Thursday, October 9, 2008

Even more gorgeous

Photo by Andif. No words by NancyP.


Nancy P said...

Nicola, how you feeling? I wasn't sure if you are back home?

Katiebird, don't catch that cold!

Far, I LOVE that cloud photo.

Maria, hug EVERYbody for me, k?

Beth, just. . .hi, kiddo.

Kelly, how are the electrons?

Hey, Conda, whatcha writin'?

Nancy P said...

Lisa! I didn't forget you. I just didn't get you written down.

Nancy P said...

Andi, you outdid yourself with those two autumn photos this week. Got more?

Manuél said...

Waving hi!

So jealous of the autumn colors. We don't get that luxury around here with the abundance of cactus and dirt.

AndiF said...

Why yes, Nancy. I do have more -- it would probably surprise you to kow that the woods are full of leaves.

Here, have a little peek at them. [LINK] :)

Okay, okay. You can have more than a peek. [LINK]

Hey Manny, don't slam your saguaro -- nobody's microchipping our trees to keep them from being stolen. [LINK]

Nicola Slade said...

Hi Nancy,
Well, I've contemplated painting a big yellow plague cross on the front door but am settling instead for staying home and not breathing on anyone. Must suggest to husband that chocolate is known to cure all manner of ailments.
And now that I've drunk gallons of tea I suppose I ought to do a bit of work. Chapter 6 beckons rather insistently and is refusing to accept any excuses!

I'm loving all these autumnal photos of trees, etc. We rarely get much in the way of colour but there's a smidge of yellow showing in our woods now.

Lisa M said...

The comfortably shabby, merlot leaves take a final bow as the mercury slides to cuddle up season.

Nancy, A great hostess provides the place then settles back to let the guests celebrate the party.
Just offer up a drink or a bite and we're all quite content.

Morning Andi, thanks for the bonus shots.

Manuel and Nicky, I love you guys from various parts of the world keeping us up on how it is different yet we are drawn together.
Nicky, pamper self. That editing monster does stalk in many corners cause it's in my house too.

Fabulous Friday for All.

supersoling said...

Hello everyone :o)
I feel a little ignant after misreading Nancy's Lion post. I thought it read "I'd be a Lion, not "I'd be Lion (lyin) :o) Then proceeded to list off what I'd be, like I was emptying a box of animal crackers :o) Ah well, goofy is as goofy does :o)

Autumn is my favorite time of year, actually. Flannel shirts and crisp, blue skies. It always seems like you can smell the ocean more around here too at this time of year, with a wisp of fireplaces burning. Pumpkin patches and football. Huge pots of spaghetti and clam chowder. Nor'easters. Pine needles and seaweed :o)


FARfetched said...

Morning all!

Remind me to regale y'all with the story of the Hong Kong Gang that Can't Write Straight. They keep not correcting the same error, over & over. Bah. I'm trying not to go all American Ballistic on them, but I have to admit I let some teeth show with this morning's latest email.

Andi, that second picture is kind of disturbing… like a tall, leggy, naked giant. "Dood! Pantz!"

Nancy, thanks for the luvz. Everybody, can you keep the cafe warm while I ride to work? Woohoo, the weekend's coming!

Beth said...

I saw that too, Farf! :-)

Beautiful pics, andi. Our leaves are mostly yellows out here - and just now getting going. First frost was yesterday.

Get better soon, Nicola!

Having minor surgery today - eesh. Wish me luck.

TGIF, everyone! Hope you have fun plans for the weekend.

boran2 said...

It is gawgeous! We've gotten lots of color here, and some ice on the windshield. Off to Cape May for the weekend!

Conda V. Douglas said...

Hey Nancy, all, beautiful pic today, Andi, makes me feel okay that it's cold and wet here today!

And I'm writin' w.i.p., workin' on w.i.p. and determined to finish this book in a year, if it kills me, which we'll see--hm, murder by the book? Naw, been done.

Nancy P said...

Far and Beth, I thought it might be just me who was seeing a couple of those photos through a dirty lens, lol. And, yeah, dude! Ur Missin Ur Pantz!

super, I did wonder how lion inspired platypus, but hey, we go with the creative flow around here. :D

Lisa, Manny is fooling you. He's really not so far away, just down in one of those southwestern states.

