Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'd be lion. . .

. . .if I didn't tell you I totally forgot to make a new post last night. Gak!


Nancy P said...

So I was watching the pundits and the polls and also playing on the 'puter, and all those "p's" p-fuzzled my brain and I forgot to post!

::Runs to plug in coffee pot and put water on to boil. Grabs plate of croissants, tears off cellophane, pulls butter out of fridge, unlocks front door, breathes sigh of relief as Andif strolls in with the dawgs.::

Dina said...

Nice picture though, Nancy. I am off to Baltimore to B'con. Maria see you soon!

katiebird said...

Croissants? Butter?

That totally makes up for being late. They smell terrific!

Good Morning Nancy & Dina!

supersoling said...

Good morning :o)

Orca, or maybe Timber Wolf. And yet there's this nagging feeling that I have the dna of a Platypus :oP Hard to put a Pltypus in a box or define it as any one thing :o)

So yeah, Platypus it is! :o)

Great. Now that I got that out of the way.....

Happy Wednesday, everyone :o)

supersoling said...

what does a platypus eat for breakfast? Seriously? :o)

Hi Katiebird!
Nancy, and Dina :o)

Anonymous said...

Morning, all. Croissants sound luscious, Nancy - you're forgiven for not being early! Totally ignoring the political stuff, as you know I do. Focusing on the baseball playoffs instead - lots more fun.

Enjoy B'con - sounds like a great time!!

Happy Hump Day, everyone -

Nancy P said...

Bye, Dina! Hi, Superplatypus, Katiebird, and Beth. . dolphin?

I have to do trip scheduling today. Trying to co-ordinate visits to a bunch of libraries in sw kansas in in January. It's confusing and I am tearing my hair out over it. arrgh. Besides which, Kansas in January?

katiebird said...

OOO-- Which Libraries?

AndiF said...

Morning again (again) all.

Hey kb, great to see ya back!

Lisa, you asked for color, I give ou color. [LINK]

Nancy P said...

I don't have the list in front of me, so I'll come back with it once I start work. Do you know any library people down there, kb?

Nancy P said...

Oh, Andi!! That's beeyoutiful! I guess I've got my front page photo for tomorrow, thank you very much!

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! I've had a lovely lie in and have finished packing. My trip to B'con's only about an hour and half, so won't be leaving until about noon or so.

Taking Mab (the laptop) with me and will check in.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Nancy P said...

Comments are loading slow for me. For you?

katiebird said...

Not that I know of Nancy. Although librarians move around all the time so it's possible.....

Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning Nancy, Dina, Kbird, Supersol, Beth, Andif & Maria, and to anyone who strolls in late!

I was looking for everyone. I'm in a bouncing-off-walls kind of mood even though I really need to be in a buckle-down-and-edit kind of mood.

(Digs into croissants and butter to prolong procrastination.)


P.S. I got into a big discussion of politics with some ladies on the cardio machines this morning at the gym, which was probably a mistake. In my defense, it was 5 a.m., and my frontal lobe isn't fully awake at that hour and hence I'm a little uninhibited. (Witness the mismatched socks that I couldn't be bothered to change before leaving the house.)

Anyway, I was outnumbered, but not outgunned and I left lots of holes in the wall. Election day...are we there yet? (Drinking coffee and trying to figure out ways of staying out of trouble on the treadmill.)

AndiF said...

You welcome, Nancy.

And to correct my typo (but with some changes, including the image):

Lisa, you ask for color, I give you (see I do know how to spell) color. [NEW LINK].

FARfetched said...

Caption the lioness: "LOLZ! Nancy fergot ta post last nite!"

Time to get cranking on work stuff. We're finally getting rain on Planet Georgia, thank God. Keeps me off the bike, but the plants are going to be happy. said...

A fine Bouchercon to all going! I've been reading a recipe for Chocolate Gravy this morning at a blogsite that is trying to determine its source. My guess: chocolate and gravy.

Opening my email yesterday, I learned that Ghost Cats of the South was named Quirkiest Book of the Week by the august Atlanta Journal-Constitution. For those of us who are bored sometimes by great literature, I just had to brag about my quirks. Forgive me.

