Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lobby Hobby

Two very different lobbies in two unique Kansas hotels. The red leathery one is at the Tioga Hotel in Chanute, the hotel where only one floor of the six-story building has hotel rooms. The other one is the lobby/art gallery of the Maple Uncommon Hotel where I am now There are good books all around, snacks and drinks on the honor system of payment, and paintings and sculptures. The price in both cases is abut $56, plus tax. I'm going downstairs to the kitchen now for coffee, and I'll bring you back some.


Kelly McCullough said...

belatedly Mary, so glad to hear that you're all right. V. scary. Just stealing a moment from the schedule to say that, wave, and steal a blueberry muffin.

Had an awesome time at the book festival and would love to do another. Very different atmosphere from the science fiction conventions that are my natural habitat. Much fun.

Gotta scamper off and finish out the delightful week from heck, now.


katiebird said...

Umm. VERY cozy. And I'd love some coffee -- thanks.

Nancy, on the motorcycle thing: Mister says he thinks a 30-something guy would like a Suzuki GSX (aka GSX) or a Yamaha R6 (aka R6)

This is based on our 30 something sons. I forgot to ask him about the money issue though.

Maria Lima said...

Wow, Nancy, $56/night? That's so cheap! The lobbies are lovely.

Kelly, book festivals can be a blast. Glad you had a good time!

I'm spending a lovely quiet day today. Nailed down the shape of book 3 yesterday, so I can actually get writing. w00t! (and by "shape", I mean what it's about)

maryb said...

Good morning. That hotel looks better in the bright light of daytime. :)

Thanks Kelly. I'm interested in knowing more about the difference in atmostphere - festival vs. convention?; book vs. multiple media?

waving at kb and Maria

Nancy, what can I say about last night. Cows kill Tigers? The world is not right.

AndiF said...

Nancy, Sniff and Bebo ant to hear more about that couch in the 2nd pic [link to the unsurprising reason].

Hiya Kelly, kb, Maria, and Mary.

Waves hi to Lisa way back in the old post.

supersoling said...

Good early afternoon,
First of all, my new job has layed a serious whoop ass on this (mildly) old body, so I haven't even had the gumption to go online in over a week :o) It's an ugly reality now that I think of it! :o) (getting slower, that is)

Second, I haven't read back far enough to discover what awful thing might have happened to Maryb, but I'm glad to know she's alright. Some peeps you come to care about a little more than others :o)

Third, the coolest hotel lobby I was ever in was in Douglas, Michigan where I spent 2 weeks painting a race boat at the Skater Powerboat factory. It had a beautiful huge rustic stone fireplace and a comfy little nook set up as a library off to one side of the fireplace. All the books were set on what looked like ornate type Shaker book cabinets (I know...oxymoron) finished in dark cherry stain. Perfectly relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

Fourth, let's see...oh yeah, the motorcycle. And thanks to Mary for the nod :o).
I agree with Far about the Triumph Bonneville. It's an afficionado's type machine that has a lot of historical appeal that at the same time is a 21st century open road travelers dream as Triumph has recently begun producing a modern version of the classic. And besides, Fonzi rode one on Happy Days :o)

I think that's about it. Oh, I forgot. Go Giants! :o)

Dina said...

Hi,all. Nancy, what great lobbies! Makes me want to drive through Kansas more and more.

Still recovering from Bouchercon.

Beth said...

In a coffee shop in McCall, Idaho, using the internet. I'll post pictures at my place in a day or two. I'll have internet at home on Tuesday, yippee. Will head home tomorrow. And if I ever see a cardboard box again, I'm going to shoot...the box!

Waves to everyone having a good weekend. And is anyone watching the Sox? My friends don't have TV or internet, so I"m suffering, not getting to watch the game. I'll find a sportsbar tonight for a while....

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Nancy P said...

The motorcycle stuff helps me a lot, so thanks to you guys, including Katieb's guy.

Maryb, lol, yeah, cows can't kill tigers. Oops. Musta been longhorns.

Maria, I'm trying to nail down my next book and I keep thinking the plot parts I've come up with are too shopworn, but they won't let go of me. Guess I'm gonna have to use them and trust that they will find their own way to some sort of originality. ::crosses fingers, but then can't type::

Dina, come back when you're rested and give us some bcon highlights, k?

Andi, best dog photo yet.

Beth, got a lobby?

Hey, Kelly, I hope this next week is more like a week from hell-yes.

Hotel suddenly has no water. And, yeah, everything around here looks better on a sunny day, but I went back to the spooky town and it's still spooky even in broad daylight. Yay. :)

maryb said...

I'm starting to think that the God of Storytelling (Hermes?) is sending Beth a not-so-subtle message - "Beth, incorporate BOXES into your next plot. Perhaps not packing boxes. Perhaps dainty little boxes. Or hat boxes. Or flower boxes. But definitely boxes."

Nancy. No water? If the telephone line goes dead, don't be a hero. RUN!

Great pic Andi.!

Aw Super, your poor old body. :) What's awful in my life? Well, there's my own blog. lol! Stop by.

FARfetched said...

Hey all! Nancy, glad to hear I could help. I'd never heard of a hotel lobby with a book nook & honor-system goodies, so that's pretty cool!

Just changed the headlight bulbs in Daughter Dearest's Civic. I have a few strong words for someone who thinks its OK to require removing 17 fasteners (and dropping the front bumper cover) just to get to the back of the headlight assemblies…

boran2 said...

Hi all! Those look like some nice homey hotels, Nancy. And art and sculpture too! We stayed at a cozy small place recently in the very red Kanab, Utah. They actually made breakfast to order for all of the guests.

boran2 said...

Wow, Mary. I'm glad that you're okay.

Nancy P said...

My last night on the road, sigh. I've had such a good time and picked up great contacts, research, and ideas. I'm loving having the digital camera to take photos of places I may use in the book.

Far, my rental car ('cuz my car blew up) is a brand new Civic and I do love it, but you have made me very very glad I don't have to change its headlights. This car has a really bad blind spot on each side. I can't imagine what possessed them to think that was a good design idea! The same engineer who did the headlights must have thought of it.

Janet said...

Mary! glad you're okay! Two years ago at the other store I worked at we had a bomb threat. It was a false one. Someone must've really been angry about some liberals selling organic stuff. ;/

I'm not sure which was more scary. The newspaper article or the comments. Yikes.

You never hear of a Liberal going on a shooting spree.

We just went through some meetings at work due to the economy and how to "deal" with angry people especially after the elections when some may not know what to do with their racism and bigotry.

Either way, win or lose, we've got some scary times ahead.

Cool photos Nancy.

Hello Everyone!!!

Lisa M said...

Variation breeds vigor.
Ideas as well as DNA.

Never did like being told one size fits all. Rarely does.

Beth said...

I'll keep the boxes in mind, maryb!