Nancy P said...

Andif, love your tree pron (as they type it on the interwebs).

Conda, writers can never die while they have a w.i.p. That is the good news. And the bad news.

Boran2, come back with photos to paint, 'k?

Hey, kb and Nicola! We have a special room for sick people, just like in the pediatrician's office. You guys sit over there>>>>>>, and we'll bring you tea and buttered toast.

Lisa, the editing monster is your friend. Uh huh.

AndiF said...

Hope you feel better, kb and Nicola. Allow me to off up my bubbe's cure.

It's funny that about the man w/o pants -- in all the times I've looked at that tree, I've never noticed that ... probably because I've always been focused (very, very literally) on figuring out how to take an interesting shot through the weird "hole".

And Nancy, you'll be seeing plenty more leaf p*rn -- if they're not on a tree, I'll shoot 'em on the ground. ;)

Nicola Slade said...

Thanks for kind wishes, all - just be glad you're not within sneezing distance, it's not pretty!
And thanks Lisa M, I'm loving this dropping in to chat - I don't visit many blogs regularly, just a New England one and a couple of English ones and I too am intrigued by the same-yet-different aspects. 'Two nations divided by a common language' - that was Winston Churchill, wasn't it? I had to ask someone the other day what Root Beer was which probably raised some eyebrows, but we don't have it round this neck of the woods.

I only fell in here by accident when I googled one of my favourite mystery writers and found myself curled up with a coffee amongst her friends. Such fun!
(And forced seclusion has some benefits - I've written more than 1000 words today - hopefully in some semblance of order.)

Lisa M said...

Beth, positive energy for surgery.

Nancy, alright I'll invite edit monster out of closet or from under the bed. He can sit on the couch or in the recliner while I write.
I figured Manny was in Arizona or N. Mexico but that's almost a world away from the forests of Ohio.

Super, I love your description of fall. Would love to visit your oceanside.

Going to homecoming at the high school tonight. Football in Texas--Big Deal.
Oh and there is a game tomorrow.
TEXAS vs oklahoma.

Waves to all.
Hook'em Horns.

Kelly McCullough said...

Nancy, I am wrestling the electrons to the ground, one at a time. I broke 50k yesterday and, since this is a YA, that puts me 12-15k from the end of this thing. Looking forward to that muchly.

Beth, Nicola, good wishes to both of you on the health front.

Andi, I see the pantsed tree as well. Oh, and don't slam your saguaro sounds a bit like a euphemism to boot.

Lisa, Farf, Manny, Super, Boran, Conda--waves.

AndiF said...

"Oh, and don't slam your saguaro sounds a bit like a euphemism to boot."

Umm, "slamming"? ... well if it's an innuendo, it's also damn good advice.

Kelly McCullough said...

I don't know, it seems to fit right in with hammering, pounding, banging, etc. There's a long and colorful history of sexual innuendo that would be quite painful if practiced literally. It's really the cactus spines that worry me more.

AndiF said...

Well Kelly ... once a prick, always a prick.

Kelly McCullough said...

Ooh, I take your point and cry hold, enough.

I was trying to find a pun for thorn but my brain is in an advanced state of jello at the moment.

AndiF said...

I was trying to find a pun for thorn but my brain is in an advanced state of jello at the moment.

Too bad -- now you're stuck with me as a thorn in your side. ;)

Lisa M said...

Wow, Andi and Kelly-- I thought I left that kinda talk at work. Not that my kids would pick up on slamming saguaros.
Andi, rapier wit.
Not gonna challenge you to word wrestling.

Absolutely gorgeous night for Homecoming. Beautiful moon, the home team winning and very cute king and queen crowned.

Manuél said...

hahahahaha, best saguaro thread evar

FARfetched said...

Slam your saguaro… I really want to go there, but just can't come (ahem) up (cough) with anything. Wouldn't want my prickly side to show anyway.

I thought I was going to do some writing this evening, but… well, take a look. I should be better tomorrow. Not like I'm under any pressure at the moment, anyway.