Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Maple tree, by Andif


Nancy P said...

Be sure to click on that photo and enlarge it for maximum WOW.

Weird, blogger arbitrarily changed my contact address to my gmail address. Without asking me! How did they even know I had one? The noive!

katiebird said...

(smile) That's freaky-weird, Nancy. Can you change it back? Or is a gmail account required now?

Nancy P said...

I dunno. I don't mind that it's on that account, but it's freaky, for sure, that they didn't ask and I never told them. I guess they don't call it Google/Blogger for nothing, eh?

Coffee one of these days?

katiebird said...

Yes!! Whenever you can. I'd LOVE To!

Nancy P said...

Let's email tomorrow.


AndiF said...

Sheesh you two, get a room already. (okay, okay, I admit it, I'm just jealous)

But you'd better be careful, kb -- Nancy is fickle. Why just yesterday she said her heart and front page belonged to entirely different maple leaves. ;)

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Focus on the leaves.

The consistency of the cycle of life and nature is comforting.
Like the chat between friends.
The thing I like about this blog is it's mirror of small town, community life. Friends chatting, hot apple pie or breakfast on the table, even a Marmotini when needed. There is no lack for lively discussion and challanging ideas. Sweet.

Thankful for Thursday.
Morning all.

katiebird said...

Bleh. NOT a good morning. No need to be jealous Andi -- I've got a pre-cold and the dog just jumped up on the bed (I thought to comfort me) and threw up.


A helicopter has been hovering over the house (or the highway a couple blocks away) for a half an hour.

(sniff) What's the cure?

Maria Lima said...

Morning, lovelies! I got up early and am parked in the hotel lobby for the free WiFi. None in the room, sadly. ::sobs::

Had a lovely evening with the gang yesterday/eve. Late lunch with Laura Lippman, then hanging out in the lobby and bar with quite a few folks, including Charlaine, Dana Cameron, Robin Burcell and Kat Richardson. Have spotted Charles Todd and his mom Caroline, and quite a few others.

Today promises to be busy. My panel is at 11:30, then I sign books.

So far, the hotel is lovely, but definitely lacks in electrical outlets and room-based Internet access. Service has been brilliant.

Catch you all later and hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Beth said...

Purdy picture, andi! And Nancy. Sorry about your pre-cold, kb - and the dog, eesh.

Weird about the blog address - computer gremlins. I have to log on each time I check Yahoo, instead of every 2 weeks, and no one can figure out why. Grrr.

Happy Thursday, everyone -

FARfetched said...


I see there's still a little pie left over from last night… kind of surprising, really. I figured KB or Lisa would have scarfed it all. ;-)

Nancy, it used to be that you could log into Blogger either with a Blogger-specific ID or with your Gmail user ID/password. If you've been logging in using your Gmail account all along, I guess Google must have either gotten jealous or something. I've noticed that when I'm logged in, it offers to email comment updates to *my* Gmail account, even though I use an AIM account for my contact info. I guess you have to know the server priests to really know what's going on there, huh?

OK, let me fire up the espresso maker. Y'all can take a cloud break while it's doing its thing.

FARfetched said...

KB, sorry to hear about the dog. Pets like to share their special moments with their providers, don't they? Hope you get to feeling better.

Maria, I wish I was there, spotty wifi and all. If nothing else, it beats working! Oh wait… you are working. Never mind.

Beth… try clearing your cache and deleting cookies. That stuff cruds up the system if left around long enough. The old-sk00l geeks call it "cruft."

Kelly McCullough said...

Mornin' Nancy, KB, Andi, Lisa, Maria, Beth, Farf, and whoever comes in later

I just can't seem to wake up today, I think that I'm starting to be susceptible to jet-leg, bleah. staggers over to nearest couch, flops down and naps for a bit whilst awaiting the enthusiasm necessary to make tea and grab a couple of chocolate croissants

Where was I? Right, lovely leaves and my favorite time of year. I just I was able to spend more of it outside this time around. Gotta go put words on electrons. See y'all later.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Appropriate pic, Andi and Nancy, for me. First time the heater went on was this morning here.

And computer probs & dogs & colds? Don't get me started--hope all goes better.

Nicola Slade said...

Well, I did it. When I was wandering round Pompeii last week (name dropper extraordinaire!) I thought about you guys, I really did. But I admit I then forgot all about you. Italy was lovely, real sunshine at times and yummy food. Nightmare journey there and back but the holiday made it all worthwhile. I even worked out the sticky bit in my plot. Can't ask for more.

But - the ancient Romans got me, or maybe it was the modern ones, and I now have the mother of all colds. Or even the Mamma of all colds and am sneezing my head off.

Love the leaves, Andi.

Lisa M said...

Farf, here's a napkin to wipe the last crumbs of apple pie off your chin. Thank Mrs. Farf.

Maria, enjoy hearing about the conference. Continue having fun.

KB, here's some juice and a good book. Rest as much as you can. Here's a fresh roll of paper towel to keep handy for fido.

Waves to Beth, Conda, Kelly.

Nicola, Here's some juice for you too. Rest and recover. Glad the time in Italy was enjoyed. I can smell the spices and pasta.

A good evening to all.

Nancy P said...

What a bad blog hostess am I. Useless, I tell you, useless! Many worthy things to respond to, and too pooped to type.