Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yo! Rapunsel!

This is another of Linda Grant's recent photos taken at Bled, in Slovenia.


Nancy P said...

Makes me glad to be a peasant *now* instead of then. :}

Happy Sunday, y'all.

FARfetched said...

Heh, yeah. Then again, wouldn't a writer be "patronized" and given room and board in exchange for occasionally writing in the patrons as the heroes?

Beth said...

How 'bout your MIzzou, Nancy? Just saw the score - missed the game.

Happy Sunday back. Watching football all day, and trying to write the last 2 scenes, so I can get this mss on its merry way. But of course they're the hardest...will try to take pretty leaf pictures again, if the sun is shining.

Til tomorrow - night all.

boran2 said...

Another wonderful photo! But it's not Sunday yet, Nancy. Then again, it must be Sunday somewhere.

AndiF said...

I'm getting the idea that national motto of Slovenia is "Location, location, location."

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Seeing these pictures reminds me of how young our country is.
My perceptions of story is influenced by where I am/have been. Different places have their own feel, personalities, elements.
"Modern" society often seems sterile and lacking in personality.
I love looking at different architecture. I envy Nicki and Beth and others that have traveled across the world experiencing so many different places.
In these Slovenia pictures the intertwining of nature with these buildings makes them so dramatic.
As much as I'm wowed by beautiful buildings it is the dramatic details of nature that touch my core.

Morning to Farf, Andi, Boran and all to come.

Beth, enjoy the football. Texas held on to win yesterday. But next week will probably be the bigger test with Texas Tech.

Sensational Sunday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! Another lovely castle in the sky makes me want to go back and read something appropriate. Not sure what yet. :)

Spending another lazy day. Weather seems to have cleared up, though.

Super Sunday to everyone!

Nancy P said...

Did writers have patrons, or was that just composers and painters? Whatever, I want one!

Nancy P said...

Yeah, Beth, but Colorado is no Oklahoma. Sigh. Good luck with your teams and your words today. Do you still have company?

Beth said...

I think they're leaving this morning, Nancy. Then I can get back to creating a regular schedule for myself, in this new life of mine.

Thanks for the good wishes - I HAVE to force myself to get these two scenes done today, and I can do the final read-through. One is a little too close to the bone right now, though.

Anyway, go Chiefs! Thank goodness my Broncos have a bye - don't know that I could handle the disappointment again this week!

Dina said...

Hello, all. Enjoying a lazy Sunday here and enjoying the pictures.

Nancy, is that Linda Grant of Random Access Murder? I miss that series so much.

Happy Sunday all.

Nancy P said...

Dina, it is that Linda Grant. :)

Lisa, tomorrow, I'll post an Andi photo that has the kind of detail that touches you.

Far, I'm not forgetting your request for some talk about pacing.

Andi, lol! No kidding.

Marie, enjoy your Sunday with no conferences, no clients, no business suit!

Nancy P said...

Dina, I just got this email from Linda after I told her what you said:

"Awwww. That's so nice. Please tell her thanks for me. She made my day (actually my evening)."

She says they're staying in a farmhouse/hotel where they had eggs from the farm this morning.

maryb said...

When I see this pic and the one from yesterday I feel sad - that I've never seen them in real life. Straight out of fairy tales. Just beautiful.

Nancy P said...

I know what you mean, maryb. Some photos trigger a longing.

Dina said...

Nancy, thanks for letting me know. She should forget eggs and think writing! We need more from her.

FARfetched said...

Just popping in for a cup of water and a handful of crackers… some of the ending segments of FAR Future are cutting in line and demanding some attention this afternoon. "Your old men dream dreams" is all I'll say at the moment.

No rush, Nancy, I wasn't expecting an immediate response. Whenever you're ready… it'll be good when it happens.

Off to answer an email or two…