Monday, November 24, 2008

Lemon, lime, orange

Citrus, by Andif
Wow! by Nancyp


Nancy P said...

Boran2 just said hello/goodnight in the other thread, so it must be almost Tuesday. . .

boran2 said...

But here I am to say happy Tuesday! ;-)

Nancy P said...

lol, b2! Full of surprises, U R.

Ghost of Katiebird said...


Kelly McCullough said...

Now that's an interesting development.

AndiF said...

Hey G of KB, come back and haunt us some more!

Nancy, your editor called with some revisions -- that tree is red, not orange and they're a stoplight, not citrus.

Morning all, corporeal bodies and not. :)

Family Man said...

Morning Nancy and everyone.

That is a really pretty picture Andi. I like the contrast.

Is it next week yet? I've got a constant flow of rels pouring in, and I'm already looking forward to napping next week. :)

olivia said...

Morning all --

FM, I've got some snow for you. When can you come pick it up?


Family Man said...

Hiya Olivia.

I think FedEx has a snow shipping unit now. They had to set it up for us snow deprived areas. :)

Lisa M said...

Morning Andi-- Finicky photog;)
I was right in the fruit bowl with Nancy.
Actually, I'm seeing the runway of a fall tree fashion show.
These fiction writers do go off on tangents with their imaginations.

FM enjoy the family.

Daughter and grandlizard(bearded dragon)arrive here this afternoon.

Olivia-Snow sounds nice.Beautiful.

They're predicting rain here when I have 25-30 for Thanksgiving. EEK. I'm wanting some to be able to circulate outside.

Waves to KBghost, Kelly, B2.
More cleaning and cooking here.

Terrific Tuesday to All.

Maria Lima said...

You all are up WAY too early!! Morning! :)

Day 2 of short work week. check.
Cleaners coming today. check.
iPod charged up and synched. check.

Now, it's just off to the daily grind with a quick stop for a very large espresso drink of some sort and breakfast.

Happy Tuesday! said...
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Lisa M said...

Ghostie--I so agree with you about the Twilight book. Like you wanted to see the movie to see if they jazzed the story up.
I love your take of the book ending. Dim Damsel in distress syndrome--yes.
I'm reading book two because I'm writing YA and want to see what the hoopla is about. My conclusion is Meyer is an expert in expressing teen angst. You are right about 50's characters. I'm thinking her time at Brigham Young Univ. is a major influence in her creating this sqeaky clean vampire love story.

Kelly McCullough said...

Ack, staggers in, curls up in corner of couch, goes back to sleep.

Gotta love front and back end insomnia in the same night. I'm off to find caffeine. Back in a bit. waves vaguely

Anonymous said...

::curling up on the other end of Kelly's couch and yawning::

You all ARE perky, so early in the morning!

Sorry about the insomnia, K. And rain, Lisa. And snow, O. Fog here again this morning, with sun to follow. Amazing that we don't have the white stuff yet. If it will just wait a few more days...

Guess I'll be skipping the book AND movie. Although it's filmed up here in the NW.

Look what I just found:

Next year's Kansas Reads, the statewide reading project sponsored by the Kansas Center for the Book and the State Library of Kansas, has selected The Virgin of the Small Plains by Nancy Pickard. The program runs from January 29 - March 15, 2009.

The novel was selected by a committee chosen for its broad-based appeal that could encourage and sustain spirited discussion.

Yay Nancy!

Kelly McCullough said...

Morning, Beth, I don't think I'd read the chicken houses piece before. Very nice.

FarF, 90,000 chickens per batch? That's insane. Brave, but insane. How much overlap is there per batch? Are you dealing with 180,000 at one time or more?

Nancy, congratulations on the Kansas read pick. That's fantastic!

Waves to B2, Andi, G of KB, FM, Olivia, Lisa, Maria, Ghost, and all who come in later.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kelly!

Janet said...

Yay Nancy!!! I do like that particular novel. I think it's one of my favorites. Hard one to read but well worth it. Storm Warnings is top of the list. I love short stories/collections.

Ghost, ROFLMAO! Daughter and her friend were really lashing out at Bella. (hollering over my shoulder at Danni... ) Yup, she says that Bella isn't as pathetic in the book or maybe she just read her up a bit better than she is supposed to be.

