Friday, November 28, 2008

Need Green


Nancy P said...

Peeps need green.

Anonymous said...

First snow finally fell today. Gray sky, white ground. 36 more hours and I head toward green and sunshine. Wish you all could come with me! SAD kicking in BIG time. Would love to not have to deal with it, and enjoy winter again. But for now, I must escape.

Packing and football tomorrow, my last day in CDA. Then will sneak quietly away, and start the next chapter of my adventure/life.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Enjoy the leftovers!

Nancy P said...

SAD's bad when you're already sad.
Sweet dreams. And may all your teams win tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


AndiF said...

Good adventuring, Beth.

We can haz green [LINK], Nancy, lots and lots of green [LINK].

Morning everyone.

Lisa M said...

Green is beautiful--Andi.
Love hammocks.
We still have green and plenty of color in Texas. We go in slow motion towards winter here.
Week's gone too fast. So sad to end it.

Today we go over the river and through the woods to sonboy.
Brother away to OK and daughter back to Austin--life back to normal here.
Empty nest be good.
Maybe tomorrow I can even have time to write.

Sensational Saturday to all.

Maria Lima said...

Green is good. :)

I'm commandeering Dina's computer for the morning as she's still sleeping. I'm packed and looking forward to breakfast at the Original Pancake House on our way to the train station.

We spent yesterday at her friend's house, baking 28 batches of kourambiathes(traditional Greek cookies), with a break to Chocolates with Love, a local indie choccy store.

It's been a great holiday! Hope everyone continues to enjoy the weekend.

Nancy P said...

Ooo, greeeeeen. Andi, I love the first one, but the second one is now on my list of favs. You'll all be seeing those soon on the front page. I'm needing green scenes.

Maria? Those cookies look so easy to make. Did they top them with anything? Sprinkle powdered sugar on top, for instance? I don't know why I think you'll see this, since you're traveing today.

Lisa, welcome back to Normal, Tx.

Maria Lima said...

Nancy, cookies were iced with a drizzled confectioner's sugar based icing with almond flavor.

TRES yummy. I'm getting to take some of them home with me. :)

Nancy P said...

Maria, you're still there! Thank you. I'm going to make those for a xmas cookie party I'm going to. I looove xmas xookies, especially ones with ixing.

Kelly McCullough said...


From yesterday, Andi, no that would be in the style of my last book, as in; no can haz contracks for lolbook.

Dina said...

Hi, all. Maria forgot to mention that she helped make them. We also use Christmas cookie cutters to make the cookies instead of the usual half moon. It is a thick cookie but very good.

Nancy, the recipe was missing the most important ingredient - brandy! You need to add about a tablespoon and a half for each batch. We make 4 batches at a time (28 in total) so it is quite an undertaking.

The icing is simply milk, confectioners sugar and almond extract that is dribbled over the cooled cookie.

Let me know if you bake them! I tried to send you the recipe last year but apparently I had an old email address, then with everything going on with Mother I forgot all about it.

Nancy P said...

Dina, lol! Never let a non-cook send a recipe, that's our motto. Just a little thing like the brandy, eh?
It's funny that I was interested in this cookie last year, too. There must be something about it that triggers my Want glands.

Family Man said...

Hi Nancy and everyone.

The first group just left for home, and I think I can detect George's bark going down in decibels. :)

It has been raining her for the last two days and it's cloudy and gray. On Monday we'll have a low of 24 and high of 49. I really wished this weather would make up its mind. :)

I hope everyone is doing fine and recovering from the holiday. I see leftovers here for the next week. Not that I'm complaining. :O

Everyone take care.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Okay, guys, now I have to make my Christmas cookies, the shortbread ones in fun Christmas shapes with icing and and colored sprinkles and I've already gained 5 pounds and...

Anyway, good traveling Beth--it's going to be awhile since it's green here, so keep the great photos coming Nancy and Family man enjoy those leftovers (turkey curry anyone?).

Nancy P said...

Mmmm, love shortbread.

I'm actually kind of missing having turkey leftovers. And believe it or not, I love Turkey Ala King. I know, Andi, blech, right?

Family Man, left-over food is good, left-over relatives not so much. In our family, that is.

FARfetched said...

Green is good.

A rainy day on Planet Georgia. I love the thought of packing and spending a winter on the beach.

But please don't say football where I can hear… the Lions suck enough to make a hard vacuum breathable by comparison. Lordy.

Well, I started typing on this note this morning, now it's 4pm. In the interim, I've started a loaf of bread & soldered the F-connector back on P.O.D.'s TV for him (whether it'll work or not is another question). Mrs. Fetched made a sad face & said she only got one piece off the last loaf of regular bread… but she *did* get her fill of challah bread. So Dina, you put 1-1/2 T of brandy in the cookies? How much more in you & Maria?

So anyway, Mrs. Fetched & DD are getting groceries, and I have a little peace & quiet at the moment. Shortly, I will go to where The Boy used to live & attempt to install a new gas heater in place of the old one. Shutoff is right there at the heater… shut it off, unbolt the old one, bolt on the new one. "How hard can it be?" If you hear a loud noise from the general vicinity of Planet Georgia & never hear from me again, well… I'm probably reading my Asimov's or doing a little writing.

Dina said...

We were too tired at the end of the day to drink any of the brandy ourselves. Remember we baked 28 batches of the cookies!