Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunday Scenery for Maryb

I couldn't fine a perfect New England seashore shot for a cold and gloomy Saturday in the midwest, but this one of Cape Cod is pretty nice. Put on a warm jacket before you take a walk here, though. And then come back for the warm garlic rolls that farfetched baked. And a mocha latte with whipped cream.


Dina said...

Lovely, lovely picture. Walking on a beach is my favorite way to be on a beach - but I love it most during a storm.

maryb said...

oooh, that's nice. Thanks N!

I don't know what's nicest about being near an ocean. Right now I'm thinking the salt spray that would feel good in my stuffy nose. :)

Usually I would say the sound. And watching the light make the water change in front of your eyes. I like that on inland waters too.

boran2 said...

That's a nice shot. It's been quite a while since I've been to the Cape. We've got to take the b2 boy there, with a stop at Newport of course.

Right now we are getting thunder and lightning here in NY!

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous, Nancy - as much as I love tropical beaches, there's something about stormy ones that's powerful and magical. I love the sound, too, maryb.

Hope you're feeling better!

bono said...

Great pic. I always find being at the ocean very relaxing.

AndiF said...

So to make Mary feel all better, I think everybody should post a stormy beach picture.

Here's my get well contribution. [FL Beach]

Lisa M said...

I can close my eyes and smell the salty tang in the air. My heartbeat slows to match the rhythm of the waves. A calm settles over me as the wind ruffles my hair and clothes.
Ahhh-the beach.

Continuing this editing pass on the story. Glad to get words on page yesterday. No sparks coming from exceptional speed, but forward progress.

Waves to Dina--yes there is such power during storms.

MaryB--tucks bright quilt around you sitting in the beach chair as we wait for sunrise(east coast picture)

Waves to B2. What fun dad, sharing time with boy.

Beth, hope your team(s)win.
Texas beat Kansas--Hook'em Horns.
Sorry to any Jayhawkers but ...

Waves to Bono.

Andif--You got a mighty big pocket. You can pull so many great picture out at moments notice.

Satisfying Sunday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, everyone! I adore walking on the beach, preferably in fall/winter. The sand, the water, the slow stroll all make for instant relaxation.

Right now, I'm trying to avoid committing murder. Some idiot is outside in the parking lot, working on his car. The car horn/alarm has been blaring on and off for the past HOUR. It's beyond annoying at this point.

I think it's time to dig up the earplugs and try to tune it out.

Wishing you all a quiet, restful Sunday!

bono said...

Mocha latte, garlic rolls? Yum. Thanks, Farf.

Well, so far so good. There's only a skittering of snow in the grass, AND the sun is out (off and on). :-D
I hope everyone's Sunday is going at least as well.

Have a good one.

maryb said...

All this sea air has been good for me. My voice is back (a bit scratchy, but back) and I'm not coughing as much. Everything has moved into my nose so I'm going through lots of kleenex - but I take that as a sign that things are almost over. The seaside is curative :)

Lisa M said...

MaryB--You're right, the sea air is good.

I've now edited two days in a row after six weeks stalled. HOOORAY.
Feel good that I'm making progess. This is like wrangling with a living entity. True it lives in my head and heart, but it feels very real. I have the greatest admiration for all you published authors. Us yet-to-be-published have to wrangle with faith and hopes and dreams of big city editors that will give us the thumbs up and the sharing of their wisdom and insight.

Thanks to all you guys/gals for your support each day.

Thanks Nancy for the beach to wander along and take strength from.

Janet said...

Here's the deal for this week.

Tomorrow I turn 40.

The day after that I go in for a biopsy.

I can't even get the heart up to go watch my San Jose Sharks on the tube. Cause I'm trying really really really really hard not to freak out or future trip. Regardless, I know I'll more "wait time" for results. But at the day gets closer, I'm not doing too well with being very strong.

An online hockey friend came into my office today and he knew right off that I had been hiding something. I almost cried right there. LOL

So if you've been wondering why I've been such a mess... well, this is one of the reasons.

The ocean... my one true getaway.

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you, Janet. Be positive, and try to celebrate being just another day older, because in the end, that's all it really is.

