Saturday, November 1, 2008

The real porch!

I finally took photos of Sally's Famous Porch!


Nancy P said...

It's nearly time for the chocolate banquet!!

Beth said...

I bet I could be a successful writer if I just had a porch like that to write on!! Hopefully winter will rush by, and you and Sally will be back out there soon.

Can you stash some of that chocolate in your pockets for us? Or at least take pictures?

Yum yum!!

boran2 said...

That's what I need, an enclosed porch. Mine is basically just a deck with railing. It would be a great place to drink some coffee. ;-)

FARfetched said...

I've got a good porch, but the cats live out there. I tried writing out there once, got up from a bathroom break, and my story was:

"Meow meow meow meow."


"Meow meow meow."


Must have been Aries; she's the one with random mood swings.

AndiF said...

What a fine looking porch ... how perfect that it has such fine writing taking place on it.

Nancy, I noticed yesterday that the tree over the lake that you thought was so "phine" was looking a different kind of "phine" and took a picture for you. [LINK]

A way too early on a Sunday good morning to all.

P.S. Facts to remember: Dogs' clocks do not fall back.

Lisa M said...

LOVE,Love,Love the porch Sally. I've always wanted a screened in porch. Blue's my favorite color, so what's not to like. Sorry I can't teleport you some great weather to extend your porch writing time.

Chocolate buffet--yum. I was watching the food channel and they were making a pot roast that included cocoa powder in the sauce. Sounded and looked really good.

Waves to Beth and B2.

Farf, cats do tend to run the place.

Andi, early morning is right. I was excited about sleeping late(6:15 is relative)to get up and realized we hadn't fallen back with our clocks. Heck it was only 5. Cat clocks don't fall back any better than dog clocks.

Phine tree is right!!! said...

Just got in from 3 weeks on the road and Sally's porch is so perfect a place to sit for a spell. Even though I can't. Spell.

Is this where everyone will be dancing naked on Nov. 5?

Far, I am worried in a positive way about NC. Georgia for Obama is a possible dream. Having speny a week or so in SC, though, I can faithfully report that the opposition is STRONG and ugly.

I have had a strong feeling for weeks now that this thing will be a major blow-out and it scares me to feel this way.

Apologies, btw, to my loverly pal Nancy for my having edged politics into her blog family. But I have been mute for a month. (It's very bad p.r. to even wink at political statements when standing as a guest in someone else's place of business pimping a book.)

Beth said...

Sign me up for the naked dancing!! And I, too, have always longed for a screened-in porch - and a sunroom. Guess I need to buy my own house and do those things, huh?

Enjoy the extra hour today - do something fun for yourself! I'll be having coffee with the girls, and then watching football.

Tuesday will be interesting. I might actually join Nancy and KB and you other political folks and watch the returns...since there won't be any football games on.

Super Sunday, everyone.

Janet said...

Danni's marching ensemble and color guard won the CHAMPIONSHIP at Universtiy of Oregon last night. They swept it even though the competition was fierce! Whoo Hoo!

Was a 21 hour day for her and us. I have to run to work. Take care everyone!

Family Man said...

Good morning everyone.

That porch is most inviting Nancy. I can see why you like it so much.

I don't think the time change has affected me that much. Being one of the most slackerly people in the world, I never changed the clock in my room during the spring forward phase. So now the clock is telling the right time. :)

Janet congrats to Danni! I know she and Mom are very proud.

Everyone enjoy the day and your week to come.

Dina said...

I love this porch. I have one but it isn't enclosed and the cats don't like it if I go out there so it is very rarely used.

But the cats make up for it.

Lisa M said...

Janet--Fantastic for Danni and her ensemble and color guard!! That is so great for all the hard work to pay off. Wonderful memories too. She's lucky to have such a supportive family.

Naked happy dances. Shakes head. Anything involving nude is way too scary for me. I'm afraid there would be unusual seismic activity recorded from the excess giggle factor. Young and perky body passed me by way too long ago.

Waves to Familyman, Dina, and Ghostie.
Beth hope your team(s) win.

On to mow-more to mulch leaves than cut grass.
Sighs with time change, don't like dark so early.

Jen said...

My cats were also uninterested in falling back so I've been up since 4 and now everything is blurry. o_O Except that porch, which looks mighty fine. Big congrats to Danni!

Nancy P said...

Home again, home again.

Computer probs. This post may be tomorrow's post, too.

Beth said...

Oh noes! (To the problems, not being home.) Waving the magic computer wand your way...good luck.

Hope you had a great trip!!

FARfetched said...

Woohoo, congrats to Danni!

Did some splitting and hauling of more firewood this afternoon. It was nice to be out in near-70° weather with the sun shining. I really should have started getting the wood together in August, which was much more mild than usual, but as usual it doesn't register until you need it. :-P

Andi, I'm a sucker for still pond pics. Good one!

Ghost, good to hear about NC… I can imagine it could be pretty hard to keep mum when you see a "kindred soul in enemy territory."

Beth, if you're signing up for the dancing… The Committee Of One has determined that allowing this line of thinking to continue could be detrimental to FARf's health and has recommended he move on

Janet — woooohooooo!!! Congrats to Danni and her crew!

Lisa, don't worry about it. The Committee Of One has felt it necessary to step in once again. Move on, nothing to see here.