Andi, it's odd. My daughter is a HUGE Buffy Fan. Up untill about the later season when it turned into nothing but people jumping into bed every single airing. Actresses trying to perfect their cleavage shots.

She really liked the first two books. Now she's done with it for a bit and is looking forward to reading Gaiman. I think the Twilight hype sucked the blood out of blood suckers for her a bit.

I get like that with books, too. I either do author lines or gobble up specific genres. Then I get burned out and strike out into new territory.

Janet said...

(((Olivia)))) note most of it is hockey related. I'm such a complete hockey goober :)

Too Much of a Good Time Department:

Watching Modano talk to reporters while he's totally bummed out because his Phallus Scars (Dallas Stars) are sucking hard.

Watching a Canadien make the biggest bonehead move I've ever seen on the ice.

Watching it over and over again.

Rediscovering that red is indeed my color.

Talking hockey with a "real" Red Wings Fan and feeling great about my team.

Telling a Red Wing fan that it'll be down to one of us because other teams don't really concern me that much this year.

Had an amazing time at work and Meals on Wheels.

Making the Meals on Wheels in-store volunteers laugh... really hard. All day.

Working my arse off, I know there's plenty left of it, but still having a great time.

Being told by my ulitmate boss that I'm a valuable asset.

Being able to tell a complete prick to eff off and die and not feel the least bit threatened and not really lowering myself.

Sitting back, having a nice boat drink, catching a sweet buzz while watching NHL On THE FLY (which is just awesome way to catch up on hockey at the end of the day)

Three words: Chinese Take-Out (or is that two?)

Calling my best friend while waiting for my windows to defrost on a beautiful, but cold night.

Reading Get Fuzzy till I drop off into a deep coma-like sleep.


Dina said...

Hi, all. Half asleep here and want the cup of chocolate back!

Never read Twilight, never had any desire to. I'll stick with faves Charlaine Harris and Miss Maria for my vamps!

Nancy P said...

I believe in ghosts.

That tree is soooo not red.

Family Man, I swear you have more rels than the Waltons.

Nice try, Olivia. : D

My editor called. She said, Read Lisa's post and see if you still think Family Man has the most relatives.

"grandlizard." Oh, lol! I was sure you were making a crack about your mother-in-law! (Who is no doubt a lovely woman with no beard.)

The other Ghost--lol at your last line. I had fun reading Twilight, but compared to, say, Harry Potter, I thought it really lacked texture and cool details. But my main complaint? Vampires live forever and they can't think of any way to disguise the truth than to go back to high school again and again?? Even after they've been to Harvard?

Nancy P said...

Hits Kelly in head with 2x4 to cure his insomnia

Aww, Beth! (One day I'll take a photo of the map of Kansas where I am charting my travels for KansasReads.)

Aw, Janet, Good Times!

Nancy P said...

Dina--and not to mention Interview With the Vampire and Lestat. Now THOSE are textured vampire books.

Oh, Buffy. Oh, Angel. Good times.

FARfetched said...

Wow, looks like I overslept!

Kelly, there are four chicken houses, each of which holds 20K-24K chickens depending on the season (they put more in during the winter). They all come in over the course of a day, and (about 7 weeks later) go out over one or two nights.

Murphy is the Evil Overlord of All Chicken Houses, and there are far too many things that can go w0rNg in one… water leaks and electrical glitches are the root cause of most of the problems, although deliberate sabotage by @$$hol3s unknown was the issue over the weekend.

Can we talk about something else now? I'll pick up on the Twilight thread. Daughter Dearest hasn't seen the movie yet, although her roomie has been (twice!) and thought it was good. DD follows Stephanie Meyer's blog online and tells me they're already working on the second movie. So the boy & girl don't get to kiss in the first book? Interesting… kind of like the protags in a book by a certain author who has already dropped by… heh. DD thinks I should just read the books so I can keep up with what she's talking about… maybe not a bad idea.

So KB is a ghost now? Ghostfolk, maybe you need to step in?

I'm going to pretend to work for a while. Tomorrow I might not even bother pretending.

Janet said...

Hits Kelly in head with 2x4 to cure his insomnia...

Note to self: Never complain of physical ailments to or near Nancy ever again.


Kimberly Frost said...

