Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm leaving tomorrow (Wed.) for a driving trip in southeast Kansas.

If you feel like brainstorming while I'm gone, here's my challenge: I need to change the name of my website. (Not this place, but my official website.) Right now, it's called NancyPickardMysteries.com. I can't call it just Nancy Pickard, because a realtor in Las Vegas has that one. So I'd like something that has my name, plus. . .what? It can't be just mysteries, or just fiction, so what can it be? Help!

I'll see you guys Monday, and I'll check in sooner if I can manage it. I'll miss you!


Nancy P said...

Photo by Andif! She was the casting director, too.

Dina said...

Safe travel, Nancy. For the web site how about something short and sweet like NancyPickardWritings?

boran2 said...

Have a great trip, Nancy!

Janet said...

Ooooooooooh a word/title game. I'm aweseome at these...

WHEN do you need this new name?

Nancy P said...

Oh, good, an entry already! It'll be fun to come home and maybe find a whole bunch.

Janet, I'd like to figure it out within a couple of weeks.

Thanks, Boran!

I'll see you all briefly in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Danni says "JennyCain"

Janet said...

oops that was me. I stopped to give her a night night hug. And somehow it finished before I did. :)

Anyways Danni's idea was "JennyCain" and then Jenny Cain fans could find out about Lightfoot and all your other stories. ... if they hadn't already.

Off to bed I go because I haven't any ideas and I'm so tired from an incredible san jose sharks hockey game we just watched on Tv. :)

Beth said...

Travel safely and enjoy your road trip, Nancy! We'll hold down the fort while you're gone - and hopefully not leave too much of a mess. Just a few crumbs and a dirty coffee cup or two.

I'm bad enough at titles, I am probably worse at website names! I'll lend moral support to the rest, as they brainstorm.

I'm all moved into my new place - now I just have to figure out where I go from here. I wish I was going on a road trip!!

Night, all - see you in the gloaming, as my father would say.

AndiF said...

No, no Nancy. The dogs are the directors (and sometimes the foley artists). I'm just the cinematographer.

I know you're gone but if you stop by, could you explain what's wrong with NancyPickardMysteries?

Morning Dina, B2, Janet, and Beth.

Lisa M said...

NancyPickardWrites sounds a little obvious but then less is more sometimes.

Morning Andi and all to come. Nothing like a cluster of canine curiosity to brighten the morning. Life should be so simple for the rest of us.

Wonderful Wednesday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Bon voyage, Nancy and good morning to all.

RE: the Web site - you could always go to something like I did thePickard.com or Pickard.com.

(don't ask me to *think* pre-caffeine!) ::g::

Happy Wednesday!

FARfetched said...

I'm with Andi — what's wrong with NancyPickardMysteries? Are you thinking of branching out?

You could always go with something like Small Plains Dispatch — draw in all the people you've attracted with that particular hit & introduce them to the rest of your work.

maryb said...

I'm not creative enough to help with a name but I'll enjoy what the others come up with.

mornin' all.

Nancy P said...

Bye everybody! (sobs)

Quick note--There's not a thing wrong with NPM, except that the book club thing with Virgin attracted a whole lot of new readers who wouldn't ordinarily touch a mystery with a longer pole than a mere 10 feet. I want to keep them, along with my mystery-loving' readers. I am and always will be a mystery writer, but as I stretch my books a bit, I think I can keep attracting other peeps. Fingers crossed. Leading them to a site that says "Mysteries," in its title is like showing a silver cross to a vampire. Silly peeps!

FARfetched said...

I wondered if that might be the case. So something like "Small Plains Dispatch" would work, especially if you have the energy to post occasional "news items" from Small Plains.

Have a good trip!

Nancy P said...

Still not gone.

Ooo, farf, you may be onto something. Although I love the idea of something with Small Plains, that's going to be too limiting, too, 'cause that's the only book that will be set there. But your "Dispatch" gave me an idea, something like NancyPickardNews.

Is there anything to play with if we gave my website a place name? Like a cafe, or . . ? NancyPickardCafe doesn't work, I think?, but maybe that'll inspire somebody to something better.

I really appreciate this.

Jen said...


lol, I'm sorry, I got nothin' good, I'm very bad at marketing. Hope you have a safe, great trip!

Janet said...

Nancy Pickards Porch :)

A "news" dispatch of all your work as well as a friendly feel that your fans and friends are there with you like Sally and Katie... at your writing porch.

You can even have an area for your recipes for MUUUUUUURDER as well as seasonal faves like Lightning Ice Tea or the Potter series recipes. Real and Novel.

Kelly McCullough said...

All currently available:

pickardsplace.com is nicely alliterative.

nanpickard.com, pickardwrites.com nancypickardbooks.com

Another thought, nancypickardreaders.com with an explicit flavor of this is a place I made for my readers.

Kelly McCullough said...

BTW, hi everybody! waves and snags a couple of rolls

The author thingie went well last night. Gotta go put words on electrons now.

Paul Lamb said...

I suppose "Nancy Pickard - Community Organizer" wouldn't work, would it?

Lisa M said...

