Monday, November 17, 2008

Hockey Birthday, Janet!!


Nancy P said...

Okay, everybody eats cake through face masks and if you throw any of it, please just make sure it gets into the napkin net!

((Hugs to the Hockey Birthday Girl!))

Maria Lima said...

Birthday wishes and loads of good wishes to Janet!

Anonymous said...

Ditto ditto, Janet - hippo birdie!!

Dina said...

Happy hockey birthday, Janet. May your teams always win.

Jen said...

Hey Birthday Girl, I hope all your fondest/dirtiest wishes come true. xoxo

::throws cake, spikes punch::

AndiF said...

Happy Birthday, Janet from one loose puck to another.

And be good folks there's plenty of cake for all -- you can do all the icing you want but no high sticking!

And I hope, Janet, my Monday Picture Post doesn't have any pictures you find scary, just a pleasant diversion from thinking too much.

So today's post is a Fall Fruit Harvest.

Lemons [LINK]

Oranges [LINK]

Plums [LINK]

Janet said...

Hockey cake? Does that mean it'll knock our teeth out? :)

Olivia knows what I want this year (well actually it'd be 2009) and I think my team has a shot at it finally. The Stanley Cup.

Sorry I got so glum and bleak yesterday. I've been through some real mind benders lately. My mom's recent dx of cancer, election stress, plus my mom's side of the family wants us up for Thanksgiving. The same family who said me and my brother were dead to them due to politics and on other invites (see they always "forgive us evil liberals") have told us to put my son in a home "don't they have places for the disabled to go for the holidays?" so that othe rfamily members won't get depressed during the holiday. (That was the time I told them to collectively "eff off") Well, I don't want to go there at all. In fact, I don't have anything to do with that side of the family. But now my mom is laying on the guilt and I think that's really stressed me out and made all this other stuff a bit more harder to chew on or face. I'm really not myself due to that particular stress.

But I have to work the day after as I have told my Mom countless times and really don't want to drive the 250 miles one way back and forth in one day in order to go eat with the racist, rednecks who will take every opportunity to make snide comments about everything we hold dear. Uh sorry I don't think so. Due to my mom's obesity and ill health she can't spend it down here with us.

I love our small, quiet Thanksgivings. It's more about gratefullness and community service for the four of us. And about doing some serious cooking. We cook and bake together. I only have one day off. We do a ton of stuff at work and via the kids various charities during this time of year so we get wiped out and just like to veg out at the house and not go into debt. I see nothing wrong in that. I'll see my Mom after the holidays. It's just been tough this season with Danni's competition each weekend.

Aside from my brother who is on the East Coast, my real family are my friends. The people I can count on. The people who can count on me. They are the people my kids call family, too. Our best friends are their aunts and uncles. Not the aunts and uncles who they see every 4 or 5 years or so.

I've never met Andi, Nancy, Jen, or Oliva - but I'd drive more than 250 miles one way to see them just for one day. That's just how our lives are today. I don't think it's bad. It's just a lifestyle for us from daily choices we make.

I fall hard but I tend to bounce back like kittens on a trampoline. :)

I'm going to try and get to my inherited rose bushes today witout killing them. Two of them are looking scroungy so I'm getting nervous.

Thanks for seeing me back to solid ground.

Oh and Maria Lima, my daughter's friend thinks she knows of your Blood books (she's not quite sure, there's alot of vampire books out :) ). Both girls are into Vampire/Twilight. I'm assuming I can order yours via Powells?

So anyone making anything new for Thanksgiving (or whatever you call it)? Danni and I found a recipe for Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake from Cook's Illustrated.

maryb said...

oooh hockey cake. Must be Janet's birthday :)

Happy Birthday Janet!

Kelly McCullough said...

Happy B-Day and hugs {{{{Janet}}}}. Hope the medical stuff goes well. My mom's a ten year cervical cancer survivor with no signs of any recurrence of any kind of cancer.

Hi to all!

Got in late last night from a lovely weekend of doing nothing more strenuous than pouring another glass of Sambouca and taking the cover off the hot-tub. Particularly lovely was sitting out Saturday night with the lake all sparkly because it was almost freezing and very light snow drifting down and dimpling the surface of the tub.

FARfetched said...


So where the puck is my piece of cake?

This Monday started kind of crappily, as may be evidence by my late arrival at the cafe, but is getting better by increments.

Janet said...

That's MY piece of cake :)

Manuél said...

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Janet!

Janet said...

See! Right there! Another person on this planet I consider family. Manny!

And he's been to my house. And he knows I'd drive 250 miles to go see him.

Lisa M said...

Janet--Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake, Wow. Now what's not to like.
I love Cook's Illustrated.
You've inspired me to stretch a little for Thanksgiving.

Andi--what a fabulous fruit salad.
You do know how to decorate a table.

Kelly sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Farf, you crack me up.

Waves to all as my counseling session is soon to begin.

bono said...

Happy Birthday, Janet! You're just a young'un. Hope it has been a fantabulous day. Good luck with the dr. appt. tomorrow. Prayers sent your way.

Andif, I love the pix, especially the yellow one. Is the purple one real colors or photo-shopped? Unusual colors. Love it.

What? A whole week off for Thanksgiving, Lisa? I want those kind of hours!

Well, it's officially winter here. I had to do the first snow shoveling of the season. How long until Spring? :-/

AndiF said...

Janet, 250 miles from Portland isn't going to get you to me or Jen but all you gotta do is find an excuse to come to Indiana and you're golden since Jen and I are about 100 miles apart.

bono, yep those colors are real. White oaks leaves can be anywhere on a continuum between red and brown. The light fog does intensify the color, though.

Lisa M said...

Bono--Rooms full of surly teenagers daily = week off at Thanksgiving. Otherwise I end up at Rusk where the criminally insane go.

bono said...

Andif, those are amazing colors. Thank you so much for capturing and sharing them with us.

Lisa, I know. I'm glad you get the needed time off. You have a tough job and not one I would want. A week off does sound good though. ;-)

boran2 said...

Happy birthday, Janet!

FARfetched said...

Woo… I started a sourdough starter last night, and was already puffy this evening! Sourdough bread this weekend, y'all!

Nancy P said...

Hi, everybody! Manny, I'm so glad you came by for birthday cake!

I'm going to go ahead and put up the post for manana, but you know you can hang out here for as long as you wish, k?

Smoochies to all bday and non-bday boys and girls. Janet, I hope it was a really good one.