Monday, July 7, 2008

Reflections in a golden pond

Photo by Andif

Are you reflecting on anything in particular this Tuesday?


katiebird said...

Ah, now that's a vision to contemplate as I try to fall back asleep!

Andi, it's beautiful!

(waving) Hi Nancy!

AndiF said...

kb, I hope I'm waving back at a happily sleeping retiree.

I'm reflecting, yet again, on how much I hate summer weather -- too hot, too humid, too many thunderstorms. Why can't May last until September?

katiebird said...

Hi Andi,
I think I was reading (on the couch) (which actually was fun) when you wrote. But I fell asleep shortly after that.

I'm going back to bed now because I've GOT to learn to sleep later!

But, I'll be back......

FARfetched said...

Pleasant dreams, KB. I'll save you a biscuit.

Kelly McCullough said...

At the moment, the fact that I'm really, really, really not a morning person.

Gorgeous pic!

I'll be over here in the corner with my biscuits and my tea. If I don't wave when you come in it's not because I'm anti-social it's just that the impulse is still making its way from my brain to the appropriate muscles. It'll probably get there in about half an hour.

Anonymous said...

Andi, come on out to Idaho. May lasts until September here - but then January shows up, and lasts til May again, so you might want to skip that part. :-) 70's and sunny all weekend. I think our high today will be 86, no humidity. Summer is the reason all these yahoos move to if they'd just leave in the winter...

Hope KB got some more sleep and Kelly, enjoy your corner.

I'm reflecting on trying to remember that it's Tuesday...

Waving to all -

Nancy P said...

Hi, Guys. Gotta run. Off to write at the library.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Nancy, all:

I'm reflecting on how hard it is, having taken a 10-day break from my w.i.p. (life intervened), to get back into the work!

Never again!

And Beth--down here in southern Idaho it's 97 degrees and yellow alert for smog (from forest fires). Everybody go north!!

Maria Lima said...

I'm with all of you - summer weather is sucktastic.

Speaking of sucking - check out this great marketing site for Tru:Blood (fans of Charlaine Harris' series will get it)

Off to find some late supper and hoping that I *don't* find any more flattened dead mice in my apartment.

boran2 said...

Nice photo! Monet better watch out. ;-)

katiebird said...

umm, tru blood! (licking lips with a smack)

Janet said...

How did I get through today thinking it was Monday?? LOL I have a weird work schedule, indeed.

Must be all the late night fireworks... aka... explosions and the cop activity outside my yard. Last night a patrol car was in the middle of our non-traffic light intersection with it's lights flashing for over 40 minutes. Scared the bejeebers out of my daughter. Not sure what it was doing, no search light...

maybe someone called in about my peace bumperstickers?? LOL

Very strange weather we're having... but I'm not "free" to discuss such "controversial" topics as the weather, the environment or such with customers. Can't talk about the weather... as it might offend a Bush Supporter or someone who doesn't believe (get this) doesn't believe in the environment.

- the sound is me falling over -

Maybe I'll sleep an entire night and then I'll know what day it is. :)

xoxo you all xoxox

Anonymous said...

andif said, "I'm reflecting, yet again, on how much I hate summer weather -- too hot, too humid, too many thunderstorms. Why can't May last until September?"

YES! That's what I'm talking about! But I would like to live where May weather lasts ALL year long!

So, I'm still reflecting on where that might be. lol
(sorry, kb, 90's in San Fran is too much for me!)

Also, since it seems like I'm sometimes the last one here, would someone show me where the broom closet is to sweep up before you all come back in the morning? lol

Have a good one, all.

P.S. Nancy, I hope if the universe does send you this way, you'll advertise it? Please? :-)

Janet said...

Yeah, Nancy, advertise :) (I see you now have a blurb about your appearances)

Anon, I missed Nancy by *this much* last time she was in Portland. The Mistress of Mystery was just a few doors down from where I work when she was at Powells.

TWO DOORS!! Cripes, I still break out in gooseboogilybumps just thinking about it. However, I know it won't be one and only chance at meeting Kansas.

I young lady at work was reading one of the Twilight books, a tattered, used book (probably one from POWELLS!) and when I saw Nancy's name on it... it brought back a whiplash of posts/blogs and good times had by so many of us.

Pizza is home and hockey game about to be travelled to... gotta run as it's just me and my son here tonight for a bit.

Love xoxo

AndiF said...

Janet, you're working at Powell's?!?!? I love that bookstore. I am soooo jealous. :)

anon, I love having seasons and the changes they bring so I wouldn't want to have May all the time.

FARfetched said...

Mornin' everyone! Here, KB, take my coffeeI'vehadenoughalreadythismorningngngngng


I *knew* if I kept riding the motorcycle that we'd get some rain… and boy, did we ever get it last night. The rain gauges were overflowing, so we got at least six inches. It poured for hours, which was fine except for the frequent ground lightning… thank God it didn't hit the manor. Not that I'm attached to this place, FAR from it (pun intended); but evacuating us, the computers, and other important things in the dead of night in pouring rain would have been the very definition of Teh Suckxx. (Has anyone put their characters through such?)

Working at home, but I need to get to it. Later!

Anonymous said...

Yay for rain on Planet Georgia! I hope it continues, but at a more reasonable pace, far. And good morning to everyone - where's our Nancy today? Did she have so much fun at the library, she forgot to come home? :-)

How's retirement going, KB?

katiebird said...

Hi Beth,

It started going ok once I started thinking of it as Vacation. I think I'll just be on Vacation for a while!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a great way to look at it! Vacation it is, then. Just as long as you're enjoying waking up, and knowing that you can do anything you want - well, I know chores have to fit in there somewhere, but sometimes they're fun, too!

Yay for eternal vacations! Enjoy your day, KB! Big hugs.

FARfetched said...

Permanent vacation. What a luuuuuuuuvely thought.

Family Man said...

Good afternoon everyone.

We're still hot and humid down here. Outside is like a sauna.

Yep KB, isn't a permanent vacation a nice thing to have. :)

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Anonymous said...

(glancing around worriedly) Where's Nancy? Has anyone seen Nancy? She didn't get transported into her latest book did she? That would be an interesting twist, becoming a character in your own book. Who is doing the writing then? lol

Seriously, I hope she's OK. She didn't leave a note or anything telling us she was going out for cigarettes. ;-)

Hi, everyone. It's hot and humid here. Oh, andif, I like seasons, too. Maybe, just maybe, part of each month could be like the merry month of May?

kb, living vicariously thru you on permanent vacation. Enjoy! What did you do today?

boran2 said...

Hi all. Glad to see you here again, Janet.

Nancy must be getting lots of new pages done. ;-)

Janet said...

Andi, nope, I don't work at Powells. Just a few doors down from it :) I work in organics and sustainable farming for local farmers and the regional economy. :) I love it!

Janet said...

Hola Boran!!!!! I don't always get too much time but I've missed you guys.

I talked to Manny last night and he knows why I had to back off from blogging and stuff for a while. We live in crazy times.


Anonymous said...

Has anybody here seen my blog friend, Nancy? Can you tell me where she's gone? She created a lot of people (er, characters) and some of them died young. Well, I just looked around and she's gone. (Hopefully, creating more people, er, characters - lol)

Miss ya, lady.

Janet, is that like a farmers market?

Maryb said...

Hi everyone. It's humid here too FM and Andi, but not as hot as where FM is. I'll cross my fingers for better weather next week Andi, although the weather in the beige conference rooms is always ... beige.

Janet, it's so good to see you hanging out again.

Being transported into a book - sounds like a Jasper Fforde plot. I hope Nancy experienced a word eruption today and is stuck in a good flow.