Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cheers for Boran2's Birthday!

I hereby declare this Marmotini Day in honor of Boran2.

Creativity by Andif.


Nancy P said...

After Tuesday at the hospital with my mom, who is fine now, I need a lounge chair and that marmotini.

Let's have a poetry day on Thursday. Anybody who wants to, bring something you like. Preferably short, or we'll be scrolling forever and we won't have time to read and appreciate all of it. Anything from a limerick to an ode. Short ode. I guess that would be a Shode.

Knowing this crowd, we'll probably end up with all Billy Collins, lol, which would be fine with me.

If you don't feel like bringing a whole poem, you could bring just a line you like, or an image.

Or you can just be a reader--of whom there are too few in the world.

Lisa M said...

Morning Andi and all--
I'm here first--Insomnia.

Nancy, So glad Mom is okay. That is always stressful. Been there, done that.
You sit, I've got fresh coffee, a pot of English Breakfast tea, cinnamon buns, bacon, sausage, milk and orange juice. We need our energy and to keep our strength up. I'm thinking Mimosa's. Heck it's hump day. Let's celebrate.

I am so excited for Poetry Day.

A wonderful, or at least okay Weds to all.

AndiF said...

Glad all's well, Nancy.

Lisa, I'm so sorry about insomnia.

The poetry day sounds like a great idea, Nancy. It'll be fun to see the contributions.

Today, though, I think I'll add a little sparkle to the joint. [LINK].

Lisa said...

BEUTIFUL starting day photo.
Thanks Andi!!

FARfetched said...

Ah, thanks Lisa. Gimme one of those cinnabuns & I'll fire up the espresso maker.

Poetry tomorrow, huh? I can maybe knock out a haiku or two.

Nice pic, Andi!

Off to sit in the corner & work. Ignore the occasional muttered four-letter word, please.

Maria Lima said...

Mmmm, breakfast, please! And yeah, bring on the marmotinis!!

I thought I was going to be Miss Grumpypants today, since I worked on day job stuff until past 10 last night. But, things changed once I looked at my RSS feeds. I found out that my dear friend Charlaine Harris has hit a record - all SEVEN of her vampire books are on the NYT bestseller list.

I'm so happy I could squee. Oh yeah, I totally did. ::g::

I love4 hearing wonderful news about friends.

Happy October, everyone!

Nancy P said...

Thanks for the good wishes.

Andi, gorgeous. Glowing ghosts.

Hi, Lisa, and thanks for the food.

A far haiku!! Yes!

OMG, MARIA!!! That's jawdroppingly incredibly wonderful. Is it a record, I wonder? Between Charlaine and the Twilight series, vampires are taking over. Which delights you and me, but should delight you more. :) I have a short story coming out in a Charlaine Harris werewolf anthology, so I'm guessing her name on the cover will lift all of our ships.

AndiF said...

Well I just found out for sure why Marmotdude is here -- he's toasting Boran2 on his Birthday!!!

And I've brought the cake.

Happy Birthday B2!

Nancy P said...

Oh, thanks, Andi! I changed the front page in his honor.

Happy, happy, b2!

Dina said...

Nancy, so glad to hear about your mother.

And Maria, I join the squee about Charlaine. Nice to know good things do happen to good people.

Anonymous said...

Hippo birdie, boran2! I definitely need one o' them 'tinis, marmot or not. Hope you have a glorious time on your special day.

Yay to Lisa for a feast, andi for sparkle and cake, and Charlaine for her exciting success!

Last day of summer here (again). Finally making progress again on the third book - thanks to all for your support and advice!

And yippee for Poetry Day tomorrow! But now I'll have to find something besides Billy Collins :-)

Happy Hump Day, everyone.

FARfetched said...

Woozah, happy b-day Boran!

Hand me one of them marmotinis… I'm not supposed to swallow the marmot, right?

olivia said...

Happy birthday b2!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Boran2! I hope all of your dirtiest wishes come true. ;)

bono said...

Happy birthday, boran2. May the year be painted with happiness for you.

Good news about your mom, Nancy. Lots of people I know are dealing with ailing parents. I'm glad yours is OK.

Poetry day?! Woot! :-D Does anyone know how to contact poetry man, Rick? I'd love it if he'd honor us with one of his offerings!

Well, it definitely feels like fall here! Low hanging dark clouds, occasional rain, temps in the 50's. :-( (I don't like cold weather.)

Thanks for the treats, Lisa. I think I'll have breakfast for dinner.

Love the sparkle pic, Andif.

Anonymous said...

Bono, Rick's blog is listed on Nancy's front page - Rick, Musing. From there click on his profile, and then on email, and you can send him a note. Although he might be reading this right now, too!

::waving at RIck::

Maryb said...

Happy Birthday boran2 - one of the nicest people anyone would ever want to meet. You should ALL meet him.

Glad your mom is fine now N. I hate hospitals so as far as I'm concerned ... have another marmotini.

I like the idea of poetry day. I'll have to think on this.

waving to everyone else

bono said...

Thanks, Beth. I just went and pleaded my case to Mr. Poetry Man. :-D

(I hope he shows up tomorrow!! I would be verrrry pleased! :-D )

boran2 said...

Thanks to all! We went out to dinner to celebrate, hence my especially late presence here.

Good news about your Mom, Nancy!

supersoling said...

Any presence is good presence :o)

Happy Womb Amnesty Day, Mr. B2 :o)

supersoling said...

Maybe Womb Liberation Day is more fitting?! :oP

Nancy P said...

Hey, b2, and many happy more.

Manuél said...

Happy Birthday, b2! And happy belated, Andi! It was truly a pleasure to meet you both in real life with your significant others. Best wishes!