Hey! FM, Dina, Jen, Nancy! Hope y'all are having a nice relaxing Sunday!

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey all,

Just finished installing a new back door and frame--or, adventures in dry rot. I had to replace two of three 2 x 4s in the rough opening and the footing. I'll have replace most the trim with new as well. Bleah. Brains jello now along with most of the muscles in my arms.

Oh well, at least it's going to be about thousand times as tight as the old door, which was the whole point of the exercise.

Going to go soak in hot water as soon as Laura's out.

AndiF said...

w00t DJ! Give Danni a great big mazel tov from me.

Kelly McCullough said...

Congrats to Danni! That's great.

Lisa M said...

Kelly, big round of applause for handyman. That is such a great skill. Pamper those sore muscles.

Farf, Sounds like there is great optimism at your house about Tuesday's results. I figure I'll hear the whoops and hollering all the way in Texas.

Wish I could be more like Familyman and not worry about this time change thing. Alas, work and animals demands otherwise. Early dark bah. Probably the root of Nancy's computer problem too.
Here's wishing you good computer karma.

AndiF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AndiF said...

Eek, no new post! Eek, no Nancy!

Well I guess the Monday Morning Picture Post waits for no woman or at least one particular woman. So on to the Time to be Reflective Monday Picture Post and reflect on ...

what kind of bird nests in this tree [LINK]

how many pics would a pic-taker pick if a pic-taker could pick pics [LINK]

what else Monet did on his visit to Brown County [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Morning Andi, you continue to amaze me with the nuances of your pics. Thanks for the EARLY entertainment. Cat bed dancing and kisses know no time change. I was enjoying feeling like I was sleeping a little later. Will make for a long day cause I work till 7 Monday nights with my counseling.

Nancy, where is that computer evangelist when ya need a healing? Or maybe it's a shaman or curandera needed to help cast out the inbalance within the your computer.

Waves to all to come.
Marvelous Monday to All.

FARfetched said...

Andi, I'm guessing a bird of paradise nests in that first one. Like the picture, they like to hang upside down. ;-)

Lisa, did you say faith-healing a computer?

Lisa M said...

Farf--Love your computer healing story!
We can call it Farfing. Unlike Eli Stone you probably don't have beautiful women and rock stars show up in your visions. Wait--you write science fiction. Visions yes of the alien sort.

Will admit, it was a beautiful morning sky on the way to work. Maybe time change not totally bad.

Nancy P said...

G'morning! My comment was misleading. My computer problem isn't actually with the computer. (Wuv new computer.)It's with the modem, which I am temporarily having to hook up directly to my laptop, until the Time-Warner EMT arrives between 11 and 2 today. And the reason the direct hook-up is a prob is because of location location location, in a spot where it's difficult to type.

Boring, but true.

See ya later when I am set free!

Janet said...


My back aches from sitting on bleachers for TEN hours Saturday. Cold is settling into I guess.

Just got back from a work meeting where they basically told us that one candidate's plans regarding healthcare and employee benefits would negatively impact us.

Very sobering for some who I guess just weren't paying attention.

Needless to say it's been a very long, hard week at work with all the anxiety and concerns and then there's the retail hell holidays coming up. YIKES! LOL

Janet said...

An author I've completely fallen in love with: Sarah Vowell.

I've listened to her speak via our community radio here (as well as heard her voice in the Incredibles) and have heard her read her essays on youtube but while reading her I've noticed an odd sensation...

I've been putting my daughter's voice and intonation into her words. It's like I'm reading Danni when she's a thirty year old. It's a total timewarp. :)

I know... Sarah is more my age. In fact she's just a year younger than I am.

Anyone do this? put someone else in as the narrator/author than the actual narrator/author even if the author's voice and style is clearly known?

When I read Zinn... I hear Zinn. But not so with Vowell.

Maybe it's because Vowell and my daughter speak and use words alot alike(?) I dunno. Because Danni just finished Assassination Vacation and thinks Vowell reads like I speak. LOL

Anyone else do this? Or understand what I'm even talking about? Just curious.

And as the great and recently late Studs has as his ephitat, "curiousity did NOT kill this cat!" :D

Sally said...

Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments on the porch. I wish each and everyone of you (though no naked dancing, ghost!) would come sit for a spell. And had I known Nancy was going to photograph it, we could have cleaned it up a bit!

Tomorrow....oh, my. . .

Thanks again!

AndiF said...

Janet, I love Sarah Vowell too. I haven't read the Wordy Shipmates yet (I'm next on the reserve list at the library) but I'm sure I'll like ut as much as Take the Canoli, The Partly Cloudy Patriot, and my favorite, Assassination Vacation. But I can't hear anybody's voice but her own -- her voice and intonation are just too distinctive for me to substitute anyone else's.

Maria Lima said...

Dang, I need a porch AND some time to rock in it..or dance nekkid!

Somehow, most of the weekend got away from me, as did today.


::back to work::

Family Man said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Nancy hopefully your computer problems will be gone soon and you can comfortably sit and type.

Janet I've done that before with hearing someone else's voice when I read. However, it's only if I've heard the author's voice that I can do it.

Sally your porch looks very inviting and comfortable as it is. I wouldn't change a thing.

Andi as I told you earlier, the Monet picture from today is my favorite.

Maria I hope this coming w/e gives you plenty of time to relax, take it easy and slack.

Everyone take care