Friday, November 14, 2008

Saturday Starter

I want one of these^^^^.


FARfetched said...

One of those or a just plain coffee… either way, it's OK!

Paul Lamb said...

Iced tea for me, thank you very much (unsweetened, of course). Get a load of the coffee Mark is chasing over at The Elegant Variation:

AndiF said...

Coffee is brewing right now. Smells wonderful.

Meanwhile, would you like some adorable with your cute? [LINK]

Maria Lima said...

Mmmm, a very larger mocha, please, with a side of croissant.


Icky grey day outside, perfect for staying home and writing, but alas, I must away--at least for a bit. Hair appointment at 9.

The writing didn't get done last night due to a late afternoon work emergency. I was in a horribly foul mood when I got home. :(

Better now, thank goodness. Have had some interesting thoughts about the tenor/direction of book 3, though. Perhaps a silver lining?

Morning, folks and hope your Saturday is grand!

Dina said...

Hi, all! Maria, sorry about your bad day, but hope that today is better. I have to teach so I think I need to large hot chocolates to get me out the door.

Lisa M said...

Beautiful but breezy morning here.
Hubby's camping this weekend so hope to get plenty of words on paper. Been stuck for so long that I'm having trouble being in the moment with the story now that I know what ending is.
Dang this work thing interupting our passions. Maria, enjoy getting hair done and then snuggle in for some good writing time.

Paul, that wasn't a drink that was artwork. That is the upside of the city, having coffeeshops and such to get delectables.

Andi, I'm thinking of your niece's cupcake place too. The smell of coffee brewing in the morning--wonderful.
What a great picture of pups!

Waves to Dina and all that come.

Sensational Saturday to All.

Anonymous said...

Morning, all. Back home. The sun is rising, so at least I'm not facing a dark gloomy day - but it's 37 out there, not 77. Sigh.

Definitely cranky today. Guess I should have stayed at the beach! Need to get back to writing - after I unpack and try to find a routine again. Not to mention the friends who were supposed to stay every now and then during medical procedures, but seem to have moved in for the duration. I think I'll go help with the chicken houses, Far.

I might have to walk down the street and get one of those, Nancy - it looks yummy! Lattes are my favorite - well, mochas are, but I try to avoid the chocolate.

Have a great Saturday, everyone - enjoy the peace and quiet, Lisa! Productive day to all!

Nancy P said...

Morning, far, paul, andi, maria, dina, beth, lisa.

Y'all, if you ever met Maria you would never, ever after, be able to picture her in a foul mood. Dina, is it even possible that she can do that? (Maria has a brilliant smile and twinkly eyes.)

Nancy P said...

Andi, that there is now my fav of all your dog pics. They look so sweet and handsome among the beautiful leaves.

bono said...

Gray and gloomy here. Glad the leaf vacuum came to remove the leaves piled along the curb before the snow arrives again this weekend. Possible 6-9" by Monday. :-(

Have a good one.

maryb said...

That looks good. I wish someone would bring one over here to me.

It's cold and rainy today. Nothing worse than soggy leaves on the ground. They were even predicting some snow flurries for this morning but I didn't see any.

Thinking about Beth at the beach - I like to look at the ocean even in cold weather. When my youngest sister lived in Oregon for a few years I went out and visited her. I always thought it would be wonderful to have a place on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific. Not for the summer but for the winter. Something about the grey ocean and the wind while I'm inside with a warm fire ... just sounds wonderful. (Until west coast falls off into the Pacific ocean and eastern Oregon suddenly becomes the coast).

Or maybe I'm just thinking that if I'm going to look out my window at cold and wet - it ought to at least be something grand, like a cold wet ocean.

Nancy P said...

Bummer, bono!

I'm not ready for snow, though I did buy gloves today. And socks. The glamorous life of the author.

Maryb, that's my idea of gray day scenery, too, at least until I have to go out into those cold ocean "breezes."

Anonymous said...

I agree, maryb. I am even considering living on the Oregon coast, just for that reason - winter storms and warm fires. But the high temps in the summer are 70...kind of cool for a beach girl like me!

It's 50 here - heatwave! I'm off for a walk - pretending I'm back in CA strolling the beach trail...

A girl can dream, can't she?

FARfetched said...

About to start some bread. What to do: challah, garlic knots, or something completely different?

FARfetched said...

Oh, and Beth, you're welcome to help with the chickens any time! I was suited up (so to speak) for it this morning when Mrs. Fetched decided I needed to make the rounds of various banks instead (two deposits, one payment). DoubleRed had to drop off her laptop at Bust Buy [sic, was a typo but I like it] so we combined the trip(s).

Nancy, work's enough to make anyone cranky. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Eh, no biggie, Far. I expect lots of rejection before someone shows interest. I broke the ice, and that's what matters. Everyone doesn't like chocolate ice cream!

At least it's WARM in those chicken houses!! :-)

Nancy P said...

What would that "something completely different" be, Far? I am leaning toward garlic knots.

Lisa m said...

Hot Bread--I'm on my way, Farf.

I'm with Nancy voting for Garlic Knots. Haul out the butter any hot bread is good bread.

Blue water, warm beaches, hotties bringing tall fruit drinks with umbrellas.
I'm there.

Gray, cold water. I'm a wimp.

FARfetched said...

They're done… better hurry!

Nancy P said...

Oh, yum! Looks like katiebird sneaked in and nibbled at the edges. (Where is she anyway?? Does she have a life? The noive.)