Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blue doors and ideas

Those of you who frequent Olivia's photo blog have seen this one recently in her Mykonos album. I asked her permission to post it here, because it's so beautiful and because it's a perfect picture for triggering ideas. I can imagine poems, short stories, novels, plays, essays, and who knows what other forms of writing being inspired by this "simple" blue door.

When I look at it, my gaze is drawn to the weeds at the bottom. They make me feel curious. They suggest this door hasn't been opened for awhile. And that makes me wonder why that might be. I know what the "real" answer is, because Olivia told me, but it's the "unreal" answers that intrique me.

All sorts of ideas could arise from this door.

What do you notice the most about this photo?

Be sure to go see this photo on her blog where it looks even prettier. Thank you for sharing, Olivia!


Kimberly Frost said...

There doesn't seem to be a handle to this door. Maybe there's only a keyhole.

The color is Caribbean blue, and I suspect the door leads into a courtyard where there is a portal to transport people to Seven Mile Beach.

Friends of the elf from yesterday have locked the door and they guard it so that the beach doesn't get too crowded.

AndiF said...

Hmm, I'm probably projecting, given the state of my own front door, but I see people who are finding all sorts of other things to do rather than paint that door.

Reason #7534 why I'm not a writer.

Morning all.

paul lamb said...

I see these kinds of doors all the time when I bother to look for them. Normally staid, monochromatic McMansions in many upscale communities will have front doors painted some incongruous, completely incompatible color: bright yellow, brilliant red, electric purple. I suspect there is something traditional about it, going back to medieval times as a sign of secret societies or members only clubs. Hmmm, I'm starting to get an idea for a story from that. If you're a member of such-n-such secret organization, you will find refuge or your next bit of information at the house with the Caribbean blue door.

Rick Bylina said...

The blue door had remained closed for 5,342 years until a curious and hungry boy opened it to save humanity and question God.

Come read "Behind the Blue Door" coming soon from Portal Press.

Anonymous said...

It's 4:21 and my head is spinning with packing details, so I can't sleep. I'm hoping Kimber is right, and am patiently waiting by that beautiful blue door for someone to open it and transport me to said beach. I promise not to step on (or pull) the weeds!

Morning, everyone - yawn. I'm going back to bed.

katiebird said...


I can't see any color without some coffee first.

(stumbling off

Lisa Miller said...

Tia Esperanza, a curandera, lives behind this door in Mexico.
On the other side herbs and roots are stored, some hanging from the rafters. A calm place to rest and restore. Cures and relief from pain await those that cross through. The Caribbean blue color celebrates miracle and possibilities.

For this very visual learner the pictures you post Nancy are such a treat. Thank you Andif and now this Olivia's site will be a regular for me.

Thank you Kelly for another hilarious leg of the adventures of elf and tortoise. I live with a man that plays bagpipe music to wake up his boy scouts on campouts and would have a piper at any important event so I know I'm in good company.

Kimber what's the password so elf will let me on the beach?
I've got my umbrella and a couple of novels. Need to feel the sand between my toes.

Kimberly Frost said...

Lisa - beckoning closer so I can whisper: 'the password is CrabClawsRCute.'

Katiebird- here's some coffee.

I'm having Wild Berry Plum green tea. (Who thinks of these combos. Well, whoever they are, I'd like to give them a smooch.)

Rick - you crack me up, as usual.

katiebird said...

Ah, it's a Blue Door! THAT explains it. Blue doors don't disturb weeds. Everyone knows that.

(Clear Eyed)

Hi Kimberly & Andi & Paul & Rick & Beth & Lisa!

Oh, and Nancy!!

Good Morning everyone.

FARfetched said...

Those aren't weeds. They're the guardians.

Skeptical? Try opening the door & see what happens.

I wrote about 1400 words, it turns out, for the next FAR Future episode at lunch yesterday. It took another 850 to finish the first draft. This one will have to be a two-parter… just need to figure out where to make the split for maximum drama. :-)

Dina said...

I obviously read too many mysteries. I saw the light shining through the bullet holes in the door. Which no one opens because there is no one left to open it - the ones behind the door can exit without opening it.

Nancy P said...

Kimberly, no handle! I didn't even notice that!

andif, lol! But are you kidding? (Why, yes, Nancy, she is.) You just came up with the same triggering idea as Mark Twain. Does a certain fence that needs painting ring a bell?

Ooo, this is fun to come in late this morning and read these clever things. You guys rock. ::Insert hand gesture with two middle fingers down and pinky and forefinger up. Then insert image of my son grinning at his parent attempting to be current::

Nancy P said...

Paul, cool!

This comment, too, shows me something I've seen, but which has never "clicked" in a general way until now--that bland mcmansions often have incongruously bright doors. Now I'll probably start seeing them all over da place now.

Olivia? See what you're inspiring with that door? I wonder if the photographer's "eye" is the same as the storyteller's "idea"

Nancy P said...

