Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Before they're gone

Here's one of what will probably be one of our last glimpses of the leaves of Andi's forest this year. We've had so much pleasure from them! Soon we'll get some of those dramatic bare tree photos she does so well. As we change seasons, in real life and photographically, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to our House Photographer. Thanks, Andif, from all of us, your appreciative viewers.


Nancy P said...

Mr. Farfetched? Was yesterday your birthday?? If it was, we're celebratin' later today!! (I'm really bad at this birthday list stuff!)

Nancy P said...

Or, since it's still the 25th, I should ask if TODAY is your birthday?

FARfetched said...

Nope, it's tomorrow (as in Wednesday, the 26th). You haven't missed it yet!

Sliding sideways across the finish line as I complete 50 laps around the sun… :-P

Nancy P said...

Oh, whew!!!

We'll enjoy Andi's photo and then we'll all have BIRTHDAY CAKE! I had you down for Nov. 25. We'll probably go through this every year. :)

FARfetched said...

Don't you have a Mac? Stick the birthdays in iCal and you'll be all set!

Enough about me (until tomorrow :-D ) — If I was wearing a hat right now, I'd take it off for Andi. She does some great stuff. Maybe I'll be able to sort-of compete once I have more than a cellphone cam…

Nancy P said...

I have no idea what I'd do without Andi's photos. It's immeasurable how much they add to this place, imo. Besides, if I didn't know her I'd feel bad about stealing all these photos off the web!

Off to bed, dreaming of purty photos and purty cake.

Anonymous said...

Adding my praise for andif's gorgeous photos. Since I've seen her forest up close and personal, I can tell you her pictures make it even grander than it already is.

Off to bed to dream of - anything but bare trees and snowy ground.

Night, all, until tomorrow. And thanks, andi!

Anonymous said...

And HIPPO BIRDIE, Farf! Thanks for breaking in the big 5-0 for me - right behind ya. Have a glorious day - I'll raise a glass in your honor and pretend it's a homebrew, like we were sharing last year at this time.

Maria Lima said...

Happy Birthday, Far from the insomniac!!

Since I haven't had any decent sleep tonight, I shall avoid my rendition of the Birthday Song...you'll thank me for that, I'm sure. ;-)

::enjoying the pretty fall colors in Andi's photo::

AndiF said...

Happy Birthday, Farf! It's my wonderful m-i-l's birthday today too -- must be something about the day that brings forth good people.

And aw shucks, thanks Nancy. That's so nice of you (and also you too, Beth, Farf, and Maria). I have such fun posting pictures, I'm pretty sure I should be thanking you.

And just for Superduper Hump Day (what else could it be when it's also the end of the work week), here's some superduper humps in those bare woods. [LINK]

Morning all.

Jen said...

Tip o'the cap to Ms. AndiF for sharing her mighty fine lens-eye-view with us.

And a very Happy Milestone Birthday to Mr. Farf! Does anybody ever think it's funny to buy you chicken themed gifts? Because I wouldn't. Anyhoo, I hope you're able to celebrate in grand style, and that the coming year is your most exciting, inspiring and rewarding one yet.

Lisa M said...

Morning All

Nancy -- master blog mistress
AndiF--Photographer extraordinaire
Andi, I have so enjoyed taking pictures again. Your BEAUTIFUL landscapes and pups pictures are a touchstone with nature I love everytime. Your humps photo today is a sad one--confetti after the party look.

Farf--Happy Birthday!!!

Waves to Jen, Beth, Maria and all to come.
Thanks for all suggestions yesterday.

Wonderful Wednesday to All.

Kimberly Frost said...

Happy Birthday, Far!

And hugs and Happy Wednesday to everyone who's here and who's coming. :)

(Maria - I hope you get some rest!)


Maria Lima said...

::yawns mightily::

Morning, all and HBD for reals to Farf.

I got about 3 hrs sleep total and am knackered. Stopped at $tarbuck$ for a peppermint mocha and hope to be caffeinated soon...especially since I have a 4 hr client mtg today. (Yeah, the day before Tksgiving, go figure).

::waves at all of you::

Nancy P said...

Oh, I love the new photo, Andi. You have a great eye for line and "movement" in nature. And, no, I'm not sure what I mean, lol, except I think I mean that a photo like that--even though full of dead stuff--is not static or boring. It "moves" with the up and down of the hills and sunshine and shadow, etc.

50 fanfares for farf! And an excellent morning to Maria, Jen, Beth, Lisa, Kimberly, Andi, and All Who Come Forth. I'm having bfast with katiebird in a little while and I'll give her your bestest.

Kelly McCullough said...

Happy Birthday, FarF!

Just passing through today is Laura is home from school and that mean we have a schedule to keep. Funny old thing schedules.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Dina said...

Hi, all. Farf, happy birthday. Andi, I can't tell you how much I love your photos - fall is my favorite season and you have captured what I love about it.

I will enjoy it as I wait for the plumber to come give me a new hot water heater (ouch)

AndiF said...

Thanks Jen, Lisa and Dina.

Jen, if you stop back by, I hope you'll tell what you're cooking for the feast -- when you write about food, it's so vivid, I can smell and taste it. :)

Nancy, did you see the Real Katiebird or the Ghost of Breakfasts Past? ;)

Dina, here's hoping your water heater adventure goes better than mine last week. The plumber showed up, messed around for a bit, and then said "It isn't the water heater, it the electrical input". Cue frantic calling trying to find an electrician. Got one, got a new circuit breaker, got to pay both the plumber and the electrician.

Jen said...

Plumbers and electricians and water heaters, oh my!
/Dorothy Gale

I hope everyone's indoor plumbing is up and running ASAP.

Thanks for the compliment, Andi, flattery will get you extra homemade bread and herbed dipping oil. ;) I've already baked some bread, and made a spinach-artichoke-cheese dip that should have its own place on the food pyramid. I've got two apple pies going right now, one gluten-free for E, one laden with caramel for me. Tomorrow, will be roasting up a turkey breast with some herbes de provence, the requisite dressing (E's dept) and brown gravy, sides of creamy-buttery mashed lumpy taters, green beans slow-cooked with bacon, and Brussels sprouts both steamed and roasted in olive oil. Mmm. Will also be trying to think only of things for which I am grateful.

What's on everyone else's menu/agenda?

Nancy P said...

Jen, omg that all sounds so good.

And for dessert, birthday cake is now being served in a new thread.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time in years I haven't spent TG at my sister's house with her extended family. I have a friend coming into town for a couple of days, and I'll let her pick a restaurant. I'll be eating lasagna and wishing it was turkey and dressing and stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Your menu sounds great, Jen! I guess I could cook a meal here, huh? I never think of cooking for just a couple of people. Enjoy!

bono said...

Andif, I join the chorus offering thanks for your wonderful pix. There's a photographer (Ian Adams?) who does landscapes of Ohio in calendar format that I buy every year. The pic for the current month is of ice designs in a creek. It reminds me of some that you have shared with us. Yours are just as good - or better! If you ever want a second career, may I suggest calendars of your wonderful pix.