Monday, October 20, 2008

October Wins at Life

I love, love, love this Andif photo. It's so phine.


Nancy P said...

My constant reminder. . .be sure to click on the photo to see it big and beautiful.

I'm home. What do I do now?

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about being home, and not knowing what to do next. But for different reasons. I'm guessing it's back to the next book for you!

The fall colors sure are gorgeous. I just don't want to see them fade.

Have a good night, Nancy. I'm listening to my Broncos lose big time. Sigh.

AndiF said...

Nancy, I checked with the dogs who are renown for their long-range planning on what you should do next and they were very emphatic: eat a whole bunch, sleep a whole lot.

Sorry about the game, Beth. The Colts got creamed, too.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Fall colors are my favorite. We haven't had any freezing temps here so colors aren't really vibrant.
Andi--Thanks for sharing.

I'm with the dogs. Eat, sleep, I'd add walk and read. Oh and sit on The Porch with Sally.

Beth--you are an angel helping friends in need. I was struck by I think it was MaryB that said boxes should play a role in your next story. I thought that was such a great idea. I enjoy symbolism. Not that I'm all that cleaver at recognizing it all the time.

Boxes- they hold the treasures of our past.

Terrific Tuesday to All!!

Maria Lima said...

Welcome home, Nancy! And morning to the rest of you. :)

I adore this gorgeous fall weather so very much!

I've got a long day ahead of me, filled with new clients and presentations. The stuff I dislike most about my job. The stuff that is Business with a capital "B". Yes, I am being whiny. ::g:: (Most of the time, I wear jeans to the office. Today, I'm in a suit).

Off to the salt mines and wishing you all a beautiful Tuesday.

FARfetched said...

Hey hey!

Coffee is brewing, got a fire going in the insert, friends in the cafe… now if I could just *stay* here for the day, I'd be fine.

Janet, that first video said it all: "the most important thing we'll do today is practice." I guess it must be a requirement for a music teacher to think that academics and family are secondary to The Program, because I remember the same attitude from when I was in high school. Daughter Dearest's HS choir teacher seemed to have a more balanced approach than most, but still runs one of the top HS choral groups in the country. 'Course, now she's a music major at Reinhardt, and the unofficial motto there is "we're music majors, we don't *have* a life."

katiebird said...

(Jumping up and down

Nancy's Home! And this is a GREAT photo! And FAR made a fire!

(waving madly at everyone. Even the ones who haven't been here yet)

I feel free as a bird. I finally got my will done. My old one was done way, way back during my first marriage and I haven't seen some of the people mentioned in it for almost 25 years! I certainly didn't want them to get my house.

So I bought Nolo's WillMaker Plus and finally just did it. It's not fancy but it should do the trick.

Kelly McCullough said...

Morning all, 24 degrees here when I woke up...Eeeeee!

The photo's lovely and of my favorite season.

Book festival vs. SF con. I think the biggest differences are scale and attitude, though there are a myriad of little ones as well.


The average con I go to has something like 1000 attendees. The festival couldn't have had more then 200. At a con something between 30 and 60 percent of the folks are there for the books and authors. The rest are there for other media or just for the party. At the festival it was 100 percent. SF fans are _used_ to brushing elbows with authors, and if you aren't Gene Wolfe you're pretty much chopped liver to the fans who aren't there specifically to see you. Okay, that's overstating, but it gives a feel. At the book festival everyone was really happy to see me whether they'd read my stuff or not. These were all book people and I produce books...and that's so cool was the general attitude.

More minor things were the sorts of events. I did two mingle with the authors meals which I've never encountered at a con and they fed us really well. There was a group reading at one of the dinners in a sort of dim tavern atmosphere and what was read was much more diverse then at a con. I was the only person there who read fantasy and that includes the other fantasy author, who read some of his poems and essays. Instead of reading with a bunch of old genre pros I'd known for a decade I was reading with the freaking poet laureate of Oregon! Lawson Inada. He did something wonderful that he'd finished writing ten minutes before he got up to read it, by the way. A lot of poetry, some essays, one really hilarious hard boiled detective novelist (Jon Loomis), and me. And the audience really cared about everybody. A couple of people told me that I'd had the best audience response of the night, which was wicked cool. It also may lead to money falling out of the sky at a later date--beyond that I can't say.

In all, I had a fantastic time. I have a fantastic time at cons too, but this was a very different fantastic time.

maryb said...

eat a whole bunch, sleep a whole lot.
. Ah ... a dogs life. In my next life I want to come back as one of Andi and Jim's dogs.

Sorry about the Broncs and the Colts. I'm looking forward to the world series although I have no dog in that fight.

Waving to Nancy, beth, andi, lisa, kb, Kelly, FaR and Maria.

I'll respond separately to Kelly.

maryb said...

Kelly, thanks for the description. When I asked the question the SIZE of the event wasn't even in my mind but I can see how size would affect everything. 200 attendees is fairly intimate. And like you say, it would be a group that is focused, people who love words. It actually sounds wonderful. I would love to have heard that group reading.

I'm going to look up Lawson Inada.

Janet said...

Morning Morning Morning. Crisp, foggy day here in Oregon. I don't know how two cats can sound like a herd of buffalo but I guess it's that magical moment that occurs between the hours of 3:30 am and 4:15 am. ACK!

Farf, yup, we don't see Danni much due to practice but the Guard/Ensemble run Fall and Winter and then they rejoin in the Summer for camps. So I guess I can have her the rest of next year :) She absolutely loves it and her grades are doing well. It was her plan to survive high school. She's always surrounded by friends or teammates or both.

McC, I do so hope that money cloud bursts over your head for you! ... Just hope that it's the soft, paper kind and not the metal stuff. :) It really sucks getting a roll of pennies at your head. Just ask my daughter. LOL

boran2 said...

Hi all! Another nice photo, Andi! Welcome home, Nancy!

Nancy P said...

Thanks, b2.

Hi, belatedly, everyone. I'm not sure what I was so busy doing, but apparently it took all day. :)