Rick, why is he hungry? It must be a desperate hunger to lead him to open a stranger's door? (Portal Press. Love it.)

Lisa, okay what are the odds that we'd have a bagpipe player (Kelly) and the wife of one (Lisa) on this board? Any other connections to bagpipes here? Maybe 'pipers are a lot more plentiful than I knew. I have a cousin who used to be married to one, but he blew it.

Nancy P said...

Katiebird, lol. A heretofore little-known gardening secret.

Far,oh, I like that. In my mind's eye they're already inflating into huge green guards, or else they're snaking out to twist around my ankles.

the ones behind the door can exit without opening it.

Dina, funny!! Now put down that private eye novel before you hurt someone.

AndiF said...

Well as it turns out, there's a reason the door is closed and without new paint -- many who have stood before it have understood that not every door invites passage:


Nancy P said...

WHOA!, Andi!! Is it too late to warn Far? :)

PS to everybody about the door photo. . .click on it to get the whoa! impact of the blue.

Lisa Miller said...

Thanks Kimber-- I can smell the salt air already.

Now when I say my husband plays bagpipe music it is the button on the stereo(do they even use that term any more) he pushes. DREAMS of being a real piper though.
My nephew got bagpipes for christmas so there is something in the DNA.

Wow Rick and I just wanted to go to the beach.

Farf I'm going to have to check in and on this Far Fetched thing. I like the idea of guardians.

Sending you energy to help with the packing Beth.

Have a good day all.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hi everybody!

Wow, it's crowded in here this morning. Good thing we can expand the space as necessary. I'm going to go for the full Scottish breakfast today with a big pot of tea in honor of all those pipers out there (of which number I am sadly not). I love the bagpipes, but I've never had the right kind of dedication to stay with an instrument.

For me the door is just a door at the moment--it will take another couple of hour for the story part of my brain to kick in properly to see other things, but I'll probably report back once it percolates a bit. It is a joy to see all the things that it has registered as for the rest of you.

Nancy P said...

As I was saying, we have no bagpipers on this site.

Really, Kelly? I saw the kilt and automatically accessorized you. Well, gee, you've saved a lot of time by not learning to play the 'pipes. :)

Maryb said...

It is the door to an old greek orthodox cloister -- cool under the hot greek sun and quiet after the loud crowds of Athens. Since no visitors are allowed, the vegetation grows in front of it.

A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.

Nancy P said...

That's lovely, Maryb.
Song of Solomon, and yes, I had to look it up. :)

olivia said...

Afternoon everyone! And thanks Nancy - it's an honour being on your blog ... :)

I had this comment box open a couple times today, but each time I got called away for something before I could post (grrrrrr work ... ;).

I loved reading all the wonderful comments ... it's fascinating to see how varied they are ... :-) Imagination is a beautiful thing. I have to admit that I wondered about what was behind these doors too as I wandered around ... in a lot of cases, they were wonderful 'secret' private gardens.

Andi -- that photo is absolutely stunning! W.O.W. was my first comment ... :)

Thanks Lisa -- feel free to stop by anytime. I try to post a new photo every day, but I've been a bit (no, a lot) lax since I've been back from my trip. :)

Nancy P said...

Hi, O. You can tell that your regulars miss you when you're gone. . .but if you hadn't gone, we wouldn't have a blue door. :) Or a "beauty" like Bobby.

This has been so interesting today! Thank you. xxoo

Maryb said...

N, yes. Song of Solomon. I love the verse even thought I've never really understood it.

It shows up in novels regularly. Always used in different contexts.

O - your photo has inspired a great comment thread. We're all traveling in the mind because you traveled in the flesh. Thanks for doing that for us.

boran2 said...

Hi all.

What I notice is the crumbling wall against the door. Also, is that light coming from under it?

Nancy P said...

We're all traveling in the mind because you traveled in the flesh.

That's a nice way to put it. You're wearing a writer hat today, Maryb

Yeah, the crumbling wall makes me wonder, too, Boran2 But light coming through, ooo. I hadn't seen that until you said it.

It takes a lot of eyes to see a whole photograph. :)

Janet said...

A few days late and definitely a few dollars shorter...

I noticed...

That it made me think of porn. Blue Door is actually a netflix type site but for X-rated DVDs.

There is a door handle. On the right side. Just a little drawer type handle thingy. But what do I know? I'm the smart lady who pushes on a pull door. :)

Janet (and Wesley) said...

Looking at this door a bit more... and with the help of my son...

Let me tell you about this door.

It's much like my bathrood door. A that you move into the inner side of the wall. We can't remember the name of the type for some reason. Imagine that!?!?! LOL But it makes sense because of the foliage under it and the paint being constantly scraped off it.

We think it's called Paddle Door.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Wesley!! Welcome!!

You and your mom are sharp-eyed!