Saturday, October 4, 2008

Coffee, or tea,
Far's homemade rolls,
Sunday at the blog.



FARfetched said...

Doggone it… that’s making me hungry. Now I have to go make some of those.

I'm plugging away on FAR Future tonight, while events threaten to take reality in a completely different direction. :-)

Here's hoping everyone is doing well & getting lots of good ideas. As well as getting them into your computers…

Beth said...

I can't even THINK about your rolls, farf, I'm so full. Hard to believe, huh??

Back tomorrow - happy Sunday, those who come later!

AndiF said...

Nothing for me thanks. We had our annual feast* at our friends' Japanese restaurant where we give them a budget and they feed us whatever wonderful delights they want. I am still completely -- but oh so happily -- stuffed. I had to put my stomach in a wheelbarrow to get it out to the car.

Beth, glad you are having a great time in Seattle.

Good morning everyone.

* we have several birthdays that are close so we do this combined celebration.

Lisa M said...

Only one roll please and pass the coffee. Here's fruit to refresh the palate. No weight loss this week--BAH. But did maintain my eating goals. Stress is a terrible monster when it comes to losing lbs. Need walks in the woods with Andi and the dogs. Exercise is my weakest link.

Dislodged some great thoughts yesterday about my story ending. Created a chart on my wall so I could sit across the room and ponder the points. Need to add some depth to it today and then get words on page to make all of it happen. Ah how simple it sounds.
Thanks Beth and Anon for sending creative energy.

Farf, I'm afraid of motorcycles so I'm not sure the terror on my face would look so cool to the kids. Course they'd probably scratch some cute B or F word into the paint of any cool car. Must be why I drive a used, boring SUV.

Morning Andi--Food Feast sounds fun. Not sure about the Japanese food. I'm pretty much a Sushi free person. I've tried, but just can't acquire the taste. I do love Tempura. The place I go to does the best vegetables. Sweet Potato is my favorite.

The leaves are just beginning to change colors and fall here. So I'll be out with the mower mulching those up over the next few weeks. I do love the colors and watching the leaves drift down.
RAIN can you find us that need it please?

Sensational Sunday to all.

Maria Lima said...

Helps self to rolls and coffee...yum.

Spending a lovely quiet weekend and looking forward to seeing friends and making new ones at Bouchercon next week.

Beth said...

Japanese food is my favorite, andi. We have a great sushi place, luckily, but no great Japanese nearby, sigh. Wanted to hit the international district yesterday, but ran out of time.

Have fun, maria - sounds like a great conference!!

Getting ready to head back home - but first, a stop at Trader Joe's! Then home to football.

Relaxing Sunday to all -

Dina said...

Please pass me a roll. I have the tea.

Barely awake but looking forward to seeing Maria in FOUR days and counting.

Conda V. Douglas said...

I agree with Andi and Beth--sushi rolls rule (sorry, early Sunday).

And since my partner is off to a workshop this weekend, I'm working too!

Kimberly Frost said...

Afternoon, everyone.

(Helps self to green tea, needing the pick-me-up.) Am editing and am tired of editing!

Far - hope the plugging away goes well.

Lisa - good job on the will power to only take one roll

Maria - wish I'd see you at the con, but will be home working. Hope to hear about it here or on LJ

Hugs to everyone else.

Have a wonderful rest-of-Sunday!

AndiF said...

Afternoon everyone.

We did had sushi and sashimi but we had all kinds of other dishes, including a wonderful rice noodle salad and our very favorite dish.

Beth said...

Never heard of it, andi, but I'll keep my eyes open next time I see a Japanese restaurant!

Home safely. Fun weekend. Ready to be home though. Snow levels dropping this week - we'll have white peaks around us soon....

Back to football...

Beth said...

PS - Sorry about KC, Nancy - argh.

Lisa M said...

Snow? Heck the leaves have just started changing here. Course that white stuff is foreign to us most of the year.

Speakin' of foreign. Andi--I learn so much from those in other parts of the land. Love custard but this looks different.
I'm fixing pot roast and roast potatoes for dinner. Thought I was being pretty out there using sweet potatoes with the russet. Guess I'm just down home.

Waves to Conda,Dina and Maria.
Kimber--Edit is becoming an unsavory word in my vocab.

Maryb said...

Hi everyone. The weekends go so fast. I spent most of today cleaning my kitchen cabinets. Boring but necessary.

My sympathies to the cubs fans (Andi). Maybe next year ...

Maryb said...

Nancy, I made a comment with you in mind over at BooTrib in the photo essay on the Bruce Springsteen concert. After I made it I realized there is hardly anyone there anymore who would get the joke. Or maybe even realize it was a joke. lol!

boran2 said...

Oooh, I want some of those! Is it too late?

Nancy P said...

Maryb, lol! I'm so glad you told me to look there. Too funny. God only knows what they think of you now. :p

I loved the series of comments about how odd it is to think that Atrios might be real.

Boran2 has a funny comment there, too, that newbies may not grok.

::passes the last roll to b2::

Speaking of eating rolls, where the heck is katiebird these days? I will e her tomorrow and find out. You don't think she could, gasp, have a life?

Nancy P said...

Beth, thank you for the sympathy. I am beyond caring! Besides, I'll always have Mizzou.