Gorgeous picture! Love it. :)

Good morning, everyone alive and to our resident pair of ghosts. Um, when did KB become a ghost, BTW? One goes off to edit a novel and misses everything important!

Twilight - agreed that I would've preferred faster pacing and for the protagonist to be more active, but liked the chemistry between the characters.

Janet - GO WINGS! Are you from Detroit? I live in Houston now, and when I was getting ready to leave Michigan, my chairman said, "How will you watch the Wings while living in Texas? Satellite?" LOL Because missing hockey games is the main concern when moving 1000 miles away from everything one has ever known. ;) But I do love me some Red Wings.

Nancy, such great news about the book selection of Virgin. Well-deserved. Beth, thanks for sharing that news.

Okay, I'm off to edit s'more. Then going to see Bond.

Have a wonderful one, today.

Kimberly Frost said...

Oops, forgot one thing...

Nancy/Sweet Mystery Bloggers -

Did I tell you that the second book in Tammy Jo series is going to come out in September '09?

Now, I know some of you are scratching your head 'cause Book 1 is not out yet. Yeah, I know. But that's what I heard -- er read, on the top of the document they sent about back cover copy for Book 2. I was like...does that say September '09? So confused. But was apparently no typo.

Kimber was excited, but a little nervous since nobody's actually read Book 2 except one critique partner 'cause it's not even due until Jan 15th... But yeah, it's really exciting and I'm not nervous at all! She said, biting her thumbnail.

Sorry for the repeat info for those from the WRW loop and to the people who visit my other blogs, but I must impart the news here where I celebrated finishing the first draft many moons ago.

Okay, seriously shuffling back to editing work, because don't want to fall down on the job on book 2.

Nancy P said...

Far: "I'm going to pretend to work for a while. Tomorrow I might not even bother pretending."

Me, too, Far! I have this ton of emails to answer and I WILL NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO DO ANYTHING ELSE until I answer them. Almost all of them will begin with the words, "I'm so sorry to take so long to answer you. . ." Self-pitying sigh. Hits self with 2x4. (Janet, lol! I practice Tough Medicine.)

Lisa M said...

Some people have grandchildren. Me a grandlizard.
I keep wondering how she can tell that Rufus loves something. He sits on his little fake log under the heat lamp starring. She claims he loves to run around and watch the news with her after work. I'll have to find out which network he prefers.
No cat box, no dog walks. Lizard perks.

Nancy P said...

Great news, Kimber!! Isn't it. . .Pick Your Adjective. . .how often the author is the last to know?

This suggests to me that they really want to strike with your series while the supernatural iron is hot. Yay, them!

Janet said...

Hola Kimberly, nope. I'm a San Jose Sharks fan. We love to hate the Red Wings. My co-worker is first and foremost a hockey fan who is from Detroit so is a Wings fan but he's not a total homer and he likes and respects my team. It's great to have someone at work to talk hockey with. Not too many of us around in some parts.


As to Dallas... ever since Eddie Belfor screwed the Sharks... it's been good hating them. They make it so easy to continue the hate, too :)

Enjoy Bond for a fellow hockey freak will ya?! I was supposed to see it last week but with hell week... I have to wait. (major pout) Make sure to eyeball Daniel Craig for me. :P

Nancy P said...

"Make sure to eyeball Daniel Craig for me. :P"

And for me. :P :P

Nancy P said...

^^^^That? Is my favorite column of the year. said...

"Twilight - agreed that I would've preferred faster pacing and for the protagonist to be more active, but liked the chemistry between the characters."

Kimberly, there were moments in the book when I thought of Beauty and The Beast and I liked those parts best.

I can see how someone of the right age (or espec. hoping-to-be age) could live the life of Bella Bells while reading and quite enjoying it. First-person narrative seems like the right path for a "calm" Vampire book.

I am focusing on story so much in my own frail attempt to understand "novel" that I rather consciously demand something happening all the time. Either that or a lot of good jokes. I'm dull, what can I tell you?

Being told by my ulitmate boss that I'm a valuable asset." Janet, Janet (also the name of my live-in bride) tells me I should asset less and stand up more.

Far, no no, they DO kiss. But they come close so often that it is rather like reading a dozen Gunsmoke scripts, waiting for Kitty to nail Matt. Or vice versa. [Plot warning: there is no nailing in Twilight.]

