Friday, October 10, 2008

Forget something?


Nancy P said...

That old man's wife obviously didn't catch him in time before he walked out the door.

Manuél said...

dirty! which is why i love you all so much ;)

FARfetched said...

Yeesh! It ain't any better the second time around either! :-D

Nancy P said...

Can we stand this front page for an entire 24 hours, lol?

Captions welcome. It can be a lol tree.

katiebird said...

I thought I was getting better (no fever today) but I guess not.


What am I missing?

FARfetched said...

I'm always up for a captioning! How about:


FARfetched said...

KB, get better, OK? I'll bring rolls.

katiebird said...

I'm trying. I just read up on The Flu in an encyclopedia and I think I'm in The Depressed phase.

Rolls could snap me out of it though. Probably.


(still not "getting it")

FARfetched said...

KB… to some of us, the tree looks like a long-legged old guy who forgot his pants. Or something like that.

AndiF said...

It's okay, kb, I looked at the tree for years and didn't get it, either.

And besides, either the tree's not anatomically correct or ... oops ... it's a girl.

Morning all.

And I think we need a couple of relaxing weekend images to replace that one in our minds.

Quiet times [INK]

just floating along [LINK]

Morning all.

Nancy P said...

lol, Far! That's hilarious. You are Caption Man.

Aww, kb. Virtual chicken soup coming your way.

Nancy P said...

Andi, those are beautiful. Love the burst of red in the center of the vetical one.

I'm going back to bed. zzzz

AndiF said...

Morning Nancy ... happy napping Nancy.

And farf, I forgot to say that your caption was not only funny but also made me realize that what bits were missing.

Lisa M said...

Morning All--got to stay in bed till 7 which is wonderful. Course that doesn't take into account the 2 and 4am dogs' barking-at-phantoms fits that got me up in the night.

Naked old man tree. (Shakes head)
Farf, I can't help but laugh at your caption.
Sorry bout block. Don't want to say it too loud. Edit monster is sitting in the room with me and don't want to enrage him. He's still sleeping.

Andi, thanks for the diversion photos.

KB--virtual juice to go with soup.
Fluffs bright quilt to cheer you up.

Off to buy carpet with hubby. We go on the most romantic dates. Pretty soon we'll just be a couple of trees in the forest bloggers will snark about.

Sensational Saturday to All.
Hook em Horns

Maryb said...

Hope everyone has a great Saturday. Sorry to hear you are unwell katiebird. I hope this is a quick episode.

Anonymous said...

Happy Saturday to all! Love the tree discussion, and your caption, Farf.

Sorry you're sick, KB! Chicken soup and orange juice...

I'll be out of wireless contact for a few days, but will check in when I can. Save me some rolls!

katiebird said...

(bleary eyed)

Ummmm. Rolls. And Coffee. I MUST be feeling better -- I'm starving!

All your good wishes have helped immensely. Thank You VERY much!!

(no one will notice if I take an extra roll)

My temperature has settled down to 96.4° which seems about right. Next goal: actually seeing the "tree" issues. I must not be totally up to speed yet since I can't. (giggling in anticipation) Still, it's a great picture. I love the colors and the shadows.

Thank you ALL very much!