Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weekend yet?

I Can Haz Friday?


FARfetched said...

Buddha Cat iz medicated.

AndiF said...

Buddha Cat shud share meds so I can haz sleepies.

Continuing the description discussion ...

When I looked at this scene [LINK], I thought somebody at Nancy's ought to use this in a book -- it's so freaky and symbol-laden -- blue sky, puffy clouds, towering trees, menacing fog.

So I was wondering how often that happens -- where you see a scene or place IRL and find yourself thinking I should put that in my book. And how often you do use it.

Lisa M said...

Budda Cat Brings Friday--Yaaahooo.

Andi-Thanks for telling me to go back to sleep. It worked a day later. Able to go back to sleep until regular get up time this morning.
Great picture.
I have driven in both locations of my story looking for details that catch my eye. Since part of my novel takes place in a morphed version of where I live some of my details are impressions that I have from the last twenty years. The creek that runs behind my house is part of the setting in chapter one.
I've got many more details than I can use or I'd end up with that over salty problem Nancy mentioned. The key is picking details that will give the best bang for the buck: adding to tone, parallels, symbols, engaging five senses etc.
Andi, there would be no way I could write a story in your area that wouldn't include those gorgeous trees and that wonderful lake.

Morning to all that come.

Fabulous Friday--WEEEEEKEnd

AndiF said...

Glad it worked, Lisa. So let me just say Now do the same thing every day!

Maria Lima said...

::yawns and snuggles in with Buddha Cat::

Morning, all! I can haz Friday? Oh yes.

Andi - I am *always* snagging photos or jotting notes about places I see for future use in a scene. Many years ago in San Antonio, I worked for a man who had a cave on a ranch property he owned. Every year, sometimes a couple of times a year, the folks from the Edwards Underground Aquifer system (the aquifer is the only source of drinking water for the city), would call to ask permission to spelunk, for the purposes of measuring water tables and other such scientific things.

Texas is studded with cave systems and the idea stuck with me. I knew I eventually had to use this in a story and did so in BLOOD BARGAIN.

I only hope I continue writing long enough to use all the fabulous imagery I've saved up in my head or as photos.

Now, I must off to find coffee and make it through the work day without my right hand staffer, Cat (no relation to our photo of the day), who is off to Amsterdam for a week.

Nancy P said...

Far, lol. Lolling cat, in the old meaning of the word.

Nancy P said...

Gorgeously moody photo, Andi.

Seeing a photo of a place is what inspired the book I'm finishing now. I'm always on the lookout these days for interesting settings in Ks. Sounds like an oxymoron to most people--"interesting settings"/"Kansas"--but isn't.

Hi, Friday Lisa and Friday Maria!

Nicola Slade said...

Lovely fat cat; I have a fat one and an old thin almost blind one who walks into walls, but mostly barges straight into the fat cat!

We're promised winter weather this weekend but no sign so far; I'll be fraught anyway as it's this weekend my son and his family are off to try their luck in Australia. Don't mind the adults going! It's the three little boys I shall miss horribly. Am saving up already to visit next year and burying myself in the current book, which now has less than 15,000 words to go. Yippee.

Anonymous said...

Fat Cat Friday to all - they were predicting snow, but have changed that to just rain showers. Whew!

Sorry about the family moving so far away, Nicola - you'll have to plan a visit soon. And you never know what the future will bring.

Oh for the life of a well-loved cat, huh?

Off to start getting ready to leave for Florida next week - of course I'm second-guessing my decision, but that's par for the course right now. I need someone to take me by the hand and say, "Just do this and you'll be fine."

Have a great day, everyone.

FARfetched said...

Nancy, he looks so serene and contented. And tubby. He's probably meditating, but in lolspeak it comes out "medicated." BTW, I wouldn't assume Kansas = boring. Even an Indiana cornfield can be interesting to the right people. I'll have to post that bit of flash to the other blog when I get home (will put up link here).

Potential bad news/good news situation: I may have to take the laptop home & finish this manual over the weekend, but I'd get Wednesday off in exchange. Hm. Well, I'll be bangin' away on it today, maybe I can finish it. (not likely)

I told Daughter Dearest to tell her friend that he's supposed to take me to Osaka (local Japanese restaurant/sushi bar) for my birthday, like he did for her last month. I don't know why she hasn't; he would squirm and stammer in a most entertaining way.

Nice ominous shot, Andi. You have to look at it to realize the approaching Darkness is somewhat hidden by the trees… whether natural, man-made, or supernatural, I don't want to be there when it arrives. Kind of like the langoliers.

So… carry on, y'all. See ya this evening.

Dina said...

Buddha Cat says go back to bed. Cats here agree.

Why I am fighting this?

PS Hi to all.

AndiF said...

takes Beth's hand

You'll be fine ... no matter what you do. And I know this because it's clear that life has tripped you up any number of times and you've gotten up, picked the gravel out of your knees, and gone on to find just the right disinfectant.

Anonymous said...


Thank you, andi. My friends continue to amaze and comfort me. This has been a hell of a ride - but it would have been so much worse to be going through it alone.

Just keep holding my hand, and I'll be fine. Love you all.

Nancy P said...

::takes Beth's other hand, but has to fight off a couple of dozen other peeps to do it::

You'll not only be fine, you'll be warm.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Yes, Beth, head to sunny skies--I'd join you, but my roots are too deep here so my SAD light will have to suffice.

I'm off to turn out pages for NaNo and to finish an article under deadline, back to lurking and reading entries for a break.

Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning, all:

I love the moody photo and the discussion on inspiration that it inspired. ;)

It's sunny and cool here in Houston. I have the windows open, but since it's a little chilly, I'm editing from under the comforter.

Here everyone have some hot vanilla tea and a hug...

Anonymous said...

Big hugs to Nancy, too. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends.

::squeezing everyone's hands::

Kelly McCullough said...


On description: Not enough and your characters are running around the set of waiting for Godot. Too much and they've wandered into Marcel Proust.

bono said...

Now the creeping fog pic could be a little bit scary. I just want to make sure I'm home before it gets totally dark!

Beth, are you going to FL for the winter again? Would you please send some sun this way? :-) I think a little trip to the Sunshine State sounds wonderful. Have a great time!

Woot! Only an inch of snow here - so far. (does happy dance)

Happy start to the weekend to all!

Anonymous said...

For a few months, bono. 2? 3? 4? Will spend the holidays in NH with my sis and her family, but otherwise SW FL, where today it's "cool" at 76. Need to clear my head and figure out my next step - and get back to writing.

I'll be leaving Saturday after Thanksgiving, so time to get myself organized.

Glad you didn't get too much snow!