Jen, I'm voting for NancyWritesBetterThanYou!!!!!

But Kelly's probably on the right track. Or Janet's Porch idea is nice.

AndiF said...

I like Lisa's NancPickardWrites and also Kelly's idea but maybe turn it around so that it's active: ReadingNancyPickard

On the destination idea, maybe something like NancyPickardsPages or WordsByPickard

maryb said...

I like that idea of turning it around to be active - ReadingNancyPickard.com

Maria Lima said...

How about PickardsPorch?

katiebird said...

I'm so sorry I missed the party (and Nancy) I had a sort of relapse today and didn't spend much time sitting up.

I love the site-name-ideas.

FARfetched said...

Mutter mutter mutter… going back to look at all the stuff I missed in yesterday's post… END OF MAY??? whiiiiinnnnneeeeeee Jeez Kelly, do you have publishers or torturers??? And Jen, I think I'm the one who's developing the twitch…

Anywayz, I withdraw my suggestion in favor of Kelly's nancypickardreaders.com — what's the sense of writing without readers, after all?

AndiF said...

It feels kinda weird saying good morning all the way down here so a long, long way from the top but ...

Good Morning.

Lisa M said...

Morning Andi--It is interesting how we get used to things and feel a bit weird when it changes.

We miss you, Nancy.

We need a new thread for the day.
Food. I think that's a favorite of this group.
Fall is here. What is a fall favorite dish?
I'm known for my pies--Pecan and Buttermilk Chess are requested each year. Thanksgiving is at our house.

Beth said...

Thanks for starting us off, andif. Now that I'm back on the Left Coast, I'll never beat you up.

One of our favorite threads, Lisa! Your pies sound delish - lucky family to have Thanksgiving with you. Usually I spend mine with my sis in NH - last year the Farfetcheds hosted me and my nasty cold (big hugs to the Farf clan). But I'm going home for Christmas instead, so will spend TG with friends.

I grew up overseas, but my mother always made sure we had a traditional American thanksgiving dinner. Which, besides the usual stuff, included carrots with raisins and brown sugar, a German stuffing recipe from my dad's grandmother with apples and onions, and something we called dressing balls - yep, balls of store-bought dressing. And of course, homemade pumpkin pie.

I'd better get some breakfast - this is making me hungry!

Maria Lima said...

Lisa - Yum! I'm not much of a cook (for all values of "much" that equal "not at all") so love to hear about folks that bake. I adore pie - especially berry pies.

Chocolate is always on the menu chez Lima, premium only. My late father introduced me to real European chocolate when I was a kid, and I've never looked back.

I'll be spending Turkey day & the subsequent weekend with Dina in NJ, including participating in the annual Xmas cookie baking. I may just be watching, but it will be a blast.

AndiF said...

Lisa, great idea and good morning.

My favorite fall recipe is fish chowder. [RECIPE LINK]

And here's a picture to accompany that recipe. [PICTURE LINK]

Hi Beth and Maria

AndiF said...

oops that that was supposed to say a nice fall picture to accompany that recipe.

Jen said...

a nice fall picture

Wowzers! Great shot, Andi.

One of my favorite fall recipes is a super simple one:

1. Cut up some yellow squash and zucchini into bite size pieces, slice (thickly) a couple of your favorite kind of onions.
2. Toss veggies with olive oil, fresh ground salt & pepper, and dried thyme.
3. Roast in the oven at about 400 for ~25 minutes or so, stir at least once while cooking.

Delicious, easy, great as a side-dish or by itself, and makes the house smell amazing.

Also, I recently baked this apple pie with caramel and if I hadn't messed up the crust such that half the filling bubbled over and wound up stuck to the bottom of my oven, I bet it woulda been pretty tasty.

katiebird said...


Wow! You guys wake up awake!

stumbling off to look for coffee

Lisa M said...

Andi--Fabulous Fall photo to go with delish food. I'm thinking I need to try the fish Chowder. Texas isn't fish country so that's not usual fare for us.

Maria darling Chocolate goes with everything!!! I have a chocolate chess pie recipe that's killer too.

Jen, I love squash and roasted squash is Wonderful!!!

Beth, Down here it's sweet potatoes instead of the carrots (which I enjoy too). I like the dressing balls idea. Dressing is a favorite of mine.
I'm ready to take a nap after all this good food talk.

AndiF said...

Beth, on dressing balls, I was just curious ... do you get them costumes for Halloween?

Beth said...

I guess they could go as miniature pumpkins, andif....

maryb said...

Hi all. We've had some excitement today in my office. We've been watching the building 2 doors down which had a bomb go off. There's only a low rise between us so we could see the whole evacuation and the fire engines and police department and bomb sniffing dogs and the line of 10 matching SUVS that pulled up and parked one behind the other and out got a bunch of big guys dressed in black.

It sounds like a couple of people were hurt but no one was killed (thank goodness).

Not your ordinary day.

FARfetched said...

Holy guacamole MaryB!! I'm glad nobody got killed.

Hey… if Nancy's not back tomorrow, let's bring some booze and PARRRR-TAAAYYYY!