Thursday, October 2, 2008


Thank you for participating in our poetry day yesterday. It was lovely, yes?

Here's one of the equally lovely photos that Andif was inspired to contribute.


Nancy P said...

That was nice. Let's do it again sometime.

Nancy P said...

I have no blog birthdays listed for October. Did I miss somebody?

AndiF said...

Well make sure you write down B2.

Poetry day was a great idea. Do you think doing it the first of every month would too often?

I couldn't bear to watch the debate. Anybody want to share his or her impressions?

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Hand up in support for monthly poetry.

Andi- Thanks for always illustrating our words so well.

Debate-hmmm I watched. No surprises, no big blunders on either side. Politics as usual.
I wish I could feel inspired, hopeful. But don't think either side has the guts to do what we need. But solving a financial crisis isn't sexy and exciting.

Farf, I'm blown away by your talk of the long gas line. Curious where you live.

This is the first year I haven't gotten a raise as a teacher. Because our state legislature has restructured school funding. Brilliant politics abounds--Not. We are having an election to raise taxes next week to have funds for even a slight bump for teacher pay. Let's not talk about keeping up with inflation.
End rant. Bah----Politics.

Yeahhhhhhh FRIDAY. Wooohooo Weekend

Maria Lima said...

::basking in the afterglow::

Poetry day was lovely and I'd love to do it again.

Andi - totally didn't watch the debate. I'm being a grumpus and staying away from most politics. I know how I want to vote.

Lisa - yeeks!! No raise utterly sucks. Our best resources (teachers, librarians, cops, etc.) get the shafted in pay scales, IMHO. ::grumps some more::

On a smaller scale, my week is looking up and yay, Friday!! In 5 days, I'm shuffling off to Charm City for Bouchercon.

Beth said...

DEFINITELY three thumbs up for Poetry Day, and I'd love to do it again! Skipped the debate (surprise surprise). Key issues keep me voting the same year in and year out.

I have lots of teacher friends, Lisa, and am always angered by the outrageous salaries sports figures and movies stars make, while teachers and firemen and policemen, etc., make pennies. Someone has their priorities screwed up - and I'm a HUGE sports fan!

Off to Seattle with the girls for a rainy weekend, so I won't be around much. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

FARfetched said...

Hey all! Enjoyed poetry day too. I also skipped the debate, got all I wanted to know second-hand via Twitter. It went down pretty much as expected, nobody face-planted & few will even remember it in a week or so. I was busy ranting on my blog about the lame excuses my sinnertors gave for supporting the bailout.

Nancy, Daughter Dearest's b-day is Oct. 14. I don't know if we want to start including family members or not, just sayin'.

Lisa, I'm in north Georgia, an hour or so north of Atlanta. Hope you get a decent raise soon; I'm with everyone else here w/r/t our priorities.

Working at home today… I was supposed to be in a training-ish meeting yesterday (my usual work at home day), and they postponed it. Meh. I usually don't work at home on Fridays, but that cheesed me off to the point where I did it anyway.

Nancy P said...

I think a monthly poetry day is a great idea. We can do it until we get tired of it.

I watched the debate. It changed some minds, with more indies now decided on O/B than on McC/P. According to the insta-polls, Biden won it going away, which is my opinion, too. I have very strong feelings and opinions about it, but I won't say more, because this is not, by my choice, a political blog.

I'm off to work on Sally's porch.

Maryb said...

I vote for a monthly poetry day. I think that's a great idea.

I watched the debate. I agree with N. All my comments are in the BoomanTribune liveblog last night. The REAL question is how will it be portrayed by Tina Fey and Company. :)

I should say that I know a number of local bloggers who had press passes to be on the Washington University campus (where it was held) but not in the debate itself. I know they milled around talking to the media outside so I'm waiting for their stories. One of them apparently ended up successfully inviting one of the BBC reporters to the corner bar that he operates and may have been interviewed. I couldn't completely tell from his twitters - so I need to ask him in person.

From a personal point of view, the debate is always a pain in the neck because they lock down the streets around campus - which is not too far from where I work. So it screws up rush hour.

Conda V. Douglas said...

I already have another poem for poetry day.

Gorgeous pic, Andif.

bono said...

Yes, please. Poetry rocks.

Thank you for making this a politics free zone, Nancy. Being here is like a refuge from the storm called election. :-p

Lisa, hope you get a raise soon! Beth have fun is Seattle. Maria, where is Charm City? Farf, hurray for working at home, especially with the gas shortages. Hi, Maryb, Conda and Andif.

supersoling said...

Poetry, yes,
politics, not so much :o) Kinda burned out on all of it. I mean ALL of it :o)

The only person I know of who's birthday falls in October is my Pop. But he passed away in 2005. Still, I celebrate him in my heart on that day and every other day :o)

I think it's about time that teachers were allowed to practice free agency like sports figures. I don't think states and school districts should have salary caps like sports, though :o)

Me, I've been unemployed for 5 weeks now. Longest time in my working life. Tomorrow though, I'm going to sell myself (hopefully) to a well established custom paint shop. Confidence is a little shaken lately, but not by much :o)
Fingers crossed.

Oh, btw, for those familiar with me, I cut off all of my hair. Well, not exactkly all of it. I don't look like a neo nazi or anything :o)

Maria Lima said...

Bono, Charm City is the beautiful city of Baltimore. Just up the road a piece from me, as I'm in the DC area. I'm really looking forward to it, as I rarely attend B'con.

Cheers, all and hope your Friday has gone well.

Nancy P said...

Super, you cut your hair?! Well, I'm sure you're still handsome. :) I hope the job comes through for you. Some of us have seen photos of your superb automotive paint/art work. That shop would be crazy not to take you.

Hint: if you ever want to link to a photo here. . . :)

boran2 said...

Hi all. I did not participate but enjoyed lurking and reading.

Super, Good luck with everything.

supersoling said...

there was so much of it on the floor I probably could've woven a yurt with it! lol

And of course the kids wanted to know what I did with their Daddy :o)

picture alert!

That's the May 2003 cover of Poular Hot Rodding magazine. My work is the car on the left :o)

Nancy P said...

Do you mean it's the gorgeous kind-of chartreuse car?

Nancy P said...

Also--yurt! Snort. Yurt snort.

There's a touching little movie, called something like, "The Weeping Camel," that has yurts in it and the viewer gets to see one inside. It was really attractive in the movie, although I have no idea what one would be like in RL. But I'm going to assume that the furniture within your hair-yurt is very attractive.


supersoling said...

Yep, the chartreuse one (rolls eyes) :o) That's actually a stock Volkswagen color from a 60's Beetle. Go figure customer taste :o)

And of the course the furniture in my imaginary superhair woven yurt would be the most oppulent! lol

Maryb said...

Super, you cut your hair?!!? I'm having a hard time thinking about that. hmmm. ok, I'm sure you look great. And think of the drying time you'll save. but ... um ... dare I ask about the facial hair?

Good luck with the job. I'd light a candle for you but I don't believe ... well, except in the totally superstitious Irish sense and not even that much. So I'll just cross my fingers for you.

Nancy, I think I'm the only person at this blog with no talent. It's a good thing that I'm a good talent appreciator.

Nancy P said...

Lol, Maryb, but some of us allegedly talented people think you have a talent for something some of us don't--earning a regular effing living! Besides, I just know that you are busy knitting works of art in your spare time.

Nancy P said...

I'm going to close up this shop and open tomorrow's, but anybody who wants to stay here and chat is more than welcome.