Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meet Fluffy

Because I can't go for long without a velociraptor.


Nancy P said...

Greetings from the land of the preoccupied. What's occupying you today?


AndiF said...

"Hey" says Sniff, "that looks just like Bebo!"

paullamb said...

I thought Fluffy was a three-headed dog.

Anonymous said...

Fluffy - the perfect name for this cute li'l guy!

You all know what's occupying me these days...packing and moving. I am SO ready to be done. We're exhausted and brain-dead. I've never packed two houses at the same time - I don't recommend it!

I promise to resume stimulating conversation in a week or two...once my brain cells return.

Til then, bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb (which means have a great day)...

FARfetched said...

Hey Beth, forget the puppies. I'll ship you four dogs — the peace & quiet will be payment enough!

Nancy, you wanna know what's occupying me? You know Serena, the older girl in FAR Future? The Shakespeare nut? She's making me write a one-act play. In iambic pentameter!!!! She couldn't be into renga, noooo, that would be too easy.

So as I bang my head upon my desk,
Laugh all, and pour a round from yonder cask.

Nancy P said...

Poor, poor Far, lol! It's not nice to laugh at a writer whose character has taken over his life. Hee. ::waving at Serena::

Hey, Andif, Paullamb,and Beleagured Beth!

I meant to get to the library by 9 this morning, which is hard to do when I sleep until 9:15.

Maria Lima said...

What Paul said. ::g;:

I'm at home, just woke up a few minutes ago. I have the Dreaded Summer Cold, accompanied by, oh joy, laryngitis.

My brain is thus fairly fuzzy and I have grand plans this afternoon: read a bit and sleep some more.

::waves wanly:: Hi, gang.

Nancy P said...

::Pats Maria on back sympathetically and fetches her a cup of orange juice mixed with hot water::

Where was Fluffy the 3-headed-dog? Was it in Ghostbusters?
::scratches head::

Kelly McCullough said...

Morning all,

Still swamped, must get back to work.

FARf, I'm very sorry for your character troubles. The little buggers will completely take over if you don't periodically kill one off as an example, or at least write them out of the show.

Maria Lima said...

Fluffy was the 3-headed dog in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. :)

::thanks Nancy and gulps down juice::

And now, really, truly back to bed.

Lisa Miller said...

Fluffy was way too scary this morning.
Reminded me of my students and school starting in a few weeks.
I refuse to be preoccupied with...

Sounded like Maynard G Krebs

Beth I can only send you some strength, I don't have enough functioning braincells. I vote for adult dogs. Puppies piddle.

Farf that Serena sounds like quite the task master. I'm always amazed at what women can get men to do.

Maria--Sherbet is always a winner when under the weather. Lime is my favorite with orange and raspberry right behind. Or now they have those rainbow ones with all of them.

Nancy leads my fantasy life--sleeping past 6:30

Terrific Thursday all

Nancy P said...

Oh, duh, Fluffy! Of course. Well then, my favorite velociraptor is just going to have to have a different name.

Any suggestions?

lol, Lisa. Puppies do, indeed, piddle. So do velociraptors. I never could housebreak mine.

I'm at Starbucks. If you have a gift certificate--which I buy for myself so I don't have to use cash--you get on wifi free. (They sure screwed that up for themselves.)I do love their mocha lattes better than anybody else's.

It may be time to leave though. I know I'm finished writing (for a while) when other people's conversations start to bug me. I'm about to remove the vocal chords of a man with a Bluetooth. Yes, we're all just dying to hear every word you say, sir. Shut the f-up!

Anonymous said...

preoccupying = finding something to wear to a wedding = it's too hot to get dressed up!!!! summer weddings =

I hope Beth is done with her move soon! It's tooo hot to be packing and unpacking!

Get well wishes for Maria. Summer colds = :-(

boran2 said...

Fluffy looks very much like one of my old bosses from years ago.

Rename him Seymour, Nancy.

Anonymous said...

Soon, Anon. Tomorrow's the last packing day. Then we move on Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday. And collapse on Wednesday! Luckily we don't have humidity out here, so it's been 70's and 80's - not too hot to pack. Although I'd rather be on the boat! Thanks for the good vibes.

Nancy P said...

b2, Seymour is an EXCELLENT name. He just *looks* like a Seymour, doesn't he?

Hey, Anon. Ugh, wedding clothes!

Beth, want to feel better? My son just moved into his new apartment in Ft. Worth today in 107 degree heat and no air conditioning.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nancy, no more whining here! I hope there's A/C normally, and it just isn't working now. Texas in the summer without A/C? Poor baby. I hope he settles in fast - but that's a ways away from Mom! :-(