Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Look up!

Here I am, up a tree! I'm sitting up there in that bend, which means I've almost made it to the top. If you are on the ground and you lie on your back and you stare up, way up there, that's what it looks like to start a novel. And when you get to the bend, you think, whoa!, I didn't know it was going to do this! And then you get up in the leaves, where you can't see how far you've come, and finally you emerge into the sunlight and it's, like, you're Tarzan AND Jane, and all the chimps, and you can dance from tree top to tree top, swinging and swooping whooping and hollering, and it jes feels sa good. Of course, eventually you have to come down. Gulp.

Ha! Well, I'm not there yet, but I'm at the bend that leads there.

Where on the tree are you today?

Oh, and did I mention? Photo by Andif. The "f" is for foto.


Nancy P said...

This is for Thursday. Sorry to be gone all day (Wed.), but my communicado was "in."

anony? You are funny!

I have to go to Topeka this afternoon, so I may not be around much today, either. You guys seem pretty capable of entertaining yourselves, however. I like that quality in my blog friends. ::nods::


Kimberly Frost said...

The leaves look so thick and soft. It's reminds me of moss and creates the slight sensation of disorientation. Am I looking up? Or am I looking down?

Have a great trip to Topeka, Nancy, and good morning to all who arrive later!

AndiF said...

I'm down at the bottom tree pointing out that it's a little skinny dead tree and it's going to break any minute.

Reason #7564 why I'm not a writer (but way better at picking tree to climb). ;)

P.S. I'll probably spend the rest of the day with On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe humming in my head. Ah well, there are worse earworms.

AndiF said...

Oh and Nancy, just in case you want to go 5 for 5 on photo posts, here's some World Wide Web -- literally since, as we know, I'm no writer -- to pick from:

Enlighting the WWW [LINK]

Highlighting the WWW [LINK]

Facing up to the WWW [LINK]

paul lamb said...

I'm somewhere around the substantial trunk of the tree. It has to carry a lot of weight and set the general course of the tree, so I'm making sure it has a good footing. While my tree may bend a bit, I hope it doesn't fork like that other tree in the photo.

FARfetched said...

Me, I'm about halfway up the tree.

Andi, good thing I wasn't there. Your next picture in the series would have been, "hacker destroys the WWW." :-P Dang spiders anyway.

FARfetched said...

And a So Happy It's Thursday to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Morning all! Safe travels, Nancy - we missed you yesterday. Great pics as always, andi.

Hopefully I'm at the very tippy top of the tree, getting ready to slide down to the bottom and start climbing all over again. I'm still waiting for my muse to tell me why there's a mermaid in my story. I'm hoping she tells me today...

Happy Thursday, indeed!

Kelly McCullough said...

About five feet off the ground, where you're still having trouble clinging to the trunk because it's awfully big around at the base, and trying to figure out if this tree really is climbable. In the meantime, I'm going to grab some tea and a corner and much biscuits and think.

Hi all! (waves)

Conda V. Douglas said...

Good metaphor, Nancy.

I think I'm hugging the tree around the trunk, high enough to know I can't let go and have to keep climbing!

Janet said...

I'm at the bottom, banging my head against the trunk.

We just lost so much this week. I don't know why I'm so shocked and numbed... politicians have sold out and so has my country.

See you in the "free speech zones". Or some "encampment".

Nicola Slade said...

Still near the bottom of the tree, just fifteen thousand words into my new Victorian mystery with the plot roughly worked out in my head and all the personnel in place, more or less - at least I know whodunnit! It'll be great when I get near the topmost branches.


Anonymous said...

Ack! Must be at wrong blog. Me no writer. Still on ground. (Sigh)

Hi all you authors. I'm on the ground cheering you on. Go on! You can do it! You're almost there!

Glad you're safely back, Nancy. Missed you yesterday. Hope you had a good trip!

Andif, I like the first pic the best. It looks so cool. The middle one reminds me of a humid rainforest. Not appealing right now. I'm trying to escape the heat!

Janet, free speech zones? Isn't this one already? I used to think I had to stick to the topic but Nancy said I could say whatever I wanted. :-D

Nancy P said...

Hi, everybody, and a special welcome to Nicola! I love everybody's story about their tree positioning. And hey, anonymous, without readers, we are. . .sob. The world has plenty of writers; it needs more good readers!

I'll be back for actual chat tomorrow. Must go dig a hole or five right now.


boran2 said...

Hi all. This week I'm deep in the roots. Hopefully next week I'll be out of the soil.

Nice photo, Andi!