Sunday, November 9, 2008

Andi's deer

Every now and then I just have to post this photo by Andif, 'cause I love it.

What's peeking out at you this week, maybe something a little shy, a little wary, and all too ready to leap away if you move too fast? For me, I think it's both of the books I'm working on. It's finally time to get back to them, even if I haven't heard from my editor. I think I'll sneak up on them today (Monday) and see if they hold still, or if they squirm away from me.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping it's peace and happiness, waiting to leap upon me when I least expect it. I've missed them so.

Good luck with your books, NP, editor or no editor. There's only so much time you can make that muse cool its heels....

Happy Monday (tomorrow), everyone - I'm off to San Clemente for - yep - BEACH TIME!

AndiF said...

Everything sneaks up on me -- I'm going to join the unboy scouts because I'm always unprepared ...

... except for the Monday Picture Post because this has been the most beautiful fall we've had in the 29 years we've lived in Brown County. So I've got lots and lots of pictures for the upcoming weeks (which is good because brown-and-gray season just boldly strode in, no sneaking around for it).

The Fall Stoplight
Green [LINK]

Yellow [LINK]

Red [LINK]

Have fun at the beach, Beth.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Perfect picture for my weekend. There was this lone doe that walked by the cabin both mornings. I could tell she knew we were there but didn't seem concerned as she stopped to nibble a bit of grass on her trip to bed down in the trees by the creek.
I forget how much I love being in nature till I get out like that. It was below freezing when I got up but then up in the seventies. Son is very smart living in Texas,N.
It was a butterfly weekend too. Saw all kinds. This Monoarch fluttered right over my head on its way to South America. A wave of awe washed over me. Felt like when I was snorkling off Catalina Island and a Manta ray swam beneath me. The power of nature overwhelms me.

Found the end of my story over the weekend. Now, no excuse for not writing. Think I'll sneak up on it so it doesn't skitter away.

Andi--I'll look for your stop lights anyday.

Beth--that peace and happiness thing comes from within. Hard to see at times, but allows you to enjoy the beach or friends or solitary moments. Beach time sounds really good.

Staff Development day at work. No Kids---Yeahhhhhh!!

Marvelous Monday to All.

FARfetched said...

I'd like to sneak up on a UL person and…

Seriously. Can't we issue breeding licenses so stupid people don't get a chance to reproduce?

Mrf. It's Monday all right. But it's not all horrible. I stoked up the firebox & it's nice here in the living room. The latest FAR Future episode is yet another cliffhanger (seems like there's one in each sub-series). I guess I'd better get the car warmed up & get moving.

Beth, Andi, Lisa, and all who come after… enjoy! (Sounds like Beth is going to anyway :)

Lisa M said...

Beth--We carry that peace and happiness around all the time. It's the chaos of life that deafens us to realizing they are there for us whenever we are ready.
For me, this weekend was about slowing myself down and listening. Giving myself time to hear myself and my story. A rebalance, reboot in tech terms.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! Book 3 is peeking out of the woods at me, beckoning. Too bad I must be off to the day job.

Nancy, re: Cuban coffee, I'm afraid I don't really know any. :( I fail at coffee, as I mostly drink it at hotels. ::g::

Andi, thanks for the great fall pics - gorgeous colors!

Hope everyone's Monday is great.

Jen said...

Nancy, someday if we are ever in Miami at the same time, I will take you for the best Cuban food & coffee available north of Havana.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, thank you for the reminder. I'll do my best to find them. Sounds like you had a great weekend - congrats on finding the end of your story.

Jen, when I get back to FL I'll have to ask for recommendations. Have one favorite place in St Augustine, but I can imagine you know lots in Miami...

Warm Monday to all - and a sad farewell to all of the gorgeous colors this fall brought...thanks for the reminder, andi.

Waving at everyone else -

Nancy P said...

Aww, Beth, that's what I hope for you, too. Happy Beach Day!

lol, Andi! "the unboy scouts" And thanks for the new photos!

So glad the cabin-time was good, Lisa. Doesn't it seem as if Monarchs sometimes want to talk to us? Or as if they're as curious about us as we are about them? Maybe that Monarch is saying to its buddies this morning, "I got THIS close to one of them, and I was in awe!"

Nancy P said...

Jen, that is a date. In fact, what are you doing tomorrow? ha. If only.
Maria, you may come, too, and we'll try to convert you to Cuban coffee. Or, any coffee. I'm shocked. :)

Far, when you talked about holiday cooking, do you mean you bake a lot ahead of time and freeze it?

Janet said...

Must be Monday.

Neighbor woman just came over to tell us we need to take our Obama lawn sign down. They "don't do politics and it's all over now". And "alot of people really liked McCain and people are mad" (Oh? I guess she missed the landslide election results), ... blah blah... then she said that there's been reports of vandalism in Portland.


I'm serioulsy and officially weirded out.

But now... I know when I'm taking my lawn sign down. January 21.

No, we don't live in a gated community or anything. Last I checked I was in a free area. I wonder if she told the same thing to the house with the McCain sign on it. Doubt it.

Cuban coffee... much needed here please.

Nancy P said...

There's something bossy in the water today, Janet, I swear. I'm seeing it on other websites where people are standing with one hand on a hip and the other hand wagging a finger and telling people what to say, how to say it, how to act and react. Nutz, I tell ya, nutz.

But listen, you should all. . .


Janet said...

