Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Farfetched!

Happy birthday to the multi-talented, incredibly hard working, always good-natured (around here at least!) writer, dad, husband, chicken master, computer whiz, poet, helper-outer, blogger, and more, our own Farfetched!


Nancy P said...

It's a pleasure to know you! Now gimme one of those strawmberries.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy Farf! You bring a certain something to our little family. I hope you're having a wonderful birthday, and have a grand celebration planned for this evening - and tomorrow!

Nancy P said...

Andi, I saw the real katiebird! She looks wonderful and relaxed as a young retiree should, and she sends howdys (howdies?). Or would have if we'd ever stopped talking about all the other stuff going on.

AndiF said...

Continued Happy Birthday, Farf.

And to continue my salivating, I just had to bring Jen's feast description over here from the last post:
I've already baked some bread, and made a spinach-artichoke-cheese dip that should have its own place on the food pyramid. I've got two apple pies going right now, one gluten-free for E, one laden with caramel for me. Tomorrow, will be roasting up a turkey breast with some herbes de provence, the requisite dressing (E's dept) and brown gravy, sides of creamy-buttery mashed lumpy taters, green beans slow-cooked with bacon, and Brussels sprouts both steamed and roasted in olive oil.

AndiF said...

Oh and I'm really glad you weren't visited by Katiebird the Haint ... so you give her big IRL hugs.

Nancy P said...

I gave her the IRL hugs and smiles.

She had a brilliant suggestion for my website. I am a stubborn little cuss about promoting indie book stores, so I have provided links only to those stores on my site, and forgoing the usual Amazon links. But kb pointed out that doing it that way is not--for various reasons--selling many of my back list of books that are available only as Print on Demand from Simon & Schuster. So she suggested linking to Amazon for those. I think I'm finally ready to do that without feeling as if I'm betraying my indie bookstore friends and supporters. They can't help it if they can't as easily stock PODs and I can't help it, either. And I need to be able to make those books more accessible to fans.

Kelly McCullough said...

Happy B-Day again, FarF.

Nancy, great to hear that KB is doing well.

FARfetched said...

Woo, thanks! Let me grab one of those strawberries! Good to hear you saw the Real KB — she must have had one of those out of body experiences the other morning?

Hey Beth, that "certain something" is… chicken feathers? I think we're going to Ruby Tuesday's in a little while… better be soon, all of us skipped lunch!

Continued thanks, Andi — Jen's feast sounds really good. I'm starting bread this evening, not sure if I'll do Parker House rolls or challah bread just yet. Unfortunately, the sourdough was a FAIL… the starter died in the fridge, and subsequent attempts never started. I tried again this morning, and it looked successful except for the tiny ants all in it. Oh well, if at first you don't succeed, try again. Then give up. :-P

The turkey's thawing in the sink (yeah, yeah, call me a traditionalist) and there's plenty of fresh herbs to rub on it if I get anywhere near it.

Lisa M said...

Happy Birthday--Farf

Jen, I'm wanting that homemade bread and spinach-artichoke-cheese dip. Nobody in my family bakes bread.

I'll hit the menu highlights: Hubby's doing Fire grilled turkey(already done), spiral ham, brisket, my aunt's bringing her cheese grits and chocolate eclair cake, Father in law bringing yams, sis in law--grandmother's spicy macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, and pumpkin chiffon pie, other sis in law cornbread dressing, lemon, chocolate, and coconut meringue pies, I'm doing cranberry orange relish and pecan pie. I'm slacking this year.

Gotta go make dinner for tonight--smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes(Daughtergirl request), broccoli and cake mix cookies. Really easy cookies
Any cake mix, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup oil. Roll into balls and bake for 13 min. at 350. I'm making triple fudge and orange(lemon's good too).

Nancy, that's a great idea. The snowflake guy has really good marketing ideas on his website for authors.
Waves to all.

Maria Lima said...

Far! Strawberries and CAKE and welcome to my decade. So far, it's been grand.

::blows the little paper horn thingie::

bono said...

Farf, you young'un you. Happy birthday and many more! Sending loads of good wishes your way.

Mmm, you guys are making me hungry. Between Jen and Lisa, I think I'll go eat din-din.

Traveling tomorrow. Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. And speaking of thanks giving, thank you, Nancy, for this warm and entertaining community.

Family Man said...

Happy Happy Birthday FAR!!!!!!!

Wow I didn't even know. Just remember though, you haven't hit geezerhood yet. :)

Nancy P said...

Hi, Bono, FM, and Kelly! Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all.

"broccoli and cake mix cookies"

Uh, Lisa? Everything else sounds wonderful, but those? I think I'll pass. :P

Lisa M said...

I'm 14 lbs lighter so broccoli to put a little green healthy amid the pork chop gravy and bread tonight.
Hey isn't Thanksgiving fill your plate with just the good stuff day?

Nancy P said...

14 pounds, wow, Lisa! Nice going!

But cookies made of broccoli and cake mix? hee

boran2 said...

Happy birthday (50th) Far! I hope that you're out celebrating. Now let me have a piece of that cake!

Lisa M said...

Triple fudge cookies,little missy.
Broccoli seperate thank you very much.

Dina said...

Happy, happy! Enjoy your day, Farf.

Lisa said...

Raspberries on that cake.

Nancy P said...

lol, they ARE raspberries!

Nancy P said...

G'night, boran2, whenever you arrive, and g'night, Far. Hope it was a really nice birthday.

FARfetched said...

Oh noes! But they're HUGE raspberries.

Thanks everyone, I really do appreciate the well-wishes and good sentiments. The peeps in meatspace got me cards, a dinner out, and several gifts of $50. Seemed to be a pattern there for some reason. ;-)

I bought a $50 iTunes card with some of the money, which will clog my iPhone with music & games over the next few months.

There will very likely be cake with the turkey tomorrow, so I'm not done yet… having a b-day hit at a major holiday is a good excuse to stretch it out a bit.

Hope y'all stuff yourselves silly tomorrow, but not gain any weight! Oh… and "make sure your neighbors have something to be thankful for."

Janet said...

Happy Belated birthday Farf!!