Monday, October 13, 2008


What a fabulous photo. Thanks, Andif.


katiebird said...


VERY nice.

Thanks Andi & Nancy!

AndiF said...

You're welcome, kb. Hope you're feeling better.

I had Monday off so today is end of the weekend -- blecch -- but I'm also taking off work on Friday so today is also hump day -- yay. I'm so confused.

Lisa M said...

Andi--your photo reminds me of these giant sculptures that are in Northpark Mall. I don't know how to do a link to show you.

If someone would give me a tutorial, I'll expand minds.

We have a four day week with kids.
That often is more a curse than a blessing for some reason. Like it brings out the full moon behavior.

Terrific Tuesday to All.

Lisa M said...

Five Hammering Men


Wait, this linking thing is hard. Especially at this time of the morning. Andi--deep, deep bow of appreciation.

Jen said...

G'morning all, my attendance will continue to be sporadic as I am still fraught with ill atop of ill. Last week I thought it was sinusitis but then it turned into something that is definitely not sinusitis as no sinus infection in the history of sinus infections has ever committed the stomach flu themed horrors upon the flesh that I endured this weekend. As with the work of Ayn Rand, the less said about that, the better. ::playful winks & smirks at Andi, Beth, & MaryB::

And KB has been sick too? Aww, warm fuzzies and hot tea and well wishes to you, hon. Retirement should come with an unlimited supply of "get out of illness free" cards.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, gang! I'm trying to nudge the brain into RL work mode instead of convention mode.

Love the skinny bent trees! Looks like an Entmoot. ::g::

Happy Tuesday, all!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Entmoot. Thanks for the reminder, Maria - it's probably time to revisit my favorite book.

Morning, all. Sorry to the sickies - always hoping things clear up for you, Jen. And KB! And thanks as always for the woodsy shots, andif.

I need to blog at my own place, but wanted this family to know that I'm back on my own again. Bill ended our relationship last weekend, amid lots of confusion and tears on both parts. Way too long of a story, but that was the basis for my rotten week. I'm now in a new place of my own, and almost settled. Well, physically, anyway. The rest will take a little longer.

Trying to get back to writing today - my brain is still firmly stuck in 'dealing with change' mode. But writing has always been a balm, as well as a distraction, so I know it's time.

Now I just have to figure out why I stayed in cold, snowy Idaho this winter instead of heading south to Florida again!

Have a good shortish week, all.

Jen said...

Oh {{{Beth}}}, my very best wishes on your unanticipated transition, and may this newly opened window provide you with a surprisingly beautiful view.

FARfetched said...


Jeez Jen, get better, OK? And I agree with you 100% about Rand. But I'll say this: after reading Atlas Shrugged, I saw that her philosophy combines the worst aspects of capitalism and communism.

Beth, that's awful! Me & Mrs. Fetched are thinking about you here. If you want to escape to another planet for a while, you know the way here…

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jen. You lend a positive bent to every situation. I'll keep it in mind as I negotiate the coming days. I really appreciate the suggestion of other possibilities...

And big hugs to you and Mrs. F, Farf. If I end up heading to FL later this winter, I'll stop at FAR Manor for some cinnamon buns and hugs.

katiebird said...

{{{Jen}}}, I'm so glad to see you but I'm really sorry you've been sick. What a horrible combination, sinus pain and throwing up. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

AND {{{Beth}}}

Can you come out here to Kansas City for a couple of days to get away from that horrible, horrible man and get some real hugs?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, KB. He's not horrible, just very confused. And I'd love to come out for real hugs, but right now I'm trying to get back on my feet and find my old life again. Thanks for the invite - you never know when I'll find myself in that part of the country again. Virtual hugs back.

Kelly McCullough said...

Oh {{{{Beth}}}}, I'm really sorry. Weeks like that should not be on the menu. I hope life makes up for it sometime soon.

Also, sending tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwich thoughts to the sickies. Orange food makes everything a little bit better.

I've got an author event today at Kieran's pub in Minneapolis with a couple of the other folks from my writers group and two days of book festival appearances in Chippewa falls Friday and Saturday, so I'll be pretty scarce until early next week. The death march on the current WIP continues -- still keeping to my schedule but it's a grind at the moment. Doubly so since my hind brain decided last night that the rest of the current book is an exercise for the typing fingers -- I woke up with the first couple of the lines of the next book in my head today:

Pop quiz, multiple choice: When is a beautiful naked women a major problem? A) When she's your ex-girlfriend. B) When she's there to tear your arms off. C) When she's a Fury.

Why do I always have to be an "all of the above" kind of guy?

And so begins SpellCrash (WebMage V, the series closer), and no, it's not Tisiphone, but that's all I'm saying for the moment.

Maria Lima said...

{{{{Beth}}} - that totally sucks. :(

You know you're welcome here.

Virtual soup to the sickies!

maryb said...

(((Beth))). Everything everyone else said, I concur. Do some nice things for yourself.

maryb said...

Andi - wecome back to work!!! heh.
Don't worry - you'll get even by being off on Friday.

Jen that sounds ucky. Maybe you had some combination of ucks.

Lisa, a Link! I always have to look it up when I do it.

mmm. tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches. my favorite. almost makes me want to be sick... but no.