I did like the characters keeping their clothes on in the book. That didn't trouble me at all. But I wanted something to happen to one of the other kids, if not the protagonist, besides getting a date to the prom (all problems solved for all girls in the book as soon as their dates were lined up).

In the book, I kept wondering what the father was really doing when he spent every weekend "fishing." I kept thinking I was going to find out. Guess he liked fishing, after all.

Yes, Nancy, you are more right than I am. The 100-year-old 17-year-old still going to H.S... Something a little short of a Byronic hero.

Great news to have the state read your novel, Nancita! Speaking of which, I keep thinking of another novel entitled Twilight, penned by someone named Pickard. I think it was a finalist for an Edgar Award, no?

Lisa, I want to read YOUR YaYa! Are you first-person'ing a female lead?

Married at the movies. The bride Janet and I went to one of those theaters that serves supper and drinks. You get a table in front of your seats, a roll of papertowels, a condiment tray and a menu. Bar food, pizza and burgers. And a bar. Called Cinnebar or Cinebarr or sometthingg.

Janet and I ate together waiting for Twilight to begin then she left to watch the Bond movie in another theater. I get a kick out of watching movies made from books I have read and I so recently had read Twilight that I passed up Bond. I liked the movie okay. I was ready for it.

The scriptwriter(s) did push some things together that made it move more quickly. And it was fun to note these.

However, Bride Janet seemed much happier coming out of Bond Quantum than I did coming out of Twilight. Of course, she was drinking some sort of stout in her movie and I had Dr. Pepper. said...

Please stay on the line. Your prayer is important to us. Your wait time is approximately seven minutes.

Nancy, could be seven days? In the beginning there was darkness. Then it rang.

olivia said...

LOL Janet -- I saw that (over and over and over and over) boneheaded move! D'oh! LOL!

Oh, and we've got lots of snow to spare -- more being delivered tomorrow and Thu and Fri for anyone interested ... ;-)

Nancy P said...

"Something a little short of a Byronic hero," made me so snort!

I do think it's impressive that Meyers built almost that entire first book out of nothing but interactions between two people. I've never liked movies that do that, however, although it doesn't sound as if this one does.

"less asset, more stand up"
! lol.

(My Twilight was not an Edgar nominee, nor did it deserve to be, sigh, poor baby, but thanks for thinking it might have been. The E noms were, I.O.U. The Whole Truth, and Virgin, and one short story.)

Kimberly Frost said...

"Of course, [Janet] was drinking some sort of stout in her movie and I had Dr. Pepper."

Ghost, your movie theater serves alcohol? That's it...I'm moving.

Nancy P said...

"Nancy, could be seven days?"

You're right! He'll probably figure that out and slap his own forehead.

Olivia, you keep trying to give away your snow and nobody bites. :p Try a new sales approach. "Free ice skates with every truckload of snow!"

"grandlizard," lol, Lisa. So cuddly.

Kimberly Frost said...

20 minutes 'til Bond.

As requested, I will ogle for the group. (Does anyone but me think that Daniel Craig bears more than a passing resemblance to Steve McQueen. Long lost son, perhaps?

Kimberly Frost said...

) <--- that's the parenthesis that didn't line up to do his job at the end of the last post.

Hee hee. Too much caffeine today. There's is an optimal amount to get work done. Anything beyond leads to giddiness.

Lisa M said...

Nancy, I'm having to get a new box of kleenex. You and Beth are cracking me up with these bonuses blog items.

Ghostie--We all kept hoping Kitty would lasso Matt and drag him into the back room of the saloon.

My story is in third person with a Latina main character. No vampires, just the evil that oozes from the hearts of regular folk.

Must say I will tip my hat at Meyer's ability to whip the teen readers into a hormonal frenzy. Translation--Envy--$$$.
I'd be able to quit my day job.

Kimberly Frost said...

Lisa -

But the day job does inform the writing, right? On the other hand, you probably have enough anecdotes stored to inspire several novels. Right, okay make millions and retire from regular work early. said...

My story is in third person with a Latina main character. No vampires, just the evil that oozes from the hearts of regular folk.

Lisa M, now this does sound delicious.

Okay. I have no fault with Twilight (the book) really, except I had incredibly high expectations because it was such a megaseller. I thougt it was going to be magical to the max. Instead, it was quiet. Koenig's "The Little Girl Who Live Down the Lane" had twice the drama in one-third the pages.

