Thursday, November 27, 2008

I can haz left-ovrz, plz?

Photo by Andif


Anonymous said...

U can send left-ovrz to me, plz? I haz avocado sammich for dinner. No turkey. No stufin. No pumkin pie.

Maybe I findz chocolate in kitchin.....

Nancy P said...

Bethers, U can haz our left-ovr pie. No haz turkee,srsly. Haz soop. Want? Itz on itz way 2 U.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Oh, Beth, u cumz to r place--we haz 2 much, 2 much, tooo full, can't mooove...

AndiF said...

Ya know what ... lol-eeze is a pain in the butt to try to read first thing in the morning. ;P

::wanders off to look for more opportunities to be cranky ... Sniff, move over, dammit, and share the couch::

Nancy P said...

Andee needz nap, lol.

I feel as if I gained l8 pounds yesterday and I didn't even have an official Thanksgiving Day feast. I'll work it off today by doing some serious typing.

Does anybody here go shopping on Black Friday?

Anonymous said...

My sis and BIL used to do the 3am thing, and I joined them a couple of times. It was fun, since I wasn't buying anything, but could simply watch them follow their plan of attack. We chatted while standing in the lines, and by noon were done and eating lunch at their favorite Mexican restaurant. Margaritas at noon are okay when you've been up since 3! No presents really for me this year, so I'm in bed instead of in line.

And waiting for the mailman to deliver my left-ovrz (sorry andi!)

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! I'm at Dina's on her computer. :)

We went to her brother's last night for a fabulous dinner - he is a brilliant cook and we ate until we were comatose.

Came back and stayed up late talking, then I couldn't sleep due to inspiration, so I got up at 5:00 a.m. and spent 3 hours writing notes and background for Blood Lines (book 3).

We're off in a few to her friend's house to bake cookies...and by that I mean - they will bake and I will be QA. ::g::

Hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend!

Jen said...

Hey, who wants a turkey omelet?

I have never done Black Friday for ideological reasons but honestly I don't even know how people do it practically speaking. It seems crazier than naked rugby in a hurricane to me...actually, there's a greater chance I could be persuaded to do naked rugby in a hurricane.

Kelly McCullough said...

I'm with Jen, I accidentally wondered out to the store on the day after thanksgiving once about 20 years ago. I took one look at the parking lot and went home with the resolve never to do it again.

On lft-ovrz frnt, Bth, can haz ourz--waz makin grate wall of tupperwarez last nite.

Nancy P said...

turkey omelet, lol. I shudder. Even worse: turkey fritata.

What's the worst turkey leftover dish you can think of?

Maria, what's "QA"? Quite Addicted? Quaintly Appreciative?

"grate wall of tupperwarz," lol.

Anonymous said...

I assume you DON'T mean things like turkey sundaes and pancakes, NP....

AndiF said...

Why would anyone go to a store, when you can shop online?

QA - quality assurance

Worst turkey leftover -- turkey a la king.

So Kelly, is that last paragraph in the style of your next book?

FARfetched said...

Whew… quiet house for a change.

Ghost, shooting my way out is passé. Thank God for iPhones… when the in-laws start up their "ignert and proud of it" fest, I can just wedge in the headphones and turn up trance[]control until the background noise is only a factor in between tracks.

I managed to stuff myself to just short of miserable two meals. Some of us came up to the manor and gave Daughter Dearest's Wii a workout… mostly golf (at which I pwned the others) and bowling (got pwned). Until past midnight, at which point I went to bed. They kept going until who knows when.

DD and her aunt (the one who fell off the horse a couple months back) left at 3am to go Black Friday shopping; they should be back any time now. If they survived.

All the leftovers are down at the in-laws; this is one of the tables (and yes, that's my bread at the bottom of the frame). But leftovers or not, Beth and all y'all are always welcome at the manor.

Family Man said...

Hi Nancy and everyone.

Left overs for the next week. Oh Joy! Still got a house full of people, and I would think that George is barked out by now, but he just reaches deep down somewhere and keeps barking.

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and are able to relax and enjoy today.

Take care all


Lisa M said...

Andi--It's not even early and my brain is struggling with Cutzzzzz talk.
People count was 27 yesterday.
One could lose a limb if the ziplock bags of leftovers avalanched out of the back fridge.

We're making a mercy run Saturday across the Red River into OK to take sonboy a belated Turkey day meal.

Went to see King Tut exhibit this morning. No Black Friday shopping.
What the heck do you go shopping for at 4am anyway?

Nancy P said...

Lisa, lol, about the mercy run to sonboy. And the avalanching refrigerator. 27 people???

Hey, Family Man, do you have more than 27 at your house?

Conda, have I said hi recently? Hi!

And the rest a yez, howdy, too.

Lisa M said...

27 people, 2 dogs, 2 cats,and a bearded dragon lizard. But who's counting.

boran2 said...


We actually did some shopping today, but not the super early thing. Pleasant it was not.

The Thanksgiving pumpkin chocolate brownies were/are great!

Nancy P said...

Lisa. 32

pumkin chocolate, b2? Okay, if you say it was good, I'll believe you.

'Night, all.