Dina said...

Hugs to both Beth and Jen. Sending virtual chocolate to you both.

AndiF said...

Joining in all the good wishes and hugs to Jen and Beth.

Here's something cheery I can share -- a review of one of Maria's books at sfrevu. [Review LINK]

Oh and since I think dogs and woods can cure anything, here's a picture that has both. [LINK]

Janet said...

Beth, I don't really know you but you obviously have the hearts of some really great people here so you must rock... and roll. Sorry about your situation and am hoping you can find the light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a train or some creepy dude with a powerful flashlight er... or ... something. :) ((((Take Care)))

((((Jen)))) I wish I had a magic wand for ya. But knowing me, I'd be cussing about politics and instead of doing something good for ya, I'd accidentally turn myself into a giant, warmongering vagina. er... or something.

Anyone see Manegee's Jack O Lantern? Got my daughter thinking about our upcoming carve fest :)

Janet said...

Yup Andi, that cured my hiccups! :)

KMc, I had a preventative dinner than last night. Although here we tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches - "Mom and Dad are too tired to "really" cook" dinner. :)

Anonymous said...

Kelly, wish I could be there at your event - have fun. And maybe your menu will help me, too. Is 8am too early for grilled cheese and mater soup?

Thanks to maria, janet, maryb, dina, kelly, and andif for the good wishes and hugs. I think the people who rock are you all.

And thanks for making me laugh, Janet - I too will hope that light isn't a creepy dude flashlight!

Off to hang pictures and shelve books. Big hugs to my blog family.

FARfetched said...

so begins SpellCrash (WebMage V, the series closer), and no, it's not Tisiphone

Ohhhhhh maaaaannnnn… you sure do love to give Raven the business, huh? But you just gave us a hint at #4 — AND WHEN IS IT COMING OUT???? I'm having major Raven-withdrawal here! Don't make me write any more fan fiction…

Janet, I am soooo glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that crack about turning into a giant warmongering vagina… I'd have spent the rest of the day cleaning my computer…

Nancy P said...

Andi's photo seems sadly/gladly right for today. There we are, our little forest of friends. Sometimes any one of us droops from illness or sadness, and when that happens, we can bend into each other for support.

Chicken soup for both of you, Jen and Beth. You, too, katiebird, with the dregs of that cold. I just saw kb, by the way, because she came by and got me and we went to a little cafe for breakfast.

katiebird said...

It was so fun to see you Nancy. And to see the famous landmarks in your backyard. I was heartbroken though that I didn't see any red foxes....

Janet said...

Beth and Farf, my absolute pleasure! :)


I am no realizing that I have KatieBird Envy.

katiebird said...

Ah, Janet. Believe me, Even the thrill of Breakfasts with Nancy doesn't make up for my wretched lungs. It's a true sign of her saintliness that she never once winced at the racket.

Janet said...

I am truly a damn, dirty hippie today

All this farting around online and I realize I have ten minutes to get to work! ACK!

At least I have clean cloths and my hair isn't too "bed head" looking.

Runs screaming from the mirror where I tried to hide it all with a flick of some mascara. Ya... that'll help.

well, I am ORGANIC!

really I don't smell. I'm just funning. Not fuming. But late and disheveled. Coworkers will probably think I had some action. Whoot!

just online surfing. We'll let them think what they want, eh! ;)

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey FarF, end of May for MythOS. Please note, I don't schedule 'em, I just write 'em. Oh, and what it tells you about IV might not be what it looks like it's telling you about IV...just sayin'.

Beth, it's never too early for tomato soup and grilled or toasted cheese sandwiches.

Janet, preventative works for me. Hope you have a good day at work.

Now, I've really got to go write.

Jen said...

Thanks for teh good wishes and comfort food, all. Saw the doc a little while ago, verdict: sinusitis, bronchitis, and prolly either a viral flu or a bout of food poisoning, blegh. Got an assortment of meds for my assortment of ills, hopefully none of them will turn me into a large pissed off beaver, or whatever that was about. ;p


lol Farf, do you do that to him on purpose just to make him twitch?

Nancy P said...

You guys are even funny when you're sick. I'm looking at you, Jen.

Hey, I forgot to mention that I'm leaving town tomorrow and won't be back until Monday. I *may* have intermittent internet access and if I do, I'll post new, er, posts. Otherwise there will be one purdy Andif photo and it will have to last you for several days. Not exactly a bad fate, eh?

bono said...

Ay-chihuaua! Get well wishes to those in need. Beth, I'm sorry for this change in circumstances. I'm so glad we never had the housewarming party at Bill's! Now we can have it at your new place! I'll bring the pumpkin roll. Hugs.

Nancy, I like how you likened your blog community to the tree community Andif provided. Really cool.

Best wishes for your book festivals, Kelly.

Hello to all. Busy here. Out of state guests. Take care.

Lisa M said...

Tomato Bisque is my favorite and LOVE grilled cheese.
We are an oral bunch between virtual food, drinks, and words today.
A Forest of Friends--Now that is nice.
Andi always makes us look good.

Nancy, safe trip. Can we have at least one theme day while your gone?

Nancy P said...

Lisa, you can do ANYthing while I'm gone. :)