Monday, October 6, 2008

Tree by tree

This photo by Andif reminds me of that famous E. L. Doctorow quote that can never be repeated too often: Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.


Nancy P said...

Jim Morrison told me to use that photo. Then he passed out.

Janet said...

But did you grant his request for one last kiss before he passed out? :)

Another skeery woods photo by Andi. A FOGGY WOODS photo no less! Bring on the marmotinis!

I made it thru today at work. I've rather well liked at work, you see... and I'm not sure that's so cool right now as everyone is being so "pleasant" and "kind". It kinda sorta makes me on the verge of crying all the time. I hate that.

Bought DanDan a beautiful cake. Made locally, of course :) But not entirely organic but entirely made from scratch at teh Beaverton Bakery. Famous for it's cakes.

off to make a late dinner.

Love and Nonsense to all. Thanks for all the kind and pleasant words downblog.

And of course (((Nancy))) I totally understand. As my kids would say, "DUUU-UUHH!" :)

Two syllable duhs are a bit more sarcastic than a one syllable duh.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey, home again, but still low profile while I plug away at this manuscript.

FARfetched said...

Up way too late. Not sure why I'm not sleepy. I'm going to regret this tomorrow.

AndiF said...

Hey DJ, it's Halloween month so scareeee pics are the kewl thing to do ... though if Nancy really wanted a scary picture, she'd post one of Sarah Palin winking.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Jim made a great choice. Nancy, you were so right about those leather pants.

Andi, Janet--one person's skeery is another person's calming comfort. I love the woods. Work chaos is ratcheting up so thanks Andi for keeping me connected to nature.

Andi--Palin's not nearly as scary as what's happening to my investments.

Waves to Farf and Kelly.

Terrific Tuesday to All.

AndiF said...

Psst, Lisa ... I don't think the picture is scary; I'm just humoring Janet. But don't tell her, okay?

Maria Lima said...

Pretty photo! And yes, writing is totally like that. Right now, the fog is really, really thick. ;-)

Another day and half at work and "author Maria" comes out to play. Really odd, though, how my normally introverted nature turns into a temporary extrovert. Magic!

::runs off to the day job::

Happy Tuesday, all!

katiebird said...

Good Morning, Nancy & Janet & Andi & FAR (did you get some sleep?) & Kelly & Lisa & Marie!!

We got back late last night and I'm madly catching up after being almost totally out of touch (no cable TV or Internet or phone for over a week)

It's great to be back and see everyone!

xxoo ♥

FARfetched said...

(late) morning, all!

I managed to crawl into bed about 4 a.m. It's not a total loss; I got most of a FAR Future episode written & called out of work today.

Good to see you, KB! Where ya been?

Nancy P said...

Katiebird!! We missed you! Where'dcha go? (You don't have to answer that.)

Kelly!! Welcome home!

Andi,f, lol.

G'morning, guys!

I think I have now used up my daily quota of !!!!.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, KB and Kelly!

Have fun, Maria!

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday - no news from here except rain. I could use a walk in your woods, andi -

Maryb said...

Morning all. It's foggy with drizzle here and cool. We needed the rain so I'm not complaining.

Welcome back kb. I hope you were someplace really nice.

katiebird said...

We were up in the Wisconsin Woods just outside a tiny town called Cornucopia. We went up to work on my MIL's house and it's a good thing we did. The Bathroom sink had shattered all over the floor and a pipe had torn open.

So we spent a lot of (all of?) the visit without water while we worked on plumbing.

It was really beautiful and we did have fun driving around getting the supplies and taking photos of the beautiful fall-colored trees.

But, wow -- I'm really glad to be back in civilization!

Conda V. Douglas said...

Georgeous pic! Great for fall.

And so my main problem is I keep overdriving my headlights in my w.i.p.?!

Beth, gorgeous weather down south here.

boran2 said...

I love that photo, Andi.

It was c-c-cold here in the AM, 41 degrees! Ice on the windshield too!

Fog/headlights is a nice way to put it.

AndiF said...

Huh, I haven't the strangest feeling I've been here before.

Morning again all.

Lisa M said...

Deja Vu

New school year, no raise.
Tax Election Failed yesterday.
Sulking in corner.

Morning Andi--Need lots of color.
Feeling Gray.

Wishful Wednesday for all.

Lisa M said...

Nancy, Hope all is well.

Upon rereading the Doctorow quote, think it fits so much more than writing. In chaotic times, I think we must focus on today, what we can see in the headlights. Because if we worry too much about what is beyond, in the darkness, we may be unable to move forward at all.

Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning on the second day of Tree By Tree.

Jim Morrison told you to post the pic and then passed out? LOL. Sounds like his reputation, but I seem to remember something about him...

Oh right. He used to be dead...I just knew a zombie attack was coming. May I suggest a field trip to Paris to find out who raised him?

Meanwhile, it's 59 beautiful non-humid degress in Houston right now. The windows are open, and it's heavenly.

Wake up!

Nancy P said...

Hangs head in shame.