Friday, November 7, 2008


Nancy P said...

I liked the berries on that bush, and the kind of abstract quality. Otherwise, nothin' special. Just clickin'.

Saw a movie tonight that I didn't care for, though the acting was terrific. "Rachael Got Married." Or Gets Married, or something like that. Good popcorn!

Nancy P said...

The picture kind of cool when it's enlarged. Kind of dizzying, maybe.

FARfetched said...

Sleepy. I want to write, but can't get my head into the mode. Maybe I should just let it ride; I don't have a deadline looming & I can focus on holiday baking.

Anonymous said...

Holiday baking? Oh yeah, I guess that time IS nearing. I keep forgetting what month it is...

Back from a day in SF. Tired, full of too much food, but saw Alcatraz and Fisherman's Whaft. Into Chinatown tomorrow. Going to bed early - I'm worn out in every way. Had a nice time.

Sleepy Saturday (tomorrow) to everyone. Have a great weekend. Thanks for the berries, NP!

Nicola Slade said...

Holiday baking? That's Christmas, among other festivals, isn't it? ('Holiday' to us is the same as 'vacation' to you, so I get confused.)The only kind of baking I do these days is Christmas cake so the daughters came round a couple of weeks ago and we had a huge stir-up and the house smelled wonderful. Now I need to remember to feed my cake with brandy so that when it's cut, it staggers off the plate singing Silent Night!
Have a good day, all. I'm on duty at an Art sale in the local library - at least I'll have plenty to read if customers are sparse.

AndiF said...

Really nice pic, Nancy but where's waldo. ;)

Morning all.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! Lazy, sleepy morning here. Off to visit best buddy and fellow writer Carla C today and talk writing and fannish things.

Y'all behave now... ;-)

Kelly McCullough said...

Nicola, Christmas Cake...that would be fruitcake on this side of the pond, yes?

FarF, I know that feeling, the mode problem anyway. I pretty much never have the impulse to bake.

Everybody else, hi (waves) hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Got the new book kick started yesterday. My brain wasn't braining properly, but it turns I can write Ravirn and Cerice sniping at each other without engaging the frontal lobes. I think that means it's definitely time for a new series. I'm gonna see if I can't get this one knocked off in about three months so I can go play in other worlds.

Family Man said...

Good morning Nancy and everyone.

This is a slow day starting for me. I'm just getting the first cup of coffee and it doesn't seem to be helping. Maybe by the time I get through with a pot of coffee, I'll feel more like doing something.

We have a nice sunny day and the temps will be in the high 60's today.

Hope everyone has a good w/e in front of them.

Nicola Slade said...

Yup, Kelly, Christmas cake is fruit cake, but this isn't just any old fruitcake. It's actually a Canadian recipe and this is the one I use for wedding cakes (for family and friends only). Think 'alcoholic bakery' - it has port in it; it's fed with brandy over several months after baking; a cup of maple syrup, orange marmalade, and a ton of nuts and dried fruit among the other artery-popping ingredients; topped off with marzipan and icing (almond paste and frosting) And scraping out the mixing bowl is the best ever!

JimF said...

What is the bush with the red berries? I like the wispy grass too.

Nancy P said...

Sleep, me too, far, only it's night, so at least I don't have to stay up all day.

Maria, how nice to spend a day with a pal! I went to a "bead show" today with Porch Sally. It was hard to see the single beads for the forest of beads.

Glad you enjoy SF, Beth.

Kelly, three months? I know you've done that before (I think), but still. . . ::staggers off to collapse in admiration::

Nicola, I love the Brit phrase, "stir-up." Cake, please.

Andi, lol! Waldo ate all those berries and died. What? That was mean? ha. NOW where's Waldo?

Jim, I dunno!

Waving at family man! I hope you got some chair time.