Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Garden discovery!

Ooo, pretty. I was at a nursery yesterday and found this plant I'd never heard of before. It's an "Ornamental Oregano." I don't know if it's good in spaghetti, but it's definitely going in my garden. Maybe it will also go into one of my books, because it's a "high plains" plant, and you knooow how I love the plains, whether they're high, low, or in the middle.

Have any of you ever seen or heard of it before?


Nancy P said...

This is the comment section for Wednesday. Will Farfetched slip in early?

Anonymous said...

Well, I've only been able to show up really late lately, so is it OK if I show up early to say "Hi" to everyone? :-)

I've never heard of ornamental oregano. How's it taste? I don't know if it's delicious but it's definitely lookilicious. lol

Have a great day everyone!

-Anonymous, aka Angelina

AndiF said...

Nice flowers but how good are leaves in lasagna? :)

Nothing is blooming in the woods now but I have this leftover pic (taken before you came back) of honeysuckle taking over a small tree [LINK] that I thought I'd contribute to the bouquet.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all!! The ornamental oregano is so pretty, all delicate purple/green.

Andi - the honeysuckle pic is totally amazing - so elemental. I've got at least 3 story ideas sparking because of that picture!

Yay for Wednesday and yay for technology. I went out and bought a MacBook Air on Monday and am in geek love.

I'm going to travel with it this weekend - up to NJ via train to visit Dina (who is still lurking here, I think).

What do you all have planned for the weekend?

Nancy P said...

So we walk out this morning and the flower pot holder that holds six geraniums has fallen off the house! Which means it fell about three feet, is all. It fell in one piece, though,and flowers didn't break, and two pots survived. Never a dull moment.

Morning Angelina. It suits you. :p

Andi, that photo is marvelously ominous.

Maria has a new Mac!!! Geek love.

The weekend, you ask? Me, I'm giving a talk at a Sisters In Crime meeting on Saturday, going to a 4th picnic on Friday, writing the rest of the time.

Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning, all!

Welcome, Angelina. :)

Andi - Awesome picture. Love it.

Nancy, have not heard of ornamental oregano, but it sure is lovely.

Maria, one of my laptops is a MacBook. I loves it, but it took a little getting used to.

Waving to anyone who shows up later. :)

Kimberly Frost said...

By the way, Nancy, after a serious battle to figure out the ending last week, I finished the 1st draft of TOUCH yesterday.

The manuscript's pretty rough, but I'm happy for the opportunity to move on to revisions with your template in hand.

More soon,

FARfetched said...

Nope, didn't make it in early. Such is life.

Andi, that pic would be right at home on a book cover! Probably one involving ripped bodices, but you can't have everything.

Never heard of ornamental oregano. I've had oregano bloom before, and produce buds that look like tiny green roses… hm. I have a pic on my blog… aha, I found it.

AndiF said...

Glad all you folk enjoyed my pretty and pretty ruthless invader. I'm delighted to think of it inspiring some mayhem (of the imaginative sort only, I hope).

Nancy P said...

Kimberly, that's great news!!

Far, pretty tree-eating plant!

Oh, sure, Andi, you set us in motion and we go kill people. :)

Nancy P said...

Wait, I got my photos and photogs confused. ANDI has the photo of the tree-eating plant. Far has the other pretty.

Anonymous said...

Morning, everyone! Congrats, Kimber. Major envy, Maria Lima - I wanted an Air, but couldn't justify the expense for a computer that doesn't have an optical drive (I don't have another 'puter to use its O.D.). Enjoy!!

Pretty pictures, folks - hopefully at the new house I'll plant some new shrubs and plants and flowers. There isn't much landscaping there now. I've never seen that plant either, NP.

Spending the weekend on the boat - fireworks on Friday, camping with friends Saturday, and lots of sun and relaxing otherwise.

This week - still trying to finish the final polish on my second book. Hopefully tomorrow...

Waving to everyone - have a great hump day!

Family Man said...

Afternoon Nancy and everyone.

I've never heard of an ornamental oregano, and like Angelina, I wonder how it would taste, or if it's even edible.

Wonderful picture there Andi. It does look kind of overbearing.

Maria I'm jealous too about your MacBook Air. I've said for a long time the next computer I buy will be a Mac, but they're always just a little bit out of reach monetarily wise.

Hope everyone is doing fine today.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Family Man and Beth.

I'm hearing thunder.

boran2 said...

Hi all. That is a gorgeous specimen, Nancy, but you are aware that it can be used only with ornamental spaghetti?

A Macbook Air? Ooh. Geek love indeed. I'm using my recently purchased Sony laptop. Best part: Only 2.8 pounds!

Maria Lima said...

Geek love? Oh yes, my precious.

I'm utterly, absolutely in lust/love/thrall to the new machine.

Fam - if it hadn't been for the very nice bonus I got on Monday, the Air would still be a dream.

Now, I must name it. (my iMac is Priscilla, Queen of the Desktops; the previous laptop, a MacBook, was Nameless - after Bill Pronzini's detective).

Any thoughts?

Nancy P said...

b2--ornamental spaghetti--lol. Served with decorative garlic bread, I assume.

I'm gonna post tomorrow's post right now, cause we're getting lots of lightning.

FARfetched said...

Maria, since it's so light and thin, doesn't "Callista" kind of suggest itself?