Well there ya go, that's why I don't go to too many of those "other websites" :)

Okay I'm not as freaked out now as I was before. My husband calmed me down as did my best friend's long distance call.

NOW... NOW I can think of all the things I should have said of course. Damnit! I hate that!! LOL

Where's Jen out on your lawn when you need her? :)

Janet said...

Hey, did you know you had been Wikied?

Nancy P said...

Yeah, Jen, get out there!

I think it's really hard to be confronted cold by somebody saying something aggressive that you aren't expecting at all. It hasn't happened very often to me, but when it does it leaves me mute with astonishment, and sometimes what I really want to do is laugh. I'm all Boggle-Eyes, which isn't exactly an articulate response, lol, though I suppose it does express, Are you crazy?

Nancy P said...

I've been wikied? Gulp. I don't think I want to see it. Or, hey, maybe I could insert wild misinformation and create a whole new, and much more interesting, history for myself! I could add awards, too, and finally give myself an Edgar, hee. Plus, I could get that pilot's license I didn't quite manage, and I could have spent years captaining a freighter in the South Seas, and. . .oh, how could I forget the prince I married?

Nancy P said...

Off to bfast. Se you guys later after I get through riding my motorcycle and finishing my biography of Winston Churchill.

Janet said...

Plus, this is a neighbor. Someone I have to share the rest of my days here with to some degree. It's not like I felt I could tell her to eff off. And.. her son is also autistic - she was waiting for the bus here because she'd forgot to give him something.

But yet.. she felt she could tell me to "get rid of it"... and why. Because of HER opinions and lifestyle.

I did say though that we she said she was a McCain liker... that we were military family. My entire family was Navy and no one in my family thought highly of McCain. Just another rich brat who never got punished or kicked out because of his family connections.

Of course... no one in her family has served. Wannabes. It always comes down to that... that those who bluster on so much about the flag and killin dem dar terrists... are rarely ever involved.

Crap, I'll take this offblog. I'll email you :)

Janet said...

Great. Now I have this image of Nancy on a hog eating a maple bar with leather chaps on.

Let's put THAT up on her Wiki page! :)

FARfetched said...


FARfetched said...

Wiki says… not much really. Maybe you should get your agent to flesh this out a bit?

«Nancy Pickard (born 1945) is a US crime novelist. She has won five Macavity Awards, four Agatha Awards, an Anthony Award, and a Shamus Award. She's the only author to win all four of those. She also served on the board of directors of the Mystery Writers of America. She received a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri–Columbia and began writing at age 35.»

Kelly McCullough said...


Contracts are what's lurking around the edge of my day. Need to get them signed and in the mail, but I'm going to pretend to write first, or maybe even actually write since I do really need to get this thing done. BTW, I find that happiness is often more of a lurk in the dark and pounce from behind doors sort of visitor.

Janet said...

Snoopy might disagree with you there KMc :)

"Happiness is a warm puppy"

or a tall, frosty mug of rootbeer

AndiF said...

Hah! Happiness is a cute puppy that can do a nearly perfect imitation [LINK] of kilroy was here.

Janet said...

Andi, it could be argued that happiness is a Kitty who enjoys hockey just as much as I do

Or happiness is a family of cats united :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the suggestions on how/where to find happiness. It usually tags along with me. It's been a long time since I had to hunt for it. Right now I'm leaning toward Kelly's view, as you might imagine.

Off to the airport. I'll be thinking of y'all tomorrow as I walk the beach, peeking into the surrounding bushes for that lurker.

Hugs, all.

Anonymous said...

PS - Sorry I never got to buy chaps during my biker days, NP - I'd send them to you!

I vote we all go to Wiki and add our own visions of Nancy's "real" life!!

Nancy P said...

lol! You guys are cracking me up!

Damn, I want those chaps.

bono said...

Ha, cool beans, I know someone who has been wiki-fied. :-)

Well, happiness here was getting back into a routine after company left. That was until I got sick. :-( What's that you say? Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away and then there's the holiday rush? Oy.

(Beth, would you please send some California sunshine this way while you're out there? Thanks.)

Great pix, Andif.

Lisa M said...

Kelly, Happiness lurking in the dark to pounce. Sounds like a Lifetime Movie of the Week.

Visualize it--Nancy in chaps. I'm seeing the hair up in a bandana with Terminator shades on top of her head. Multiple ear piercings. Wait, Nancy you were standing a couple of people in front of me at Cooper's BBQ in Llano. Where many bikers go to eat on their Hill Country weekend rides.
Nancy Pickard--Biker Momma. I like this idea of making up life experiences.

Jen, I voluneer to meet for Cuban food and coffee--Yum. Miami can't be that far a drive.

Bono--fluffs pillow and tucks in bright quilt. Pamper yourself.

boran2 said...

I remember that one!

What's peeking out at me is a very busy week. Fortunately I have off tomorrow in my role as the hardworking civil servant. ;-)

maryb said...

You guys are really funny today. That's nice. On a Monday.

We need to add a section to nancy's wikipedia entry - "The blogging years". lol!

Nancy P said...

Hey, bono, good to see you.
You, 2, b2.

Maryb, The Blogging Years. Snort.

That wiki is already incorrect in a couple of things and it's what, three sentences? lol.

FARfetched said...

LOL, figures. Like I said, get your agent to fix it — what are you paying the dude for otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Bono, sunshine on its way! I'm always happy to share...