It'll all work out...hugs.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That was me, double-posting...

Family Man said...

Hello everyone.

Mary I hope you are feeling better. Nancy that's a beautiful shot. If that doesn't make Mary feel better, then I don't know what.

I hope everyone's w/e has gone good. Wishing all of you something special.

Lisa M said...

There are no words to ease the fear, the uncertainty. There are plenty of prayers and positive energy being sent your way.
I believe by writing down our fears, pain, and concerns we release some of the toxic energy they hold over us.
So by all means, share what you need to help you.
Get behind me in the being-a-mess line. There's plenty of room.
Pamper yourself and enjoy being 40. There is a great freedom that comes with reaching that age.

maryb said...


First, happy birthday. 40 is ok. It's waaaaaay better than 39 because when you turn 39 you think oh my god I'm gonna be 40! And you worry about it but by the time you turn 40 you thin, meh. Just another day. :)

I'm sending good thoughts your way for the biopsy. And please come tell us RIGHT AWAY how it goes. Even if you don't have results, - just the whole process. Tell us. Cuz we'll be thinking about you on Tuesday.

Janet said...

The turning 40 part doesn't bother me at all :)

Eacy year I just get better and sexier.

Thanks for the warm, gooey thoughts. I need em.

Sharks won.

AndiF said...

Janet, first ... Happy Birthday. And let me tell ya, 40 is a piece of cake with an icing rose on it.

All my good thoughts go out to you. I'll be hoping with every atom I've got that it all turns out well.

Janet said...

Andi, as you know going to the gyn doc has always been a stumbler for me. You and a few others read about my being attacked.

Somehow this has always prevented me from getting myself to a doctor on a regular basis. I refused to let the attack take away my sensuality and sexuality. I refused to make me live in fear. But... even NOW when I have wonderful health care. It's something that I can instantly legitmize away and then procrastinate and then not do.

I'm not one to shy away from things. As most of you know, I take fear straight on and then shake and shiver later LOL. I know of no other peace activist who has a "post-protest closet" :)

Due to my attack and subsequent visits afterwards due to contracting HPV... I've always had a hard time with gyn visits. Get this; I leave my shoes on... "just in case I want to run away, I can". No real logic in that but something I do and I doubt others do. I've never met any survivor who does this. But I know many who don't go to their doctors at all.

I don't like feeling vulnerable. And there's a reliving it... that I just can't explain when in the gyn's office. It's worse than post-nightmares. I think that if there was a term for this it would be classified as a rape ptsd. I lock doors, I check them often, and I leave my shoes on while being examined.

If this had been on my neck, my breast... anywhere else...

My hockey friend has gone through something similar with cervical cancer scare. She got hers "frozen". I just called and talked to her. I don't really feel better. Just a wet face now from crying and laughing.

Happy note: someone at work left me some lovely, silver peace dangly earrings in my locker. Wrapped up in a magenta, pink bow. I think I know who did it - but it made me think of several of you guys from other days.

Thanks to all of you.

Nancy, get that book out, because I'm now all caught up. :)

Nancy P said...

Lots of safe arms around you, dear Janet. It WILL go well. Because I say so. Hmmph!

Morning will be a little delayed tomorrow, but the blog sun will rise before noon. Meanwhile, coffee will keep fresh in this thread.

AndiF said...

Janet, if you feel a little squeeze on your hand when you go in, that will be me.

Lisa M said...

Morning Andi and to those that come.
Last week of work for me before Thanksgiving week off.

Janet, positive energy, strength, and wishing you well from across the country.

Marvelous Monday to All.

Nicola Slade said...

And good wishes and hopes from across the pond too, Janet.

I'm booked to do a talk tonight about my not-exactly-glittering-but-ever-hopeful-writing-career but am croaking like a frog so will dose myself up and pray!

Have a good day, all.

Jen said...

{{{{{Janet}}}}} Happy birthday, hon, and my very best wishes with the doc appt and the test results. You know I know what the ptsd is like, and I hope you are able to carve out some down time afterwards to rest and comfort yourself. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Nancy P said...

Birthday thread up. Yum. Cake!