.Wacky Wednesday to All

AndiF said...

I guess I will offer up an explanation -- Lisa, colors in the woods change all the time, depending on the light so the deep green in the picture is because it was early morning on an overcast day which really saturates the colors; in better light, the plant is a much more normal looking green.

Oh and I'll offer up a book rec too -- Irene Dische's The Empress Of Weehawken.

Lisa Miller said...

YEEK-That green thing morphed my earlier submission.
Ate all my white spaces-- I saw them in the preview mode. Can't trust this cyberspace thing all the time.

Andi don't ruin the magic by explaining the light too much. I love the brilliant green.
Thanks for the recommendation.

FARfetched said...

Forget the cleaning up. Take a pitcher of tea and spend the day in the hammock. That's what I'd do.

Closer looms the vacation!

GhostFolk.com said...

CONGRATS, NANCY. But the true prize is that one day maybe soon we all will have a terrific book to read.

Anonymous said...

Ghostie! Welcome back! We've missed you, you lurker you.

And boran, tho Nancy's blog isn't quite as much fun as being on vacation, it's close...

Good luck catching up, Nancy, and then diving into whatever next catches your fancy.

Happy Hump Day to everyone else - I'm working on query letter and synopsis today, one of the not as much fun but still creative parts of the business.

Waving to all!

Kelly McCullough said...

Looks a bit like a promo photo for When Okra Attacks! Very cool.

Good morning all!

Laura has returned to school and that means that I am a full time writer once again. Oh, and don't tell anybody 'cause it's not completely official yet, but it looks like one who is about to be back under contract, and thus a much more motivated writer as well.

Hooray for the return of Ghostfolk!

FARfetched said...

Hey Ghost! We missed ya!

Paul Lamb said...

So, Ms. Pickard, are you kvelling today?

Maryb said...

Lisa, I read all the Janet Evanovich books this summer except the most recent (it's always checked out at the library). I have to say that I'm ambivalent about them. Clearly they kept me coming back for more and she is funny. She made me laugh out loud. But they are ... all the same. She has a forumula, she sticks to it and it sells.

I just finished reading Loving Frank. I can't really recommend it because I didn't like the writing style at all. But it was based on a true story and I found that story interesting.

Maryb said...

btw - today is Manny's birthday.

I broke down and joined facebook and it tells me things like that.

Nancy P said...

Bursts through door of The Comment Cafe


Leaps over Family Man's rocking chair and drops into lounge chair


Reaches for fresh Parker House roll from Farfetched, slathers it with butter, slaps Katiebird's hand as she tries to steal it, and leans back with a big book-eating grin.

Andi! Hi, in close-up.

Lisa, what is this "loosen up" stuff of which you speak?? I've forgotten how. I'm still wound tight--(leaping over rocking chairs)--but this lounge chair is niiice.

Far, are you taking us with you on vacation?

GHOST!! I can barely see you. :)

Beth, send me an email, okay?

Oh, Kelly!! Make it so! I can't wait to hear who, etc.

Hey, Paul! Let me tell you, I am kvelling and all is well and it's swell.

Maryb, it's 57 degrees here! Shall we send it along to you? Thanks for the news about Manny's bday. I'll run over there (leap over there) and wish him happy candles.

Lisa Miller said...

Dust devil? Road runner? No, look out it's Leaping Free Spirit Nancy.

MaryB--I agree with Plum plots. I listened to them rather than read and her quirky characters were fun. Lula with that Tazer had me rolling. That and I enjoy her relations with her parents and Grandma Mazer (sp?). Fun, light reading only.

Andi, your suggestion looks a bit deeper. Sounds fascinating though. I too like to read all kinds of things. Sometimes light, fluffy. Usually a bit more heft. No stream of conciousness please.

Farf--I miss my hammock. What a fabulous idea.

Kelly--Perfect--Mutant Okra

Beth--Good luck with the query quest.

Waves to Paul and Ghost-This blog just keeps getting more interesting.

Manuél said...

thanks for the birthday wishes, fellow virgo :)

Nancy P said...

Manny! ::waves madly:: Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

Kelly McCullough said...

Happy Birthday, Manny!

Thanks, Nancy. I'll have more to say once the sale's official -- it's really pretty much down to a final look at the contract at this point, but you know how these things work.

Maryb said...

Lisa, a good friend of mine said she listened to a numbr of Plum novels and she loved them because she loved the narrator of the first few. Then they switched narrators and she had a hard time making the transition so she started reading them instead. She said the narrator gave Grandma a really deep voice - which seemed totally unexpected to me. In my mind she sounds like Estelle Getty.

Manuél said...

laying low today. I got back from a vacation in Boston at 1:30 this morning and made it to work on time at 8... a fully-functioning brain is optional on one's birthday, right?

thanks, kelly!

AndiF said...

Manny! Happy Birthday!!!!

Have some cake.

FARfetched said...

Happy birthday, Manny! No, a functioning brain only gets in the way on a b-day — interferes with tequila consumption, I've heard — so leave it turned off.

Nancy, heck yeah… come along! I won't be far (enough) from FAR Manor, but with The Boy pretty much established & Daughter Dearest in college, maybe it'll work out this year. Last year, the wifi in the office just reached to our unit, if I sat at the kitchen table I could get a signal. It'll probably be better this year; if it's worse I can either hike down to the office or use my iPhone instead. I might also bring a small stepladder, as there's a humonguous persimmon tree just off the porch.

Lisa & Mary, Evanovich has me ROFL at least four or five times in each book. Stephanie's granny always has something coming out of left field. As far as plots go, genre stories can't get *too* far from the formula, or they become another genre. (Except for SF. As long as there's something beyond our comprehension, you can pretty much borrow plots from other genres or make up your own. :-P)

Maryb said...

FaR - I think my biggest problem with Evanovich is that her heroine makes the same mistakes over and over and over -- it's part of the formula. But where I thought it was funny the first time - by now I just think she's stupid. And I don't like stupid heroines. But I like the other characters. And of course I kept reading them despite my annoyance.

Janet said...

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday Manny!!!

I've got some cheesecake on a stick for you and me and the next protest! :)

A cheesecake stick for two.

Andi, is that green thing smokeable? :D

Janet said...

Hmmm authors that I used to like but no longer can read without vomitting or falling asleep.

STEVEN KING. I used to LOVE his work. Now... it's just... he's boring. I go back and reread his short stories and then I begin believing that his new stuff might be good only to get totally bummed out because his latest stuff is just rehashed old stuff.

ANNE RICE: After three books you know what the rest are like. Also, 4 pages to describe a DOOR... come on.

Redundant, formulaic and boring Queen: Christine Feehan. Goth Romance. The problem is I know her personally she's from the "town" I escaped and I worked with one of her daughters. So she gave me some of her books. I only needed ONE as the rest are all the same. She even uses the exact chatterfrom one book to another but with different vampires saying the lines. Recently I saw her book on the best seller and about died of shock.

boran2 said...


Happy birthday, Manny!

First day back at work after my vacation and it was a sucky one. Next time I'll take a week off after my vacation. ;-)

Nancy P said...

Boran, did you get to see Manny on your vacation?

Hey, Janet and Maryb and Farfetched!

Birthday cake tomorrow, too.

boran2 said...

Hi Nancy! No, I didn't see Manny. He was getting ready for his Boston trip. Maybe next time.