Friday, October 31, 2008

Dappled, and drowsy, and ready to sleep

Life, I love you, all is grooovy. . .
Song by Simon & Garfunkle
Photo by Np


Nancy P said...

In Manhattan, Ks.
I'm posting tomorrow's post early, because the wifi is touch and go.
Happy tomorrow, y'all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, a Nancy pic! Very cool! Love the leaves...

Enjoy Manhattan. I can imagine I'd like it more than the "other" Manhattan, which scares me any more.

Have a great weekend - glad you made it there safely. Hope it all goes well.


FARfetched said...

Yay, Nancy's snug in her hotel room! Nice leaves… they look almost white. I had to look more carefully.

Mrs. Fetched is talking about letting me get a DSLR to replace the dearly departed PowerShot. Now to come up with $1300…

FARfetched said...

BTW, Beth, Mrs. Fetched has threatened to get video of my happy dance. Careful what you ask for!

Maria Lima said...

::yawns:: G'night, all! Tuck in safely and if you hear bumps in the's probably your imagination...maybe. ::g::

Working on an iPhoto calendar with vacation pics, then off to bed.

Anonymous said...

Don't make promises you can't keep...

Janet said...

Farf will be on youtube :)


AndiF said...

Lovely shot, Nancy. Have a great time.

Hey Farf, will it be a glorious visualization of the Williams Carlos Williams' poem, Danse Russe that I posted on the first poetry day?

Morning to all the happily, I hope, still snoozing.

Lisa M said...

Calm, pastel beauty. You've got a good eye for detail, Nancy.

Covering eyes in fear of nude happy dancing election rituals in other states. Geez, confetti, balloons, and champagne aren't enough celebration for some of ya?

Morning Andi, late snoozing eludes my house.

Beautiful weather down here.
Sensational Saturday to All.

Dina said...

Wonderful picture, Nancy. Broke my heart when they paved over the 59th Street bridge.

Maria, guess who sang that song in concert - Sean in NYC. It was great.

Janet said...

Farf, I now have been told what they were doing yesterday is called "caging". They have in other states put up detour signs, had challengers out, and... filled up the available parking spots.

This is on a four lane road so you really have to drive thru, search for a spot and if you can't then you have to get back out onto the road and take several out of the way turns to return. The Election and Taxation office is located next to the "cop" shop and you can't park there. So there's only about 60 spots to use.

"Caging" Good grief.

I was told I had to remove my politically endorsed button. I turned my collar inward to do so. It was an 08 button. Which I understood and had forgotten I had it with me. Then they asked about my No War button and I said they'd have to completely tear my country apart before I turned that one inward. That's when we asked about the parking sitch and all the HUGE signs in beds of pick up trucks. Just got a shrug and was pointed to the line for the ballot drop off box. Which was a red white and blue street mailbox. Just about everyone I saw there stopped for a second before letting their ballot go from their fingers. You could almost hear the prayers, or the concern of "let this one be counted". It was all very grim.

Me and my son came home shaken. I never expected that in my city.

Me and everyone I know are holding our breath till Nov. 5th. And maybe then some.

I won't be dancing around naked. :) But I will be very hopeful for my children and their future and education. And... several of my co-workers will be donating some cash to our local Special Olympics since a certain someone SLASHED funding for it elsewhere because they're an "expert" on autism. Yeah. Right.

Heading off to University of Oregon for Danni's Final. It's gonna rain so we've got to get ready.

Not many trick or treaters last night. It was a nice, warmish night, too.

AndiF, I still am chuckling over your CHUCKHOLES ;) I love that word.

bono said...

Lisa, is Chech Stop a chain? I noticed someone else yesterday was familiar with it.

Nice pic, Nancy. I'm glad we can see the leaves on the ground instead of snow this weekend. Yes, we've had our first snow of the season. Sigh.

Happy Saturday to all.

Maria Lima said...

Hola, all!

Bono, Czech Stop isn't a chain, it's a small family run place in West, Texas, just south of Dallas. I used to live in the Dallas area some 20 years ago and have fond memories of the lovely food at the stop.

I've been spending a organizing kind of day, loading my new Harry Potter audiobooks into iTunes. I bought the British version of the last 2 books, read by Stephen Fry. As much as I love Jim Dale's read, Stephen F is WAY better (to me). Brilliant man.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Nancy P said...

Hi, Guys. I'm just checking in to say hi. My convention roomie, Porch Sally, has gone for a walk. I'm on a panel in an hour. And I'm HUNGRY. Want banquet now. It's a "chocoholic banquet," in which every single dish will have chocolate as an ingredient--in honor of the GoH, JoAnna Carl, who writes the Chocoholic Mystery series. Betcha you don't have a Chocoholic science fiction or fantasy series in your world, Kelly, lol.

bono said...

Thanks, Maria. Small world that you and Lisa would both like a small family run place. It MUST be good to still be around 20 years later!

Nancy, I am sooo jealous! You're in a chocolate lovers paradise. :-D

FARfetched said...

busy busy busy busy busy busy day.

Andi, I probably won't be waving my shirt around and chanting about being better off lonely, but I might be whistling "Stars and Stripes Forever."

Janet, that was… interesting… that you had to hide your button but they just shrugged about the caging situation. I think if I were a poll worker I'd have been calling the tow company. If they can't win on the merits, maybe they should be re-thinking their approach? Nahhhhh.