Janet said...

(tink) says the light going on...

Ooooooooooo, you're so right Kimberly! He does look like McQueen!

Maybe I heard wrong Ghost, perhaps my boss was just calling me a "vaulable ass" :) We're getting a new store and our co-lease will be Cinebar (sp).

Olivia, got any Joe Thornton to go with all that snow? If so, I'll take an entire driveway's worth. :)

FARfetched said...

Kimber, I've taken my RedWings lurve with me too. I don't watch a lot of hockey though, but probably would be watching the Thrashers if I did seeing as they're local.

Ghost, thanks for the correction. DD is 19, so it's not like my head would explode if there was nailing in the book, but I'm sure Mrs. Fetched would be comforted to know that. That Forever Fifteen audiobook (another "vampire in high school" story) that the author self-published for free on iTunes had plenty of nailing… but could have used an editing pass.

[Brief aside: I think it helped a lot that the author did her own audio… she knew exactly what inflections the characters would use in the dialogue, which words would be emphasized, and so on. Has anyone ever had an audiobook produced and thought, "that's not how it should go!"?]

Coffee? My problem is usually too much blood in my caffeine stream… not the other way around.

Janet said...

Hmmm Ghost, I think you've got something there.

I'm not half as let down by the movie/book Twilight as I am by the lowering of the standard for Box Office and Best Seller.

But... were they every all that high to begin with in this sequel frenzied society?

I'm beginning to think that the flick Idiocracy was more of a reality film and the "future" wasn't too distant.

Nancy P said...

Far, all of my books have been recorded in one form or another (from strictly for the blind to commercial), and I haven't listened to any of them. Shudder. Can't bear the thought of it. I tried with Virgin, couldn't get past the first few lines. And then there was the case I mentioned earlier of mispronouncing my name. . .not encouraging.

I don't know why I'm so squeamish about this.

Janet said...

I'm a great reader, Nancy. Seriously. I got to read to kids, made up cool voices and such. Then some religous nut got upset about the school asking me to read Harry Potter chapter by chapter so I ended up reading to classes at the town library.

And I wouldn't muck up your last name. :)

Just in case... you ever need a reader and have some clout over who does the reading or gets an audition... just saying. LOL

Nancy P said...

I don't, Janet, but if I ever get any clout. . .yes!

Incredible how a few wizards can turn otherwise possibly-sane people into French peasants with torches and pitchforks. said...

Has anyone ever had an audiobook produced and thought, "that's not how it should go!"?

LOL, Far. I've had four of my stories performed by professional storytellers (folklore jive, you know) on CDs (usually home-produced stuff) that I have heard. And with each one, I thought, "wow, that's how I should have written it."

One of the storytellers was David Holt (who has, of all things, won an Emmy). I got to watch him do it in front of an audience a few weeks ago and it was great!

I won a "world storytellers award" one year -- but as "source material." These people are THAT good that they win awards for me. They just show up in the mail. :-) Kewel.

It is amazing how talented they are. In my case they do NOT read my material. They use it to create their own and it is fascinating and I am always pleased with the variety of "takes" I have heard.

While I base my stuff on folklore, I always imbed footprints that really can't be removed (okay, I make stuff up, esp the story parts) and I have heard one or two storytellers use pieces I've done (again, I work in the vein that storytellers like) without citing a source. I get a kick out of that too. It's fun to think that something I've done is being passed around in the, uh, oral tradition.

Besides it's a real hoot to hear an adult bark like a dog and do it right. :-)

maryb said...

my, you are a bunch of chatty cathies today. A holiday must be coming :)

Nice to see the ghost of Katiebird.

waving to everyone - I won't name names because it's so crowded today I'd be sure to miss someone.

AndiF said...

I was interested in GF liking to see movies of books he's read. I almost always hate the movies versions of books I've read. And I've learned that if it's a book I really like I shouldn't even see the movie -- which makes Jim happy since one time he had to stop me from climbing over the seats and attacking the screen.

Janet, I love Buffy but I have to admit that I think it jumped the shark when they killed Tara.

Kimberly Frost said...

In case anyone was wondering...Daniel Craig's my favorite Bond.

Nancy - How could they have mispronounced your name? Using a French pronunciation, or what?

