Friday, July 25, 2008

Saturday & Sunday Smoke Signals

. .here is a smoke signal, unmistakable but unobtrusive--we are following what comes, going through the world, knowing each other, building our little fires. . .

That quotation is from an introduction that the poet William Stafford wrote for a collection of his poems. It struck me as a pretty good description of what we do in our blog village and the larger blog world.

Happy weekend, y'all, from my little fire to yours.

Photo from coolchaser.


boran2 said...

So this isn't a smoke-free blog? < coughing >

Good night, all.

AndiF said...

Huh, what I'm following doesn't come -- at least not yet but we're working on it.

Meet Bebo*, the new addition to the gang shedding dog hair all over the house.

Bebo [LINK]
More Bebo [LINK]

* the name is because she's a beagle/boxer mutt and also because it's fun to say.

Nancy P said...

Bebo! What a sweetie-cutie! And what a lucky dog to land in your dogworld. How are Sniff and Giddy taking it?

b2, ha!

Maria Lima said...

Morning, Andi! Bebo is a cutie pie. :)

I'm all fuzzy/sleepy this a.m., having gotten home after midnight...WAY past my bedtime.

The Dark Knight was *fabulous*. The word that immediately came to mind at the end was "relentless". Very much the Frank Miller angst-ridden Bat. Afterwards, I let my arm get twisted into a late night dinner with the group. Nice food and companionship, but boy am I tired.

Planning to spend the day relaxing.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

katiebird said...

Good Morning Andi & Nancy & Maria Lima!

Nancy, I didn't know you started smoking? It looks sexy, but I hear it's dangerous.

Andi, Bebo is adorable looking -- very cute! I hope you're all having fun together.

Lisa Miller said...

I love smoke.
The kind that curls up and whisps in the wind from the campfire.
Orange sparks shoot skywards carrying prayers to the gods, or so the indians believe.

The smell of burning wood, the crackle of the flames sharing its warmth. Makes me yearn for a cool, fall evening.

Have a great weekend all.

Maryb said...

Hi Bebo! I'm glad I saw your announcement before I left. What a cutie you are.

thanks for the good wishes in the last thread b2 - by the time I get back you'll be getting ready to leave. For the southwest again? (Aren't you going a little late this year?)

Have a good day everyone.

FARfetched said...

The smoke you see here is coming off the grill. I just finished up a couple of catfish, wrapped up in aluminum foil with onion, bell pepper, oregano, and basil. Not sure about the onion, but everything else (including the catfish) came from here or the in-laws' place.

Hi Bebo… you look like you'll have fun shredding stuff.

Maria, we went to see X-Files last night. It was better than the first movie, but you really need to have followed the show to interpolate the backstory. It was more of a gruesome FBI investigation type of episode rather than The Alien Menace type.

AndiF said...

Hi kb, b2, nancy, maria, and farf. Bye Mary; hope you have a great time.

Giddy is a haughty, imperial dowager and she's never met the dog she couldn't ignore. Sniff, however, is having middle child issues which for a dog consists of moping and growling (actually, thinking about how I treated my younger sister, I could have just the left the "for a dog" out of that sentence).

FARfetched said...

I had to recaption an LOL. It just demanded I do it.

Nancy P said...

Hi on the run--with a quick pat for poor Sniff.

Dada found a handle on the door! I told him I'm going to pretend it isn't really there. It could be something else.

Dina said...

Love the recaptioned LOL. And Bebo. Great name.

The smoke is wonderful. Smoking not so much.

Kimberly Frost said...

Does anyone else see an image in the smoke signal? I see a woman with flowing hair. And at the upper right of the image a big rose.

It's a new twist on ink blot testing. ;)

Nancy P said...

Hi, y'all. Still on the run, but I want to let you know this post will do for Sunday, too.

katiebird said...

Are you enjoying the storm? The break in the heat was just in time to keep me from doing something serious.

paul lamb said...

Oh, I didn't realize that this was Saturday and Sunday's post.

boran2 said...

andi, Bebo is cute, and fun to say.

Mary, Yeah, we're off to Manny's neck of the woods again. That is about when we usually go. I'll have to twist his arm for a meetup.

Anonymous said...

cute puppy, andif.

morning walk invigorated me to finish chores I didn't get done yesterday.

is it really almost August?!

have a great end of the weekend!

Janet said...

No smoke here. I quit way back when.

BUT... now I've got to quit spinning off about politics while I'm driving as that's almost as dangerous I found out this weekend.

Spouse and I were venting about a certain Regime and I looked down at my speedometer and Lawdy!!!! I was going a wee bit too fast.

CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE Little Love Muffin Puppy Andi!!!

Boran2!!!! Hey there Handsome! I hope you do get to meet up with Manny. If you do, give him a humongous hug for me okay.

FARfetched said...

Send up prayers and well-wishes for Jen, y'all. She didn't make it to her sister's wedding. She turned off comments so we can't send her the love directly.

katiebird said...

Oh, {{{Jen}}} I'm so sorry! The worst thing about our online friendships is that hugs can only be virtual. The powerful healing of touch is unavailable online.


FAR, thank you for pointing us to her post.

Dina said...


I am so sorry to hear you missed your sister's wedding. Chronic illness is a real bitch and knowing when to cancel is too.
(On my 20th year with CFS and still figuring it out!)

Nancy P said...

Oh, dammit, Jen.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Nancy. She's said it best. Hugs, Jen.

Anonymous said...

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