Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank Marmot, It's Friday!

What a glorious poetry day yesterday. Thank you and cheers! to all of you for making it smart, funny, beautiful, and inspiring.


Family Man said...

Hellooooooo Nancy!

It's Friday and you're so right! Tomorrow is the weekend! You're right tomorrow we have the weekend off.

Wait a minute, I'm retired so I have every day off.

Never mind. :-)

BTW you're right again. The poetry yesterday was excellent.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Family Man. You must be working way too hard if you're forgetting you're retired. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was, though I didn't have much time to fully appreciate it. I promise to do better next time, and be prepared.

Glad to see you back on a regular basis, fam.

I head home tomorrow, kicking and screaming. And get back to (hopefully) life as usual.

Have a great Friday, all to come, and a better weekend. I promise to blog about my CA adventure this weekend!

Family Man said...

Hey Beth!

I'm glad you had such a good time out in CA and I'm glad you're heading back home. You take care.

Nancy being retired takes a lot out of you. I mean how often can you take a nap? I know three or four a day takes a lot of effort. :p

PS. I'm so happy about your editor and your book. BTW why would you ever think your books wouldn't be great? I think you should let your editor know who she is dealing with. :)

Nancy I've very happy for you.

AndiF said...

I'm tired of getting excited about a measly two days off. I think our President elect should do a real flip-flop -- an executive order making it a 2-day work week and a 5-day weekend ... and with the same pay!

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Friday is here---hoooray.

Morning Andi, 2 day work week. I say we set it up with a sliding scale. Youngest workers work 5 days with the most experienced, veteran workers on a 2 on 5 off split. Might push to keep productivity up.
Think outside the box.

Beth, life as usual is overrated.
Safe trip home.

Family Man--Napping champion.

Fabulous Friday to ALL.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, everyone and YAY, FRIDAY!!

Andi & Lisa - I'm with you. Fam, I'm just jealous. ::g::

Off to the daily grind in a bit, but glad it's the end of the regular work week. I have WRITING to do and I'm chomping at the bit.

::lifts virtual glass o'champagne to the weekend::

Nancy P said...

Thank you, FM. Late yesterday I got my email editorial letter from her and it's wonderful. Confirms what I was pretty sure the book still needs and offers other REALLY good criticism. She didn't say anything in her letter that made my doubt clanger clang, but then she rarely does.

I'm going to work really hard on it for these next few days and then I'll be better prepared to have our usual long, wonderful editorial phone chat. God, it's good to have her eyes on it.

Which isn't to say the problems with the ending are solved yet, but now they can be. I think. Yes, they can. Yes, I can.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Beth. I wish you were "going home" to Florida! Or Colorado. Or. . .

Andi, love your work week idea.
Also Lisa's sliding scale.

Lisa: "life as usual is over-rated." Lol!

Maria gets to write this weekend, Maria get to write this weekend! That's good for everybody.

Kelly McCullough said...

Marmotinis for all, hooray!

FM, I'll echo Beth, great to see more of you.

Nancy, glad to hear the editorial letter is useful and not stressy--that always makes a better week.

Beth, hope you had a lovely time in CA and that there's a request for a full from a great agent awaiting you on your return home.

Andi, good morning back and I'll keep my fingers crossed for your plan.

Lisa, a fabulous Friday right back at ya.

Maria, may the work day go swiftly and the words flow freely when it's done.

For everyone who comes in later, have a lovely weekend.

I've got a university talk to give tonight, but it's just a business of writing thing, so no stress no fuss. Then I'm off for the weekend, no internet, no laptop, no work, just good friends, good food, strong drink, and a hot tub on the deck with a view of the lake.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, your weekend sounds awesome. Good luck with the university thing - and thanks for the good wishes. I'll keep you posted.

And thanks, Nancy - "home" will be somewhere else, soon. After a week with world travelers, they have me thinking about moving to Bali... :-)

And yay for editors liking books!!

Sitting in the San Diego airport, 80's and sunny outside...37 in Coeur d'Alene...83 in Florida...thinking about hiding in a bathroom here at the airport...yep, real life = overrated.

T.J. MacGregor said... never answer yr phone! Kentucky lady had trouble getting in touch w/you about Ky itinerary. Did u 2 touch base?

bono said...

I agree, Nancy. That was a wonderful Poetry Day. Thank you.

I like how you all think. I'm ready for the 2 day week. Lisa, does one qualify by age or years experience or both? lol

FM, you're living the life many look forward to. Good for you.

I'm excited that Nancy's putting the finishing touches on the new book.

Kelly's weekend plans sound winning. Is that hot tub inside or outside?

Beth, welcome home. Bali? Will you have guest rooms for all of us???

Here's to good writing time, Maria.

I love Fridays. :-D

boran2 said...

Is there any marmot juice left?

FARfetched said...

Woohoo, marmotinis!!! Got a late start to the day, which thus began with a long meeting. Working at work (the horror!) then home to find guests. Now that they're safely away…

FM, like everyone else said it's good to see you around here (and other places) again. Get a blog post in between naps, right?

Hey Beth! Here's something for you, a song that has never failed to put things in perspective for me: Love Stinks! I should have sent it earlier, but it just came around on the iPod today, for the first time in a while, and I immediately thought of you. Heed its message. Internalize it. ;-)

Andi, the two-day work week sounds heavenly! I'd even settle for three. Then again, that would mean I'd spend more time in the chicken houses, so maybe leave it at 5 for a little longer.

Maria, I know that feeling… I did a fair amount of writing this week.

Nancy, happy editing call… at least you don't have to deal with UL.

Kelly, hoist one for me when you're in the hot tub this weekend. I might get a little more wood up this weekend, but that's sort of relaxing.

See y'all tomorrow… right now I have a flask of rum calling me, and maybe some writing. The tickle isn't as strong right now as it was earlier in the week, but it's there.

FARfetched said...

Oh, BTW, Carnacki has started another series if you haven't seen it already!