Thursday, October 23, 2008

After poetry, Paris


Nancy P said...

Paris is the least I can do for you. :)

How about one day soon I pick an Andi photo and we'll see what different poems we come up with to "illustrate" it? Or maybe several photos, so you can choose one.

Whatcha think? Fun? Not fun?

AndiF said...

Ooh, ooh! I know the answer to this one ... Joyce Kilmer's Trees! :D

If we want a stumper, you could use this one [LINK].

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Croissants and Cafe Au Lait
Oooo la la. And Friday on top of that.

Great idea, Nancy. I think we have such great in-house poets, that some will come up with original words to the pictures.

Morning Andi--Not a stumper at all. I'm sure Farf could see new worlds as do I. Great detail. I like those types of pics that allow all kinds of creative interp.

Waves to all as off to work.
Fantastic Friday.

Maria Lima said...

Bonjour!! Croissants and cafe: perfection. I think I shall stop at Starbucks on the way to work. ::g::

Andi - that one's easy to poetize...

::clears throat::
::adjusts mic::

There's a fungus
Among us.

::bows to the inevitable applause::

(Maria ducks and runs)

Happy Friday, all!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, Maria!!

Makes me wish I was back in Paris, Nancy, sigh. We used to read the IHT when we lived overseas. Brings back fond memories.

I'm always up for a new kind of "day" at the Cafe!

Have a great Friday, everyone. Hopefully it'll be another stellar fall day in North Idaho - right now it's too dark to tell!

AndiF said...

Maria is my muse:

One fine day I looked at the ground
and startled to see fungus all round,
I loudly cried out "Heaven knows,
better there than 'tween my toes".

Hi Lisa, Maria, and Beth.

Nicola Slade said...

Sorry to be unromantic but we were in Paris three weeks ago and it was grey and raining!
However, as a recompense for our own appalling summer we now have sunshine and today I've been out in the New Forest (new in the late 11th century) and it was fabulous. Sadly I didn't have a camera and anyway, I'm no Andif, or I'd have snapped the ponies and cattle that roam the place, and especially the two fat black pigs who were playing chase and kicking up their trotters so ecstatically.)
(You can probably tell my vile germs have vamoosed, so it's back to the Victorian novel where that clever Mr Dickens has suddenly put in an appearance!)

Nancy P said...

::Waves at Mr. Dickens!"

Andi and Maria, snort!

Hey, Lisa, I have a feeling we'd be amused at what your students could do with that photo, and that much of it would be unprintable. :D

There's a fungus among us

One fine day I looked at the ground
and startled to see fungus all round,
I loudly cried out "Heaven knows,
better there than 'tween my toes".

Even better? No fungus
on my tongus.

Beth, Idaho in October. Beautiful?

maryb said...

chocolat s'il vous plais. ahhhhh.

Of course it's raining. It's Autumn in Paris. It's a 'soft' day, as the Irish would say.

fungus and paris. What a combination. Have a great day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Yep, beautiful, Nancy. Bright sunshine - stunning golds and yellows and oranges, with a trace of red (but nothing like NE fall colors). Blue skies - still a fair amount of green on the trees - the fields are golden, waiting for the inevitable snow that will fall way too soon. Summer and fall are why we tolerate winter in Idaho. If the sun ever comes up, I'll take pix today and post them at my place.

Nicola Slade said...

There's a fungus
Among us
And his name is Angus
He's glossy and spotty and red.
But I think I'll just greet him -
No way will I eat him -
Or I'd probably end up quite dead.

FARfetched said...

Morning all!

Nancy, to pick up from last night, I was actually whining about having to write the play a while back. Actually, once I got the prologue and a few excerpts down, my inner Serena seemed to be satisfied.

Andi, that's a good one! (the pic and the poem) Let's see if I can contribute… ahem

Fungal puffballs all around,
Here, and there, I see some more!
Kick away and see them poof!
But please try not to breathe the spores!

Hmm, Lisa, new worlds? Or maybe an alien species from a new world?

Nicola, glad to see you're feeling better. October on Planet Georgia can be the best of times, although the day-trippers coming up from Atlanta can make traffic rather horrendous.

Gimme a croissant & a coffee… got lots of fun topics to write about today. Like PacketCable event messages.

AndiF said...

So Nancy, looks like we're having the inaugural photo/poem post and a great success it is, too. :)

Kelly McCullough said...

There once was a fungus named Chuck

It grew 'midst the leaves and the muck

It looked quite like a hedgehog

Or something grown in a sedge-bog

But was really just down on its luck

Or something like that. I'm going to nab one of those croissants and skedaddle.

Maria Lima said...

I am *loving* this impromptu poetry day. You all have me chuckling mightily. ::g::

Nancy P said...

So, Andi, I guess so! :D

God, the trees are getting gorgeous around here. Hey! I have a camera now!

katiebird said...

Nancy, I just realized that I haven't bought a copy of that short story collection someone mentioned recently.

So I went looking for it and stumbled on this review....

"Rachel rated it: 3 of 5 stars (10/17/08)

bookshelves: fiction, supernatural
Read in October, 2008
This was a fun read -- the quality of the stories varied wildly, but they were all pretty entertaining. I bought the book for the Rob Thurman story, which was as satisfying as I had hoped (though a bit predictable). The Sookie Stackhouse story was fun, but not as exciting as I had hoped, and a couple of the stories by authors I didn't know were terrific, so I think I'll be getting some of their other work. Nancy Pickard, in particular, wins the most memorable story award for this one. :)"
.... With that recommendation, I think I'll buy it!

boran2 said...

We'll always have Paris. But not Paris Hilton, hopefully.