Thursday, October 30, 2008


I love the contrast, in this photo, between the black tree trunks and the delicate wildflowers. If I recall correctly, this is "fireweed," that grew after this forest burned. Is that right, Andi? (See comments for her answer.)


Nancy P said...

I have a few of Jim's photos and unfortunately didn't label them as such. For some reason, I'm thinking this may be one. Yours, Andi, or his?

Anonymous said...

'Tis fireweed, you're right, Nancy. One of my favorite wildflowers - right up there with columbines. And does indeed show up in burned of the first signs of life after a fire.

Happy Friday in a couple of hours. Spent the evening introducing a friend to sake and sushi - she did pretty well, considering. And she helped me reclaim the sushi bar as "my" place, instead of "ours."

TGIF, everyone! And a glorious weekend to come.

AndiF said...

Yep Nancy, it's fireweed and it's Jim's. Plus it's not too far from Beth -- in Idaho's White Cloud Mountains.

Hiya Beth, glad you got the place back (good sushi joints are critical cogs in the tram of life). And I hope your trip to the beach turns out even better.

Morning everyone.

Lisa M said...

Fantastic photo, Jim. Not a flower we have down here. Really beautiful. I'm with you, Nancy. The contrast with the trees is intriguing.

Virtual trip to The Chech Stop in West(the town)Texas.
Kolache anyone?
Got a variety--fruit and
cream cheese--my favorite.
Sausage rolls (pigs in a blanket) for those who want a bit of protein.

Only have to work half a day since we worked until eight last night so we could have parent conferences. We had one parent.

Fabulous Friday to All.

AndiF said...

I forgot -- HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone!

Hey Lisa, that sounds good, especially if I just get my protein from the cheese and skip the sausage (I don't even like the smell of sausage). And trick on the lack of parental involvement and treat for the half-day off.

I love that picture but I find it the epitome of bittersweet so as contrast to the contrast, here's some woods with a very different kind of color. [LINK]

Maria Lima said...

Lisa - omg, the Czech Stop!! I love that place. Their kolaches are to die for. YUM.

The fireweed picture exemplifies nature to me - what once was and what always will be. Destruction leads to rebirth. All that mythos/circle of life stuff that is so very compelling. So appropriate for the day. Thanks for posting the pic, Nancy.

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to all!!

FARfetched said...


Beth, there's a sushi place here… tucked away in the retail district. You'll have to show us how to do it right next time you're out this way.

Andi, this is a great pic. Like Lisa said, the contrast is really what makes this shot.

Lisa, Maria, the Czech Stop sounds good. I have a (now ex-) co-worker who runs Gimza's, a Polish restaurant in Norcross. Need to get back down there sooner or later.

Happy Hallowe'en to everyone before & after… we might get five kids at the manor, but we'll be ready for them.

katiebird said...

Trick or Treat!!

This is a beautiful photo, I'm so glad Jim is willing to share them with us.

Nancy P said...

Good morning, everybody. I'm leaving town today to attend our little Kansas mystery convention in Manhattan, Ks. Porch Sally is driving and mystery writer Joel Goldman is coming with us, too. A good time will be had by us.

I'll have my laptop, so I should be able to post each day.

I forgot that it's H'ween!! Happy goblins, everybody!

Nancy P said...

Katiebird, Sisters will meet at the regular time/place tomorrow. They're going to discuss ideas and requests and suggestions for the chapter, so if you have some of those juicy things, I hope you'll be able to go.

Kelly McCullough said...

Heyo folks,

Currently sitting on my butt and glaring at my knee instead of treadmilling. Something's a little out of alignment in there...again. Sigh. Oh well, I'm used to it. I've had surgery on both of them and they're much better than they used to be. It's just always a bummer when one of them goes pop. I'll try again in an hour once the joints are warmed up and stretched out of the shape sleep left them in.

Waves to Nancy, Beth, Andi, Lisa, Maria, FarF, KB.

I'll be in the corner with a pot of tea and a heatpack reading through copyedits. If you need me, just say chocolate.

katiebird said...

Oh, Nancy -- I've got something else scheduled for that time. I totally forgot that Saturday was the FIRST Saturday (what was I thinking?)

Wish I could go to Manhattan....

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your knee, Kelly - puts a damper on the weight loss program.

Have fun, Nancy - tell Joel hi! (I still have to read his book, doggone it - my reading pile isn't shrinking very quickly.) Be safe.

Watch out for the ghouls and goblins today, folks! I'll be hiding inside with the lights off. Guess I'm a grinch, but if I have bags of candy around, I'll be eating them...

Kelly McCullough said...

Back on the horse...treadmill.

FARfetched said...

My knees are crap too, Kelly. I inherited them though. No surgery yet, hoping it'll stay that way.

Actually, losing a little weight has helped them some. They go snap when I flex them sometimes, and threaten to buckle when I'm carrying an armload of firewood up to the manor, but other than that…

Have a good convention, Nancy!

Hallowe'en candy, anyone?

Kimberly Frost said...

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Yes, great picture!

I'm also sorry about the bum knees in the group. That's a joint that seems to take a terrible amount of wear and tear. I've got one that aches on and off whenever I try to do lunges. My solution is to do other types of exercises. But walking's something that has to get done no matter what so here's hoping that gets better.

Beth - Yay for having sushi with your friend. :)

Kimberly Frost said...

P.S. Nancy, have a great trip!

Hugs to everyone. :)

Family Man said...

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Nancy I hope you have a good trip.

Kelly I hope your knee gets better.

Beth you're not the only grinch. I've got the light off and there are kids roaming all over the neighborhood.

Hope everyone has a good night and a good weekend.

Janet said...

Happy Halloween!

Just got back from dropping off my ballot at the Official Elections office in my county and had to report a very strange happening there. I made an official complaint and someone from the Voter Protection agency... I forget the name... had been there too and had just called in to fix the problem. I can not believe what was going on and had been going on.

A particular political party supporters were parking in all the available parking spots and leaving there cars there for days. The cars were COVERED with a certain candidates stickers. Some had HUGE SIGNS in the windows and in the beds of pick ups. It took forever for me to park and the lady ahead of me in line *yes there was a line to drop off your ballots* said the same cars were there yesterday when she tried to drop her ballot off at lunchtime.

So I reported it... just at the same time an offical spotter for Voters Protection (not sure if I have that name right) had, too. And they opened up ballot drop off lanes for the cars.

Have a safe trip Nancy! Get back to us safely and we'll do the same after this weekend.

FARfetched said...

Janet, here's hoping the right people get the issue (and parking lot) cleared chop-chop!

I was reading today that Georgia is now rated a toss-up for the presidential election! If McCain can't get a comfortable win here, he's burnt toast. If Obama actually wins here, I'll dance naked around FAR Manor. And stop calling it "Planet Georgia."

Anonymous said...

Ditto here in Ideeho, Farf. Well, except for the Planet Georgia part...we have other, less colorful names for our fair state.

If it happens, we'll expect pictures! :-)