Monday, September 29, 2008

Andif's birthday was the 28th!!

Oh, noes!!! I forgot that Sunday was Andif's birthday!!

Andi, happy happy happy birthday WEEK!!


Nancy P said...

Blame it on being out of town!

So, Andif, how was your REAL birthday?

FARfetched said...

Happy b-day Andi!

Nancy, if that dawg were anything but a beagle, I'd feel sorry for it.

Maryb said...

Happy B-DAY Andi!!! I hope you spent the day in a way that you enjoyed.

boran2 said...

Happy belated, Andi!

Beth said...

Belated hippo birdie, andi! Hope your long weekend was mostly a birthday celebration!

Great picture, Nancy! Makes up for being a wee bit late...?

More football tonight - and the Ravens are suddenly losing. I swear I'm never joining a football pool again! Although I often root for the Steelers, after living in Pittsburgh when they won the SuperBowl - I watched it quietly at home, since I was rooting for the Seachickens, and was up til the wee hours listening to the celebration in the streets outside. Quite an event.

Janet said...

Goddesses, like Andi, don't have "birthdays" they have ANNUAL CELEBRATIONS ;)

Happy annual celebration, gentle, lovely lady with many pawed, furry friends.


AndiF said...

Thanks Nancy, Farf, Mary, B2, Beth, and Janet!

The delayed timing is perfect for celebrations because Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) started last night at sunset. So Shanah Tova to all.

There's a lovely new year's tradition, I'd like to virtually share with everyone. I'm getting an apple, cutting it in slices, dipping them honey, and giving one each of you ... we're taking a bite and wishing each other a sweet full year.

Lisa M said...

Andi--Happy Happy Bday friend.

The Apple Slices-- the picture and sentiment took me by surprise.
Brought tears.

supersoling said...

Happy Birthday, Andi! :o)

Maria Lima said...

Andi, a wonderful, brilliant birthday week to you!!

And thanks for the lovely New Year wishes. :)

Jen said...

Shanah Tova! (My Hebrew is worlds better than my French, lol.) Thanks for the apples & honey, Andi, and may the wishes from your heart-filled platter infuse directly into the architecture of our universe.

AndiF said...

Oh Jen, what a beautiful wish and what a gift you are.

And thanks to Lisa, Super, and Maria.

Philosophical aside: although I've long since relinquished my religious beliefs, the aspects of Judaism that are so interweaved into family and community are something I've never wanted to -- and probably never will -- give up.

Lighter aside: the hebrew date of my birth is 17 Tishrei 5711 (which somehow sounds way cooler 9/28/50) and my wholly inappropriate Hebrew name is Sipporah.

Dina said...

Happy, happy, Andif! Better late than never. Gives you an excuse to celebrate longer.

olivia said...

Happy birthday Andi!

Janet said...

Can I have some of the hair of the dog that bit Andi?

Today is my 19th Wedding Anniversary.

Without any parole either! :)

Maryb said...

Shanah Tova. And thanks you for the apple and honey.

Why is your Hebrew name wholly inappropriate Andi?

Happy Anniverary Janet!

I'm getting out of here before someone expects me to be as beautifully eloquent as Jen.

Kimberly Frost said...

Andif - Happy Birthday!

Janet - Happy Anniversary!

Everyone - Hellos & hugs all around. :)

Nancy - I love the Mission Impossible style cake-slicing operation. Would that my niece and nephew were so stealthy. My mom's birthday was the 25th and I went home to celebrate. It was quite a challenge keeping little fingers and little sleeves out of the frosting. But the little faces are so cute, it's hard to get mad at them.

Lisa M said...

Texas isn't known for widespread Judaism. My Hebrew? None. I did have a rebellious/questioning life phase in high school and went to synagogue for a year. That sent my dad into a tizzy.
Jen said what I felt this morning.

Amid the yammering heads of both political parties and media pundits, it really struck me that it is the beautiful spirits of the people we need to focus on amid the chaos.

Happy Anniversary--Janet

AndiF said...

Happy Anniversary Janet!

Well Mary, sipporah means "beautiful little bird" ...

Thanks Dina, Olivia, and Kimber.

Maryb said...

A - You are saying you aren't birdlike? hmmmm I'll have to think on that.

AndiF said...

Mary I know you're a great lawyer but you're even more stellar than I could have imagined if you're able to make a convincing case for "Beautiful little bird, why that fits Andi to a T".

P.S. Jim just suggested you might make it work if you argue I'm like a sharp-shinned hawk ... which is small and deadly.

Lisa said...

beautiful little bird fits perfectly.
You are drawn to the trees and the water, like other birds of the forest. The smallest details catch your attention. You see beauty everywhere. You have migrated across the country visiting nesting grounds and ecosystems at all elevations and at all times of the year. Blue skies and fresh breezes perk your senses and get your addrenaline pumping. You have the sharp eye of the hawk and eagle. But you are not one to squawk and fuss. I actually see you more like the owl. You are first on the morning blog. Signaling us of the coming day. Your soft hoots are comforting in their rhytmic strength.
Perspective is everything.

Nancy P said...

I'll take one more piece of cake, please.

Hope your belated birthday was a good one, Andi!

I'm so tired. My mom got her pacemaker recharged today. Nine hours at the hospital. She's asleep now and I'm nearly there.

Night all, and may all your days require cake.

boran2 said...

Happy new year to all! The b2 boy and I made it through the kiddie service today despite his rampant whining. Woohoo! (I whined silently.)

Maryb said...

Yes, Jim is on the right track. Beauty is not just daintiness, small is not necessarily petite and birdlike can be deadly.

I'll have to get a bird book to see if a sharp shinned hawk is you.

Maryb said...

Hey b2, Happy New Year.

bono said...

Belated happy wishes to all!

Happy anniversary, Janet.

Happy New Year, Andif and boran2! Thanks for the apples and honey!

Happy B-Day, Andif! I hope it was a joyous one that brought you as much happiness as you continually bring us with your presence and your pix. I have a snippet of a Billy Collins poem for you. The title is

On Turning 10.
You tell me it is too early to be looking back,
but that is because you have forgotten
the perfect simplicity of being one
and the beautiful complexity introduced by two.
But I can lie on my bed and remember every digit.
At four I was an Arabian lizard.
I could make myself invisible
by drinking a glass of milk a certain way.
At seven I was a soldier, at nine a prince....

So, Andif, what are you this year?

AndiF said...

Lisa, the sound you hear ... that's my swelled-head exploding. Thanks ... I guess. ;)

And thanks bono for the kind thoughts and for the poem.

So, Andif, what are you this year?

apparently, a cross between a hawk and an owl.