Wednesday, November 26, 2008

May this day. . .

. . .bring us chances to say, "Thanks!" and to have it said to us.



Nancy P said...

That's sweet potato pecan pie, which I have never had, but may now make my life's goal to taste.

Family Man said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!!

I'm thankful for a lot of things, but I am very thankful that I've been given the chance to know all of you.

Hope your day is very good, and you can be sure I'll be in a turkey induced coma most of the day.

Take care everyone


FARfetched said...

I'll probably be scarce tomorrow. But hope y'all have a great day. Hammocks for all of us?

Nicola Slade said...

Business as usual around here today but I'll be thinking of you all when you wake up! Have a good day - our overeating extravaganza is next month.

AndiF said...

Over the river and through the woods ... and across Indiana 46 to Interstate 74, we go.

To everybody who is traveling, safe journey.

To everybody spending the day with family and friends, a great time, filled with warmth, love, and good food.

To everybody working, so sorry.

To me, stuffing!

See ya tomorrow.

Lisa M said...

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

Nancy, Sweet Potato Pecan Pie--There's a bit of southern soul in you lady.

Nicola--We had Brits at our house last year for Thanksgiving. They came specifically to experience this with my sis in law. I have a friend in London that has Thanksgiving dinner and invites all the Americans she know.
The noise you'll hear is all of us snoring in our turkey induced comas FM mentioned.

Safe trip to travelers and soul nurturing day to all.

Jen said...

Apologies for my sudden (and possibly ill-mannered) disappearance from yesterday's threads -- just past midday I made the unwelcome discovery that the turkey breast for which I'd shopped early, and dutifully defrosted slowly in the refrigerator's meat compartment as the FDA assures me it's some kind of biohazard otherwise, had a hole in the packaging and was thus unfit for consumption.

So I wound up at the market less than 24 hrs before nationwide feast prep was to begin in order to procure a turkey breast with intact packaging such as to outwit the wily E coli, and it was a freakin' madhouse down there. Entire families were parading 8 abreast down the frozen foods lanes like footsoldiers of Turkey Day, more than a couple folks were in a full on sprint from one end of the store to the other, trying not to drop anything from their haphazardly arranged stacks of last minute necessaries. And one of the reasons I always try to shop early in the first place is that all the amateur shoppers flood the stores the day before t-day, wandering around in a daze driving their carts like they've already given the sherry bottle one taste too many, pleading with a handler on a cell phone to shut the hell up about the in-laws and please-to-jesus just give them detailed instructions as to how to locate the canned tomatoes, which are conspicuously absent from the canned goods aisle, surely in a calculated plot by the store's management to confound patrons and induce them to cruise additional unnecessary aisles and accumulate additional unnecessary purchases, and omg call your brother RIGHT NOW and tell him Christmas is at HIS HOUSE this year.

It's safe for me to laugh at the spectacle now, but the appearance of amusement yesterday would have been highly likely to have resulted in someone hurling a ham at my head.

I hope everyone has a lovely day, whether they're feasting and celebrating being thankful or otherwise. I am certainly thankful for Nancy's blog, and all the wonderful people who congregate here. :)

Maria Lima said...

Morning all and a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Jen, eep! Grocery store before turkey day is no less than sheer insanity. Glad you survived, but sorry you had to endure.

I'm off in a couple of hours to Union Station, wherein I will take the train north to NJ to visit Dina for the weekend. I am assured there will be feasting. :)

Wishing you all a terrific Thanksgiving.

olivia said...

Happy Thanksgiving all!

I told Andi to eat some stuffing for me, but I'd also like some turkey and mashed potatoes and turnip and um, pie!


Jen said...

Safe journeys to Maria & Andi!

Olivia, I can help you out with all but the turnip, c'mon over, it's only like a 12 hour drive. ;) Bring turnips.

Nancy P said...

Jen, that's hilarious account of awfulicity!

Happy eating and thanking and travels or staying home or being Amur'can or not Amur'can to each of you sweetiepies, with whipped cream and pecans on top. . .

Famiy Man
FARfetched (another day older)
Nicola Slade
AndiF (waves at JimF)
Lisa M
Maria Lima

. . .to be continued. said...

Nancy, your blog is Thanksgiving. Every day of the year. You set the table and everybody brings a little something from home.

I'm always late. I'm still at the annual American grocery carnival with Jen. I wonder if it is still happenning today.

I stole a song for Far:

"It was a birthday in Far Georgia
and the food was real good.
They had turkey. And pistols
carved out of wood."

Wait, that's not Georgia. That's prison. Anyway, happy birthday, Far, and I hope you don't have to shoot your way out of this one.

Thanksgiving is my meditative holiday. The bride has taken the car and herself to far away cotton fields to draw names in the family Christmas lottery and to otherwise give me several days at home to bond with the mopey dogs, who belive I have hidden her somewhere and won't stop looking.

I usually (as in never, but maybe this year) use Thanksgiving to start a book. Since it is a holiday and all. I don't have to do any of the other stuff I would normaly convince myself I was supposed to do -- like make money or chop firewood... or answer the phones.

As the candle said to the matches, Happy holdays to all within striking distance. :-)

Nicola Slade said...

Phew, I'm joining in with your Thanksgiving after all. I've just thrown the last sentence at my first draft and am trying to wind down. I'll give it a quick read through, though at the moment the very thought makes me feel ill! Then I'll print it and give it to my younger daughter as she's my First Reader. If she says it makes sense, is entertaining and isn't total and utter cr*p, I'll tidy it up and send it to my agent. Then I shall go and hide in the shed.
Have a happy day, all.

Dina said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Leaving shortly to go to the train station and pick up Maria so the feasting may begin.

Kelly McCullough said...

Happy T-day folks! We're doing a small dinner here this year. Given my druthers we'd be hanging out in the hot tub up north and toasting the complete lack of anything resembling obligations for the day, but that's something I get to do only very rarely.

Beth said...

I'm thankful for all of you, my blog family and constant support. I wish we all could be meeting for turkey and trimmings today - then hitting Kelly's hot tub!

I have a friend driving over from Seattle for a couple of days, but since neither of us are feeling overly festive, we'll just find a local restaurant and have a quiet meal. I will miss the traditional feast, so will be living vicariously through all of you, and your turkey-induced comas.

Off to find a football game or a parade - have a great day with your friends and families! said...

I've just thrown the last sentence at my first draft and am trying to wind down.

Congratulations, Nicole!

Kimberly Frost said...

Things I'm thankful for:

Good health
Funny quotes
Airplane tickets
Being able to sleep late
Washers, microwaves, electricity

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

Nancy P said...

. . .continued ("happy birthday, Far, and I hope you don't have to shoot your way out of this one." lol)
Kelly McCullough

Yay for Nicola in the shed! I hope they remember to throw meals at you in there.

. . .to be continued

Nancy P said...

. . .

Kimberly Frost

. . .to be continued.