Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just to be perverse. . .

Here's spring. By Andif, of course.


Nancy P said...

Happy almost Monday, y'all.

AndiF said...

Sheesh Nancy, Happy and Monday together ... now that's perverse.

It was great getting to see your camera work -- the dying morning glory photo was lovely.

And now for the Craning Your Neck Monday Picture Post:

So look up. [LINK]

No, even more up. [LINK]

No, no. Way, way up. [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa M. said...

Beautiful pictures for a fantastic fall day. The leaves are just beginning to drop and everything is still green here. Just need rain.

Andi, thanks for the color and LOVE the moon. You are so clever with you directions for us.

Society may never be the same. I just heard Madonna called a cougar. How quickly they fall with age.
Son was home a couple of weeks ago bemoaning how old he was(20)when we saw a neighbor girl now in high school. He told me the boys on the block considered her mom the hottie on the block. Wistful sigh. I wasn't even in the running. Guess hot tempered and hot flashes don't count. It's all about perspective.

Marvelous Monday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all. It's a dreary fall day here so far. I woke up with a vicious cold again (stupid immune system) and just heard that Tony Hillerman died. :(

He was a particular favorite of mine. A lovely, gentle man who I had the pleasure of meeting and having dinner with during Malice Domestic one year. Sad news, indeed.

I'm skiving off work today to nurse the cold and get some rest.

Andi, as always, your photos are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Maria. Chicken soup with lots of garlic.

Still no snow here - actually calling for 62 today. Nice long fall - hope that doesn't mean a nice long winter. Wishing for rain here as well, Lisa.

Hope Monday doesn't beat you up too badly, everyone. I'll mark off one more day (hopefully) closer to getting back to life as usual.

I sure could use some of Farf's cinnamon rolls...

Nancy P said...

lol, Andi. I enjoy your accompanying words almost as much as I enjoy your photos.

::cracks neck::

Lisa, morning. Personally, I think Madonna was born a cougar.

Beth, you're going to be a lot warmer today than we are.

Nancy P said...

Tony Hillerman. What a nice guy. Everybody in the mystery world loved him. Funny, kind, generous, a gentleman. A giant tree has fallen in the mystery forest and everybody heard it.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hillerman...that's terribly sad news. What a brilliant and humane writer. Damn.

Dina said...

Tony Hillerman dead? He will be missed.

Janet said...

Good Morning!

This weekend Danni's color guar and marching ensemble took first place in the semiinals at Oregon State. Next week it's on to UO for the Finals.

Went to the pumpkin patch sponsored by work and you wouldn't believe how many pumpkins and various squash two kids can fit into the trunk of a Honda Civic :)

AndiF said...

What a shame about Tony Hillerman. Joe Leaphorn is one of my favorite characters.

DJ, we wouldn't have to believe it if you'd just take a picture. ;)

maryb said...

Nancy I like all of your experiments. And I laughed at you trying to find the macro button on your cannon - because that's what I did when I bought my camera, looked for the macro function. Being Olivia is harder than it seems though. :)

Sad news about Tony Hillerman.

Have a good day everyone.

katiebird said...

I'm so sorry about Tony Hillerman's death.

Maria, I hope you are resting and drinking lots of water. It's no joke, respiratory illnesses can drag on forever if you don't take care of them early.

(waving to everyone)

Janet said...

Andi!! I just did take a photograph of my yard decked out for Halloween and sent it to Nancy asking her to fwd it on to you as I don't seem to have your email or just lost it. Happens to multi-taking Moms.

If you want you can link em or something... :)

I have to run to work. Ciao!

boran2 said...

Hillerman sparked my interest in the southwest, and gave rise to many of my paintings. His Thief of Time is still my favorite. I've read all but his last book, which is waiting for me patiently on my shelf. He will be missed.