Sunday, October 26, 2008

Detail for Lisa

Okay, out-of-focus detail, but hey, I'm learning!


Lisa M said...

Great composition, Nancy.
Be patient with yourself and keep experiementing. I had to remember about the special lens my camera has for close-ups. I hate reading manuals so I blunder on my own then have to back track.

Hey, I go back and ya put one of Andi's on too. I say have more confidence in your work let us appreciate you a bit longer before you give us Andi's. Give us another cat picture some time. Andi doesn't specialize in those.

Nancy P said...

I might have a special lens for closeups? lol. ::Runs to instruction book to find out::

FARfetched said...

Hey! Lisa! I write manuals!

The "special lens" is called a macro. There might be a flower symbol for it on your camera to activate it.

I've found that Canon has the best camera manuals out there at the moment. Has all the details you want to know about & it's not hard to find what you need.