Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tree-eating flower

As opposed to a tree, eating flower. Punctuation is everything!

Yesterday, the writers who saw this photo said it immediately gave them story ideas.

Quick! What does it make you think of? I'll tell you my first reaction (in the comments) if you'll tell me yours.

Photo by Andif, of course.


Nancy P said...

REALLY early post for Thursday, 'cause there's lightning and our power may disappear.

My immediate response to the photo:
Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve. See that Snake slithering down the trunk to give Eve the apple?

There's a painter whose work looks like that, all dark and oogie. Anybody know who? One of those Still Life with Dead Rabbit guys? Or a touch of Hieronymous Bosch (sp), maybe, if it had itty bitty demons and things wriggling around in it?

FARfetched said...

Yup, I had the same thought. I still think it would make a most excellent book cover.

boran2 said...

It reminds me of one of those medical thingies, a Caduceus. I guess I've read a bit too much about health insurance lately. ;-)

olivia said...

First thing: it made me think of this photo I took ... relief on Notre Dame ... who knew the Garden of Eden was in Andi and Jim's back yard.

katiebird said...

(giggling) Oh, Olivia!

Me? I thought of a Maypole. I really don't know why.

Maria Lima said...

Nancy, I'm convinced we share a brain. That's EXACTLY my first reaction.

Of course, the snake probably speaks Parseltongue and can be talked down by Harry Potter. ::g::

The quality of the light is amazing, so eerie and otherwordly. I could also go with a dark fantasy, where the trees hold the great secrets.

The insomniac speaks...

AndiF said...

Nancy, I was thinking you might mean Albrecht Durer but I couldn't find any dead game works by home. If you go to Google Images and do a search for "dead game", it's certainly a popular theme.

Maria, the light on the tree is early morning light at a very oblique angle -- which gives it the soft, almost glancing quality.

Morning everybody.

Paul Lamb said...

I thought it was a snake on my first impression. Coincidentally, I saw a snake in a tree much like this only the week before.

katiebird said...

(sleepy wave)

Nancy P said...

Far, you're right, it would make a good cover.

b2, Caduceus, yep.

OLIVIA!! Are you home from your grand tour?? I love the frieze, and yeah, it reminds me of andi's photo, too. I've missed you, kiddo, during my absence and yours. But, lol, we really should have caught on earlier about the G of E being in their backyard--all that flora and fauna.

katiebird, maypole, that's good. A very very ominous maypole that eats little girls who dance around it.

Maria, Parseltongue, of course! Your idea reminds me of that scary forest in Lord of the Rings.

Paul, snake in a tree? For real! Must have been after eggs-in-a-basket?

Andif, see what your artistry hath wrought? :)

Anonymous said...

Y'all are WAY too creative for 5am...I thought of some kind of Tree of Life, but that's as far as my snoozing brain will stretch. The pictures are purdy, that's all I know.

Welcome back, O - can't wait to see your shots of your trip!

Nancy, did you ever get your computer back/fixed? I'm still fighting with HP over Bill's laptop, two weeks's enough to give you fits.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend, whatever you do. Waving as I vanish -

Nancy P said...

Beth, waving back atcha. Happy 3rd,4th,5th,6th, and forever.

Tree of Life. . .and Death.

No 'puter yet, but I'm contentedly writing a lot in longhand. I hope your 'puter problems are solved soon, too.

Jen said...

When my sisters were about 3 and 4, I was about 13, and we would take day hikes out in the Alaskan wilderness where we would often find unusual things to explore. Once on the side of a mountain, off a trail near a bunch of berry bushes, we found a whole field of what almost looked like a bonsai forest. I don't know how to understand it botanically but it was wicked cool looking, and we were like giants in it. We spent some time there while I made up stories for the kids about how it was a fairy land with all of these magical inhabitants. That tree looks like it could have been a part of that landscape, so it reminds me of that.

(Confidential to Maria: Priscilla, Queen of the Desktops is possibly the greatest 'puter name ever.)

Nancy P said...

Very cool story, Gulliver Jen.

Wow, we dodged a bullet--or a baseball--last night. Our little suburb had baseball size hail and 70 mph winds. But not in our corner of it.

Paul? Katiebird? You guys make it okay through the storm?

Conda V. Douglas said...

My first reaction: Talk about co-depency!

Nancy P said...

Snort! Glad I wasn't drinking something when I read that, Conda.

Paul Lamb said...

We had a lot of fireworks and rain down this way, but there was no hail. (I think it is illegal in Overland Park.)

Anonymous said...

The book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" (if I recall the title correctly). I don't know if the cover was similar to that or what, but that's what comes to mind.

I was hoping the computer repair person(s) would liberate your computer from its distress in time for the 4th. Hope it happens soon!
- just checking, you did have your work backed up, right? (crossed fingers)

Nancy P said...

Family Man, don't read this. It contains a snake.

Here's a coinkydink for you. After the talk of the Garden of Eden this morning, I went outside and saw a dead snake. Pretty little baby garden snake met a week whacker and lost its wee head, alas.

lol, Paul, yes, I think there's a law.

And yesss, Anon! The cover of that book, for sure.