Saturday, November 8, 2008

Come, ooonnnnn, you guys!

Photo by Andif.
Composition by Giddy, Sniff, and Bebo.


Nancy P said...

It's cold here. Hrmmph.

FARfetched said...

And that's why The Pack is telling you to shake a leg, Nancy: you'll stay warmer!

Work followed me home. I wrestled it to the ground and emailed it back to the office about an hour ago. To reward myself, I got some beer & a bottle of rum!

I might get a little writing done tonight. Hoping, anyway…

Nancy P said...

You should have looked back over your shoulder, far.

I had hot tea made with fresh ginger root and that warmed me nicely.

Kelly McCullough said...

Carried over from yesterday:

Actually four months and a bit is the best I've done so far, but that's total time. Actual writing time on the last four has been around three months with total time running from 4-7 months. There's no virtue in it, I just happen to be a freak in a highly useful way.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be a similar freak, Kelly - first draft 3 months, rewrite 2-3 months. Of course you're a PUBLISHED freak... :-)

Overcast and misty in SF today. But the moon's popping out now. Spent the evening with my friend's family, talking writing, publishing, etc. Intelligent questions, interested listeners. For a couple of hours I forgot about my twisted reality and lost myself in my "real" world. Writing will indeed be my salvation - since Farf isn't sharing his rum and beer!

Have a great Sunday, all - church and wine tasting on the schedule here in Alameda. Let me know how the football games go!

Kimberly Frost said...

Morning, Nancy, Far, Kelly, Beth, and everyone who comes later!

It's chilly outside, which is awesome. I've got the windows open and I'm drinking hot peppermint tea.

Hope the rest of your Sunday's wonderful!


AndiF said...

Hey, says Sniff, I'm getting tired of waiting. Get a move on. [LINK]

And that, he adds, goes for you two as well! [LINK]

Morning and a pleasant to Sunday to all.

FARfetched said...

Beth, of course I'm sharing - I got it waiting for you right here!

Nancy, this morning I'm sitting by the firebox with a blanket over my otherwise bare legs. That's plenty warm enough.

Hey Kelly… I can relate to the freak thing too (or like Beth said, at least you're a published freak). There are times when I can slam down 3000 words in a couple hours. I'd be happy with a nice steady flow of a kiloword per day, but I'll take what I can get.

Kimber, what's your definition of "chilly"? It's 40F here, maybe a little less. No way am I opening the windows. They're leaky enough anyway. Mrs. Fetched is finally coming around to my idea of replacing one window at a time as we can afford it.

Andi, I think Bebo & Giddy are going, "but we're soooo warm here on the porch!"

FARfetched said...

Oh, I wanted to share this snip from another blog-buddy of mine, Crafty Green Poet (with permission).

Dirty hands. Even though I prefer to wear gardening gloves when digging. I plant bulbs, cover them with soil. A neighbour's inquisitive cat joins me, stares over the top of the pot. Meows her approval. She follows me around the gardens as I pick up the litter and prune overhanging branches. When I've finished, she walks alongside me. As I walk towards the door to our stair, she walks towards her cat flap, showing me her dirty paws.

I love its immediacy and dry humor.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, kids! I'm over at Carla's brainstorming/writing. Last night, we went to a local Latin restaurant for Cuban/South American food. So very yummy.

Book 3 seems to be taking shape. Carla is a great person to bounce around ideas with. Yippee!

Kelly, I wish I were as freakish as you. ::g:: I tend to take a long time to write, partially because of the day job and partially because that's just my M.O.

Happy Sunday!

Dina said...

Hi, all. Nancy, I wish it were colder here. We are having too warm an Autumn.

Just recovering from a sinus infection and enjoying a Sunday without it!

Nancy P said...

Those of you who love, as I do, the scene in "Scrooged" where Carol Kane beats up Bill Murray, may also love this You Tubey clip my son just sent me. I can't stop laughing!

Nancy P said...

p.s. It's called, "Confessions of a Tooth Fairy"

Conda V. Douglas said...

It's cold here too and raining. And my dog is a desert dog with short fur. No way would she go "Come on" today!

Family Man said...

Hi Nancy and everyone.

It has been cold here all day. We were down to almost freezing this morning. I mean come on! I'm half way down Alabama, and I'm supposed to still be able to wear shorts at this time of year. Geeseh!

Thing here at the house have quietened down some. The rels left about an hour ago and won't be back until before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving the house will be packed with rels, but I'm not going to think about that until it happens. :)

Hope everyone had a good w/e and a good week in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, your poor Chiefs - why in the HECK didn't they go for overtime??

Ya gotta wonder....

FARfetched said...

Mac users: the MacObserver has posted a mini-review of three data organizer programs. Maybe useful?

Nancy P said...

Beth, my poor chiefs are morons!

Nancy P said...

You may be a freak, Kelly, but you're OUR freak. :) You, too, dear Beth.

Kimber! It must be a treat to have a cool day in Houston. While I was freezing yesterday, my son was playing golf in Ft. Worth. I told him to check the temperature here every day so he could double his pleasure of living down there, lol.

Nancy P said...

Awwww, Andi.

Thanks for that excerpt, far. I really like it. Also for the Mac reference source.

Oh, Maria, I so love Cuban food, and Cuban coffee more than any other coffee in the whole world. You don't happen to have a favorite canned brand of Cuban coffee that you use, do you?

Nancy P said...

Hi, Dina, Conda, and Family Man! I hope you guys had a great Sunday and all sinus infections healed.

boran2 said...

Hi all.

It's been warm and rainy here but at least we saw some sunshine today. The b2 boy did play his last soccer game of the season in the rain.

Just about all the leaves are down now. I'll have to get out there soon. ;-(

Janet said...

My hockey team lost.

So I ate half a bag of chips.

So now I feel LOSS and GAIN. ;)

Nancy P said...

sympathetic lol, Janet. :) ):

boran I actually envy you the soccer in the rain. I loved attending the Sunday Morning Church of Soccer and I miss it.