Speaking of reading, I just got a copy of Dexter Filkins' The Forever War. It's being compared to Disptaches by Michael Herr. I was mesmerized (and, of course, horrifed) by Dispatches. I don't know if I have the courage to start the Filkins book on Iraq. Is anyone else reading or planning to give this book a look?

Janet said...

That lionness reminded me of



We have nothing to fear but fear itself!

Danni had a nice, quiet birthday here when we all got home. I boght her the Twilight series that all the teens and young women seem to be reading. A really cool Nature Journal.

AND... Sarah "I JUST LOVE HER" Vowell's Assassination Vacation.

Danni loved the Twilight series but she couldn't put Sarah's book down. She even ate her cake while holding it! :)


Supersoling, I think it would be safe to assume that the Platypus male and in some instances the female eat pus... oh... my coffee's finished. Gotta run.


Lisa m said...

Nancy, pfuzzled brain. I like that.

I DO love the leaves. Purple and Yellow with the green. Fantastic.

Kimber, Enjoy that weather. Glad you got your shots in but watch it. You know only motivated, crazy people are at the gym that early.

Dina and Maria Enjoy the B'con.

Waves to KatieB, Farf, Beth, Janet.

Super Platypus?? Breakfast is probably something wet and slick.

Ghost, I'm a big cat person. Will need to get your book. Hope tour is going well.

katiebird said...

It's great to be back (waving) I don't dare to name names at this point (I'd leave someone off for sure) But, It's REALLY good to see everyone!

I'll be back in a couple of hours -- I'm off to work with my parents on a project.


bono said...

Wow! Gorgeous leaves! I really like the purple ones! Thanks, Andif!

Have fun in Charm City, Maria and Dina!

Ghost, that's cool about getting your book mentioned in the paper. What's the saying, the only bad press is no press? Or something like that?

Kimberly, you have more guts than I do. I don't remember a time when an election has felt so highly fraught. Friends and family not speaking to each other, people afraid to put bumper stickers on their cars or signs in their yards. (Is this still America?) :-/ Thanks be that it will be over soon.

It's cold and rainy here so I'm sticking with my hot soup. How long until summer?!

Howdy, Nancy, KB, Lisa, Super, Beth, Farf, Janet.

Maryb said...

Look how much fun you all had today without me. And I missed the croissants and butter.

Beth, who are you picking to win the series? (and who do you want to win, which are often two different answers).

Too many people to name but HI everyone.

Anonymous said...

The Red Sox, maryb. My sis has season tickets, so I get to go now and then. They're a lot of fun, work hard, and have earned it.

We'll see if they can maintain thru the entire series, but I'm sure hoping!

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey all, just bobbing in and out again. It's been a long day. Hope everyone is snug and tucked away for the evening or out on the town as the preference takes them.

The election...oy, can't wait for it to be over so I can stop clinging to the ceiling. I very much hope there isn't a blow-up with the visiting rellies weekend after next. Sigh.

P.S. still on pace to get the book done by the end of the month but this one is tougher than most and its really taking it out of me.

Maryb said...

Beth, my office next door neighbor is a huge RedSox fan. Since the Cardinals aren't in post league this year I'm willing to cut him a little slack and go along with his excitement :)

FARfetched said...

Howdy folks!

Y'all been busy while I've been busy. Agree about the elections; I've felt nervous about hanging my political leanings on my car or bike for a long time. Planet Georgia, where the pod people rule, need I say more.

Got a little FAR Future writing done at lunch, and got a gorgeous cloud shot with my iPhone on the way home from work this evening. Will be posting it after I hit Publish here.

Hope everyone has had a good day… mine ends with PIE! DoubleRed made apple pie with the apples she got from the in-laws' tree yesterday. Any late night snackers… I smuggled it in…

Maryb said...

FaR -- I love apple pie ... yum!

Nancy P said...

Oh, noes, I closed the door before Boran2 dropped by! It's okay, b2, there's a key under the mat.

Kelly McCullough said...

I'll have a slice of that. Is there any ice cream in the freezer?