Ghost - Regarding awards through the mail, that's very, very kewel.

I like books on tape!

Janet, maybe you should start doing podcasts so we can hear your fabulous voice! Do you have a Mac? It turns out that creating a podcast on the Mac is surprisingly easy.

Kimberly Frost said...

Andi -

I love me some Buffy, but Season 7 (except for the finale and the one where that guy made the documentary)...what was up?

I think when they jumped the shark all the writers fell off the boat.

And I'm still not over it.

A very important lesson for us series writers.

Yikes, more pressure? Better not have any more caffeine...ever.

maryb said...

but ... killing Tara gave us the famous yellow crayon scene. And the great Sarah Maclachlan Prayer of St. Francis soundtrack.

Season 7 - I liked the last episode but the season was lacking in humor. Although Nathan Fillion as the evil preacher was worth the entire season.

Lisa M said...

Need a movie/tv show with people handcuffed/shackled together reference for my scene.
Everything coming to my mind is old. The Defiant Ones, Cool Hand Luke. O Brother Where Art Thou is the lastest I got.

Since I missed the Buffy craze, I feel like there might be some here that are more intuned to some shows than me. said...

Need a movie/tv show with people handcuffed/shackled together reference for my scene.

Okay, Lisa, I WANT TO read this book right now. :-)

Nancy P said...

The shark made its final jump for me when they brought in all those wee boring trainer Buffys and then didn't know what to do with them. A cast of thousands sitting around the house. Also, I didn't enjoy Constantly Sad Buffy as much as Goofy and At-Least-Occasionally Happy Buffy. And I missed Happy Goofy Willow.

AndiF said...

Well Lisa, what's wrong with old. My absolute all-time favorite with that theme is The 39 Steps. And the Defiant Ones was remade in the 80s.

But for more recent, there's Brother Where Art Thou.

Lisa M said...

Ghostie--if only you were an agent.

Reading about teen girls in chains-hmm.
Now there's a reader market share I think Meyer's books may have missed.

Unfortunately or fortunately my girls are emotionally and metaphorically chained together rather than real chains.
STILL need those suggestions.

Andi--I need a reference my main character would make. Old is GOOD. But not always usable.

maryb said...

I agree N - gloomy Buffy only works if there is drama going on around her like evil Willow. Gloomy Buffy with a house full other gloomy girls - not so good. Having Zander lose an eye was over the top.

Although I admit I thought Andrew was funny, being trapped in the house as the "help".

But I really liked the end of the series where Buffy shared her power with all girls. It did draw the whole series to one coherent end. It just took forever to get there. :)

Lisa here's a link with a list. Looks like Lizzie McGuire might be your best bet.

Nancy P said...

Mary, I agree about Zander and Andrew, and I thought the ending was pretty wonderful. Very satisfying, thank god. Or thank Josh.

Lisa M said...

MaryB--you hit the mother load.
You are wonderful!!!

I'm kinda liking the reference on Lost with Kate and Juliette. I'm always looking for parallels to add to my main story.
Have to mull the options over.

Leave it to a lawyer to find the list of chain gang related shows.

Now what do you goggle to find a site like this?

I just love this cyberspace group think. So many minds are better than my one that's for sure.

maryb said...

I think I googled

plot handcuffed together

and voila!

It didn't come up first. Three's Company did - but I figured that TV show was too old.

boran2 said...

Too many comments to read! A long day this was, I glad that it's over.

Tomorrow I'll be baking the great chocolate pumpkin brownies for Thanksgiving!

Janet said...

Kinberly, some here may have heard me on community radio :) But THAT is my REAL voice. Well... it's my "real" radio voice. I have a link to it somewhere... not sure if it still works... OMIR the Storyteller saved a few of my radio interviews.

My "radio voice" LOL..

It certainly isn't my Witchy witch voice of Piggy Pie fame :D I do a great Brit as well as a wonderful little old black woman in Harvey Potters Balloon Farm.

okay today was a hard one at work. I'm tired. Tired of being admired... :) Sorry, went into blazing saddles there for a second.

Night peeps! Sweet MYSTERY Dreams

FARfetched said...

Lisa, what about "9 to 5"? OK, that was ropes rather than handcuffs, but Dabney Coleman was getting the business from his employees…

Off to the new thread…